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Syllabus for English for Tourism


1. Course rationale

This course has been designed for second - year students of non-English

majors of Administration Tourism department at Hai Phong Community

College who are going to work in the tourism and hotel service industries.

It teaches the basic communication skills needed to communicate in a

variety of different work situations in tourism industries.

Whether the participant is a travel agent, a tour guide, a courier or a

hotel manager, this course will allow him or her to function effectively in


Special emphasis is placed on the relevant vocabulary, register and

grammatical structures that are used in the field of tourism, and the learner is

given the opportunity to practice using the language that he or she has

acquired by means of seminars, group sessions and communicative practice

activities. The participant will also receive supplementary tuition in the

essential English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Course books will be supplemented with material from other sources,

including newspaper articles and video materials.

The English for Tourism course increases confidence in using English in

all aspects of communication in tourism, including:

* Conversational fluency in interacting with customers

* Telephone interaction and enquiries

* Workplace correspondence

* Dealing with complaints, taking orders, reception duties

* Describing, comparing and promoting facilities, attractions and events

2. Course aims

- To improve learners’ English so that they can use English effectively

and confidently in their future work, especially in the field of tourism

- To provide students with key vocabulary in tourism in order to help

students develop the skills of reading and writing.

- To develop the communication skills needed to answer the telephone

call in a hotel, to deal with guest inquiries and complaints…

3. Course objectives

- Students will get theoretical background about tourism and hotel

service industries.

- Students will learn how to have effective communication with the

tourists such as giving advice, taking booking and dealing with complaints.

- Students also explore some of the world’s top tourist destinations and

can compare with their countries.

4. Entry Requirements

- Students are required to take part in a course of General English, pre-

intermediate level before beginning the course of English for tourism.

5. Course duration

45 class hours in five weeks

6. The learning and teaching situation

- There is maximum class size of 30, in order to allow optimum

interaction between group members and the teacher.

- The classroom are required a computer with a projector, in order to

show some video clips in hotel and tourism.

7. Evaluation

Attendance 10%

Mid-term examination 20%

Class Participation 10%

Final Examination 60%


Total 100%

8. Textbook: - First Class – English for Tourism, by Trish Stott & Roger Holt

- Oxford University Press

9. References

- English for International Tourism, by Iwonna Dubicka & Margaret

O’Keeffe – Longman Pearson Press

- High Season - English For The Hotel And Tourist Industry, by Keith

Harding & Paul Henderson - Oxford University Press

- English for tourism – Can Tho University


Class Hours HourHourhours


Topic Function Structure Task/Activities

- Working in Present - Talk about people in

1 4 People in
Tourism simple tourism
- Daily duties - Talk about habit

- Talk about

temporary states and


- Take a booking - Wh – - Deal with changes
2 5 Changes and
- Asking for questions and cancellations
giving factual - Write a letters about

information changes and


- Dealing with - would like + - Role play

3 4 Rail enquiries
enquiries about to verb/nouns - Writing replies to

rail travel - countable requests for

and information about rail

uncountable travel.

Informing Degrees of - Role play, make a
II 4 5 Travel
customers about obligation: conversation.
travel must / have - Explain about travel

requirements. to, needn’t, arrangements and

mustn’t conditions

- Talk and ask about


- Midterm Test.

-Understanding Imperatives in Work in pair, direct

III 5 4 Giving
and giving instructions people around the
directions on a Prepositions street and building.

map and on a of place and

building. movement

- Talking about

service and

- Offering advice - Giving - Works in pairs,
III 6 5 Tourist
to tourists. advice and make a dialogue

making between a tourist

suggestion: information officer

should, ought and a visitor to the

to. city.

- Write a bout

attractions of resorts

and cities
Comparing hotel Comparatives - Writing brochure
7 4 Hotel facilities
facilities. and descriptions of hotel

superlatives: services.

-er, –est, -

more ….than,

the most…
- Talking - Telephone - Play role, make a
IV 8 5 Telephone
reservations over language. telephone call
the telephone - Will between a

- A guide to receptionist and a

telephone guest

language and


- Receiving guests Degrees of - Works in pair, take
9 4 Checking - in
- Reading and probability: turns to be a hotel

talking about sentences receptionist and a

features of the with if and business traveler.

hotel industries. when. - Midterm test

- Dealing with Expressions - Write a letter of
1 4 Complaints
complaints. used when complaints
V 0
- Guidance on complaining

replying to letters or

of complaint. apologizing:

+ I’m so


+ I do


+ I’m terrible

V 1 Revision
all the lessons.
Total 4



2. leave this morning/ this afternoon
3. pay by cheque / credit card

Now do the same using these suggestions
Example: A: Would you like a return?
B: No, I’d like a single, please
1. an aisle seat / a window seat
2. smoking / non- smoking
3. first class / standard class

An Australia tourist is asking a Spanish travel PRACTICE C
agent about rail travel in Britain. Read the Complete the sentences below with would
questions below. like or would like to
1. What is the tourist planning to do with I …………….. reserve a seat on the
his wife and son?
2. How does the Brit Rail Pass work? We……………. two Brit Rail,
3. Do all children travel free on British

Now listen to the cassette

40 and answer the
Walton My husband ………….. travel
LANGUAGE STUDY I Oxford CK2 …………… look at this
We use would like for polite requests and
offers 6DP HERE’SRail
………. Apologize for
Would like + infinitive
French Railways ltd, I …………..
I’d like A “FRANCE Vacancesa Pass”
ticket to
valid 15 days and offering you unlimited
179 Piccadilly 2nd class
travel on any 4 days during
…………..more details
I’d like that period. Remember, France has the
PRACTICE largest rail net work in Western Europe
with think of six thingstrains
fast comfortable you which
like to
Make dialogues like this using the do. Tellyou
take yourtopartner
virtual about
every them.
part of the
suggestions12, April 1991
below. country. TGVs, of course, are the fastest
Example: I’d like to work in New York?
A Dear sir trains in the world running at up to
300km/h. Your “France Vacances Pass”
B: No, I’d like to speak to Mrs Brown, please. also entitles you to many bonuses and
I would like some information discounts, including reduced rate car hire
LANGUAGE STUDY 2 in around 200 stations.

We on use rail traveloneinwith

a meaning France. I am
countable nouns
(e.g tourist, tickets…) Vouchers for 7 nights’ accommodation
planning to spend some time with breakfast and dinner in a country
We use some with uncountable nouns (e.g
information, side network of over 140 selected family
there inluggage,
August news….)
with my wife hotels. All guarantee a high standard of
Is there comfort and service and since each one is
I’d and
like son (aged 10) individually owned and run, you get
personal attention and authentic regional
PRACTICE D cuisine – the true flavour of traditional
FillWe would
in he really
gaps in theselike to travel
sentences usingalla or French hospitality.
some. 10
over France. The price of your holiday includes
1. Can I buy ….. Brit Rail Pass in Barcelona? accommodation based on shared
2. IsAre
there there
……….. any discount occupancy of a double/twin room.
allfor inclusive

First fill the gaps in this dialogue with the
words below. Use each word or expression
once. Customer: Do….pay extra for a single
Cost / price / needn’t / I have to / interested / Travel agent: Yes, sir. There’s single-room
includes / You have to / accommodation / supplement of £ 20 a night.
provisional Customer: What about visas?
Travel agent: …..have a visa for India and
Customer: Good morning. I’m … the 16 Nepal. I suggest you apply as soon as you
– night Classical Tour of India. How much book the holiday.
does it………? Customer: When do I have to confirm?
Travel agent: When would you like to go? Can I make a ….booking?
Customer: February Travel agent: You….. confirm straight
Travel agent: February. Let me see – the …. away. I can keep an option open on the
is… £1573 for 16 nights holiday for seven days. But after that you
Customer: Are internal flights included? must confirm and pay a deposit. The
Travel agent: Yes. The price …… the return balance is due eight weeks before

flight, internal flights in India, all airport
taxes, transfers to and from the hotel, and the Now listen to the conversation and check
hotel ….. itself. your answer.
LANGUAGE STUDY Work with a partner. How many similar
facts about your company can you think of?
Obligation Now compare your sentences with the rest
We use must and have to to indicate of the class.
obligation. PRACTICE D
After that you must confirm and pay a deposit What do these symbols tells you must not
You have to have a visa for India
No Obligation
We use don’t have to, don’t need to, and
needn’t to show lack of obligation.
You needn’t confirm straight away. (it is not
We use must not to indicate that something is
not allowed.
You must not smoke during take0off
Complete these sentences using must, have to,
needn’t or don’t have to.
1. You ….confirm today. I can keep the option
open for seven days.
2. You…pay the balance eight weeks before
3. You ….pay the whole amount now, just a
4. When you receive your final invoice you
….pay immediately.
5. You…check in a hour before departure.
6. You…buy a seat reservation for trains in.
7. You carry a passport for internal travel.
8. You…..inform us about cancellations in
Here are some facts about Britain in note
form. Write sentences like this:
Example: be 18 to vote / to get married
You must be 18 to vote, but you needn’t be 18 PRACTICE E
to get married.

1. have a license to drive a car / to ride a bike. What rules does your institution have?
2. be over 16 to buy a cigarettes / to smoke. Make a list using must and must not.
3. make flight reservation/ train reservation.


Read Mrs Jacson’s letter and transfer the Mrs Jackson receives a telephone call from
information to the holiday option form. Sunhols saying that the holiday is available
and asking for a deposit to secure the
3 Carlton Avenue option. Hen Sunhols receive the deposit,
London NWS 1RD they write a latter of confirmation to Mrs
071 699 3321 Jackson.
Finish the letter from Sunhols.
26 Queen street 1. Confirm the details of the holiday
London W2P 5AG 2. Ask for payment of the balance
eight weeks before departure.
3 march 1991

Dear sir,
I wish to book holiday number TL 159 from the Sunholds
Sunhols brochure. There are four of us 26 Queen street
traveling: My husband and I, and our two London W2P 5AG
children aged 14 and 17. Mrs Jacson
We would like to leave from Gatwick Airport 3 Carlton Avenue
on Saturday ,19 July and return from Dalaman London NWS 1RD
on Saturday, 2 August. The resort we have
chosen is Kalkan. 15 March 1991
We would like two twin-bedded rooms with
bathroom in the Marmaris hotel. Dear Mrs Jacson
Please telephone if you require and future Thank you for your letter of 3 March
information. We would like to confirm the booking of
You faithfully your holiday….

Rita Jackson


Client’s Name:………………………. DETAILS
Address ……………………………… Tour Operator:
……………………………………….. Destination:
……………………………………….. Hotel:
………………………………………. Accommodation:
Phone: ……………………………… Date:
Duration: 13
Holiday No:
Look at the information on the holiday in

Tariff: £740
Single supplement: £150
Departure Schedule:
Daily from Hong Kong, except New Year –
28 December to 03 January.
Important Notes:
1. Hotel: The news Miyako or similar in
Kyoto, the Grand Palace in Tokyo.
2. US passport holders will require visas
for Japan.
3. One excursion each in Kyoto and Tokyo
is included in the tour cost.
For all arrangements the inclusions are
as follows:
- Twin sharing accommodation at hotels
indicated in each programme (or hotels of
similar standard)
- flights from Hong Kong and to Europe
- Transfer SUMMARY
- services of local English –speaking
agents. Now you can
Not included - explain about travel arrangements and
Meals, excursions, gratuities, visas, airport conditions
taxes, insurance, incidental expenditure.
- Talk and ask about obligation
Now look again at the dialogue on page 28.
Make a similar dialogue between a travel - Write a letter of confirmation
agent and a customer.
Useful expression:

I’m interested in…
The price includes….
There’s a single room supplement / deposit