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C 12/6 EN Official Journal of the European Union 17.1.


Winding-up proceedings
Decision to make a winding-up order in respect of Eurolife Assurance (International) Limited
(Publication of extract from the winding-up decision made in accordance with Article 14(1) of Directive 2001/17/EC
of the European Parliament and of the Council on the reorganisation and winding-up of insurance undertakings)

(2008/C 12/06)

Insurance Undertaking Eurolife Assurance (International) Limited

Eurolife Building
1 Corral Road

Date, entry into force and nature of decision 14.11.2007

Entry into force: 14.11.2007
Order that the Company be wound up by the Supreme Court of
Gibraltar under the provisions of the Companies Act, the Insurance
Companies Act and the Insurers (Reorganisation and Winding Up)
Act; appointment of liquidator; direction that the liquidator is to
stop carrying on the long term business of the company with
immediate effect

Competent authorities Supreme Court of Gibraltar

Chancery Jurisdiction
277 Main Street

Supervisory authority Financial Services Commission

Suite 943

Liquidator appointed Frederick White

Grant Thornton (Gibraltar) Limited
6A Queensway

Applicable law Gibraltar Law