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Lesson Plan 2


• Introduce some prepositions of place, and their right usage ( in front of , behind,

and next to).


• The student will be able to recognize some prepositions of place (in front of,

behind, and next to).

• The student will be able to use prepositions of place (in front of , behind, and next

to) correctly in writing and speaking.

Level of proficiency:

• Lower intermediate


• To make students using and distinguishing prepositions of place by teaching them

first and then providing them with real and created activities. In real activities,

students will use preposition of place to describe their position in class. In created

activities, teacher will use map of a certain places and ask students to describe

positions of these places by using introducing preposition of place.


• Marker Board

• Vocabulary Worksheet

• Paper and Pens

• Picture

Introduction phase (2 minutes)

1. Teacher greets students

2. Teacher overviews previous lesson.

3. Teacher tells the students that they will learn about preposition of place as next to,

in front of, and behind.

4. Teacher will write on the board the intended prepositions of place.

Development phase (5 minutes)

5. Teacher shows life examples where to use each preposition by using his and

student positions in the class. For example: Majed is next to Nancy. The board is

behind me (teacher)

6. Teacher will use a helpful material as picture for more clarification. For example

a house garden that has children toys. Teacher will describe position of toys i.e.

the boy’s bicycle is in front of baby walkers.

Evaluation phase (6 minutes)

7. Teacher will ask each student to use the intent preposition of places to describe

his/her or his colleagues places

8. Teacher divides students into convenient numbers of group, distributes activity

that contain map and asks groups to create a sentences that describe places in the

map according to preposition of place that he is teaching.

9. Teacher discusses students’ answers.

Conclusion (2 minutes)

10. Teacher concludes with asking students what they have learned from lesson.

11. Teacher will give students another map and ask them to create the same sentences

as homework.