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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 296/29

Wednesday 15 December 1999

(2000/C 296/03) MINUTES




1. Opening of sitting

The President opened the sitting at 9.00.

* *

The President announced that a suspect package had been discovered in the vicinity of the Louise Weiss
building and that access to the building had been sealed by the French police and Parliament’s security
forces. Further investigations had shown the package in question to be harmless.

The following spoke on this subject:

3 Watson, who asked for a note to be circulated to Members and officials setting out evacuation proce-
dures and, in future, for the in-house television circuit to be used to give information on any emer-
gencies (the President agreed and suggested holding an emergency evacuation drill during a sitting in
the near future),

3 Rübig, who called for a working group on security to be set up to inform Members on steps to be
taken in this respect (the President replied that the matter would be referred to the Quaestors and that
they could forward any proposals to the Bureau and, where appropriate, to the Conference of Presi-

3 Poos, a Quaestor, who announced that the Quaestors, due to meet that afternoon, would send a note
to Members before the next part-session on action to be taken in the event of an evacuation.

2. Official welcome

The President, on behalf of Parliament, welcomed a delegation from the Parliament of the People’s Repub-
lic of China, led by Mrs Li Shu-Zheng, who taken their seats in the official gallery.

3. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mr Deprez had informed the Chair that he had been present the previous day but that his name was not
on the attendance register.

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

* *

Mr Poettering stated that, according to his information, the President was due to make an official commu-
nication that morning regarding membership of Parliament’s delegation to the body charged with drawing
up the draft EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, with the subsequent publication in that day’s Minutes of
the list of its Members; he urged the President to do so (the President promised to make the communica-
tion as soon as it was in his possession) (See Item 6).