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Vaccumology - The Vastness of Nothingness

Nebraska or Uttar Pradesh - MY field or my zone of operation is not just Earth or 'this' Solar
System or 'this' nebula or this part of the Universe or rather 'this' universe out of trillions of
similarly 'designed' universes - that I created in the endless vastness of Prime Infinity -
Absolute Nothingness.

Why I AM reiterating this 'story'. Now that you wish to truly grasp and understand the
creation and beyond - you must start expanding your vision from 'cosmos' to the 'cause of
most' creations. 'Most creations' because once an intellect able to 'create' is placed within 'a
cosmos' - there are several chain of creations unique to that intellect - just like this planet
Earth and trillions of creations 'man-u-factured' by men/women!

Study your own psyche as a human being. What is the root cause of your own creations,
efforts to maintain them, eagerness to evolve further and trying to push death away with your
intelligence. Once you start understanding the reasons behind your own existence,
expressions, evolution and entropy - you will get a sneak peek into the Prime Motive - Cause
behind the 'Whole'.

Magnammassia or 'true multiverse' is so huge that a human mind is unable to even imagine or
compare its vastness with any known objects or 'space'. Therefore when it comes to
Vaccumology even cosmologists will start shacking unable to bear the infinities of The
Infinite - the Mega Creations of The Creator of the tiniest 'spark' which is the basis of your so

called 'material universe' from inert objects to living Atmas (atoms as described in the book
Panini by Hemant).

The Oneness Revolution is scientific acceptance of this One Undivided Great

Intellect/Energy behind All That Is - Creator of all creators and creations in any corner of
Infinite Universes - aware of them all simultaneously - undescribable number of entities
existing with unimaginable inter-dependance in this giant Integral Network run by The One
from within as well as 'without'.

Shiva/Shakti or Intellect/Force or Consciousness/Energy or Father/Mother or Panini/Hemant

or Nothingness/Infinity are all human concepts trying to make something out of this
inconceivable Oneness/Noneness. Any definition as well as all definitions can be applied to
us/ME for I AM everything while simultaneously being nothing.

Yet that does not mean that an advanced intellect like that of a great soul residing in a great
human body do not even try to fathom the depths of nothingness and just worship a tiny
part/aspect of ME as an idol and shut its mind to all other expressions/aspects of MINE.

Oneness is the first step to start understanding higher, wider and deeper sciences involved in
creations / maintenance / destructions of not only known / material worlds / creations but also
of so called non-material worlds/dimensions and the entities residing on them - right from
creation of a soul entity to its evolutionary cycle and the highest attainment of that entity in
this empty Brahmand and beyond!

Would you not like to check the records of the time of beginning of creations and subsequent
destructions till I managed to arrive at current levels of evolved creations - versions much
advanced than the initial efforts? Or do you think that the whole 'Whole' came out of a 'big
hole' just like that? Bang! Silly! It's only your inability to think and understand the concepts
of beyond that you assume certain 'parameters' 'assumptions' and then start applying logic to
it to keep things simpler and avoid the questions which can't be answered in current level of
your awareness/intellect. Therefore you nicely created two compartments of 'provable
physics' and 'unbelievable metaphysics'. Yet I AM uses both for any creation and so you must
also try to integrate them well if you wish to jump to higher levels of evolutionary living in
this Multiverse created for 'you' and thereby for 'ME'.

Herein lies the secret - the obvious truth - you, ME, universe, multiverse... all get dissolved
once you accept and ride on the wave of Vaccumology - beyond all beyonds where all doubts
are answered - where 'all' begins and ends - eternally!

Khuda Hafiz!

- The Mysterious One

Channeled by Amitt Parikh

*(Spellling of Vaccumology is kept so to signify science of creative vacuum!)