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We studied ten short stories written by Filipino authors for our Philippine Literature course.
Here are the titles, their authors and themes.

1. Dead Stars - Paz Marquez Benitez

Theme: Memory and Illusion

2. The Bread of Salt - N.V.M. Gonzalez

Theme: Rite of Passage

3. Midsummer - Manuel Arguilla

Theme: Love at first sight

4. Magnificence - Estrella Alfon

Theme: Pedophilia

5. The Summer Solstice - Nick Joaquin

Theme: Battle of the sexes

6. Love in the Cornhusks - Aida Rivera -Ford

Theme: First love never dies

7. The Virgin - Kerima Polotan

Theme: It's better late than never

8. The Mats - Francisco Arcellana

Theme: Remembering the living & the dead

9. The Walk - Joy T. Dayrit

Theme: Marital angst

10. Generations - Ninotchka Rosca

Theme: Feudal, patriarchal & military oppression