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Name: Using Technology to Review the American Revolution

Date: 12 November 2009

Grade Level/Subject: 5th/ Social Studies

Prerequisite Knowledge: Being familiar with the main concepts of the Revolutionary War

Approximate Time: 45 minutes per class for five class days.

Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: The students will be able to explain to the class the events that led
up to the Revolutionary War as well as its results.

Illinois Standards:


16.B.2a (US) Describe how the European colonies in North America developed politically.

16.B.2b (US) Identify major causes of the American Revolution and describe the consequences of the
Revolution through the early national period, including the roles of George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

16.D.2a (US) Describe the various individual motives for settling in colonial America.

Materials/Resources/Technology:,, textbook, past worksheets,



Opening of lesson: (Objectives, hook, behavior expectations)
Review the facts of the Revolutionary War with the students. Discuss the who,
1, 45 minute what, when, where, and why of the War.
class period Demonstrate to the students with a projector how to access the websites and
use them.

Procedures: Include critical thinking questions and accommodations for

individual needs
1.÷ Place students into groups of 3.
3, 45 minute 2.÷ Students will compile information and knowledge in their groups.
class periods 3.÷ After, students will go in their groups to the computer lab to create a
concept map of their compiled information using the website.
4.÷ Students will then construct a timeline using the xtimeline website based
on their concept maps.
?÷ When groups are finished, the groups will share their concept maps and
1, 45 minute timelines with the class.
class period ?÷ As a class, we will create a timeline together using their ideas and
correcting any misinformation.

Student Assessment:
Assessment will be completed by students presenting their concept maps
and timelines. Students will print their concept maps and timelines and hand
them in to the teacher for grading.