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a Ultratech Cement Limited is among the world¶s top 10 cement
companies. The company has an annual capacity of 48.8
million tones, and manufactures and markets ordinary Portland
cement, Portland blast furnace slag cement and Portland
pozzalana cement. It also manufactures ready mix concrete 
a The company has eleven integrated plants, one white cement
plant, twelve grinding units and five terminals ² four in India
and one in Sri Lanka.
a Ultratech Cement is the country¶s largest exporter of cement
clinker. The export markets span countries around the Indian
Ocean, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.
a The company's subsidiaries are Dakshin Cements Limited,
Harish Cements Limited, Ultratech Ceylinco (P) Limited and
UltraTech Cement Middle East Investments Limited
a 0   To be a premium global conglomerate, with a clear
focus on each business.
a „   To deliver superior value to our customers,
shareholders, employees and employees and society at large


a Integrity
a Commitment
a Passion
a Seamlessness
a Speed
a §„
§ a
! "  #$% 
a Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla,
Chairman Mr. K. C. Birla
a Mrs. Rajashree Birla a $% „   
a Mr. R. C. Bhargava
a Mr. G. M. Dave
Mr. R.K. Shah
a Mr. N. J. Jhaveri a $% „ '   
a Mr. S. B. Mathur Mr. S.N.Jajoo
a Mr. V. T. Moorthy
a $% ( 
a Mr. S. Rajgopal
a Mr. D. D. Rathi Mr. C. B. Tiwari
a Mr. O. P. Puranmalka, (Whole time a $(  
Mr. S. K. Chatterjee
$§  „ &$§ )   §
ÿAwarpur Cement Works - * ( „% % 

ÿHirmi Cement Works - m  $%%  %

ÿGujarat Cement Works -  

ÿA.P.Cement Works - $%''  %    %

ÿJafrabad Works-  

ÿWest Bengal Cement Works-  (

ÿMagdalla Works - „  + 

ÿRatnagiri Works - )

ÿArakkonam Cement Works - 0 

ÿJharsuguda Cement Works - %  

a Our goal is to become a US$ 65 billion Group by 2015
from US$ 30 billion today. We expect your Company to
contribute significantly to this growth and earnings.
a Ultratech Cement is the country¶s largest exporter of
cement clinker. The export markets span countries
around the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe and the
Middle East
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The last few years of this decade have been good for cement
companies as prices have remained high, and hence profits
have been good. In the same period, Gujarat Ambuja
Cements and ACC have shown the same trends of increasing
sales growth and capacity utilization of Gujarat Ambuja
Cements and ACC both are growing continuously because of
the increase in the demand of the cement in this scenario and
they are very effective in meeting the demand of the
consumers by doing their best performance.
a Due to similar raw material inputs and production
processes, there is no significant differentiation in the
cement produced across firms and thus they follow the
standardized process of manufacturing. But it can
follow the „     its largest
competitor ACC, though ACC enjoys lower fuel cost.
However, this is not sustainable has already started
switching to coal. Similarly it can have the advantage
of coal fuel.
a Can adopt the strategies of ACC cement i.e.,

a $   % ( Striving to become a cost leader by means of setting up

captive power plants, and/or up-gradation of technology to enhance
productivity, is increasingly becoming critical for large cement players in this

a )  
!(  Due to the increasing construction activity in the Middle-East,
exports will constitute a major sales driver. Hence, the coming years would see
companies scrambling for bases on the Western coast to minimize their export
transportation costs.

a )    A unique concept, which ACC is experimenting with in recent
times, and one that is important for the future, is to continue setting up retail
stores. Other companies like Asian paints, and most recently Tata Steel have
tried a similar concept.

a ) % ( „ ACC focus on managing its relationships with

importers, exporters, distributors, warehouse providers, wholesalers, retailers
and dealers for their long-term profitability.
ÿ   ) *&  + 
a The company's production facilities are spread across 11 integrated plants,
one white cement plant, 12 grinding units, and 5 terminals ² 4 in India
and one in Sri Lanka.
a High quality 17.64Mn.Ton cement production in 2009-10.production is
increasing annually.
a Annual production capacity of 23.10 million tones.
a Use of high-end equipment such as the Gamma Metrics Machine and the
X-ray Analyzer ensures that each product passing out of Ultraech
manufacturing facility adheres to global standards of quality and

a Can directly deals with the limestone tenders and thus the middle man do
not affect its cost.
a Use the local transporters which provide the efficient transportation cost

a Ultratech manufacturing plant uses ultra-modern technology and imported

a Company¶s Unit at Kovaya is the only Unit in this sector in India to have a
desalination plant. It is used for meeting the water needs of the plant and
the colony. The waste gases from the cooler are used in the desalination
a The Ultratech cement manufacturing The greenbelt at our Units is simply
awesome and is surrounded by trees all around. At some points, you cannot
even see the skyline. Only the leaves and the flowers and hear the
cacophony of the birds.
a Company¶s CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities extend to 127
villages, in proximity to its plants, across the country.

a The Aditya Birla Group the eighth largest cement player in the world.
a UltraTech's products include Ordinary Portland cement, Portland
Pozzolana cement and Portland blast furnace slag cement.
a The company exports over 2.5 million tons per annum, which is about 30
per cent of the country's total exports.
a Ordinary portland cement is the most commonly used cement for a wide
range of applications. These applications cover dry-lean mixes, general-
purpose ready-mixes, and even high strength pre-cast and pre-stressed
a OPC is used for applications, such as commercial buildings, industrial
a multi storied complexes, cement concrete roads and heavy duty floors.
a PPC cement is used for big construction like dam and thermal power plant,
a The Company has a network of cement
a Ultratech distribution network is very widely spread out in the country
with over 5,500 dealers and 30,000 retailers

a Production for the Aditya Birla Group company ± UltraTech Cement, for
the period April-September 2010, has moved up by 3.99% at 186.30 lakh
mt as against 179.16 lakh mt during April-September 2009.
a Consistent revenue growth.

a Gross sales increase from 7160 cr. to 7729 cr.(from year 2009 to 2010)

a EBIT increase from 1487 cr. to 1706 cr.(from year 2009 to 2010)

a PAT increase from 977 cr. to 1093 cr.(from year 2009 to 2010)

a EPS (Rs.) increase from 118.94 to 127.65 Rs/share (from year 2009 to

a Total number of employees in Company as on 31st March, 2010 was 4,481

a Ultratech has won the best employer award in 2007.
a Company continuously strives to foster a culture of high performance.
Management has infused a lot of rigor and intensity in its people
development processes and in honing skill sets.
a The Performance Management System at Ultratech Cement ensures that
performance and achievement do not go unnoticed.
a Ongoing learning, refreshing HR systems in line with global benchmarks,
aligning rewards an recognition with performance, have enabled Company
sustain its reputation of a meritocratic organization.
a Its HR processes are absolutely aligned to organizational goals
a It provides an opportunity to the employees to monitor their progress and
develop into complete professionals.
a The Group¶s Corporate Human Resources function has played and
continues to play an integral role in Company¶s Talent Management
a The cornerstone of our Performance Management System is the Appraisal
System. Individual performance targets in the form of Key Result Areas
(KRAs) are set at the beginning of the year through consultation with the
reporting managers.
a At the end of the year, each employee¶s performance is assessed against
the set KRAs. Performance Management provides the employee an
opportunity to discuss his/her achievements during the given period and to
focus on improvement areas.
a Training & development-We lay a lot of emphasis on developing our
employees beyond their present boundaries, broadening their horizon,
enabling them to think the unthinkable and rise above the benchmarks they
set for themselves.
a All the plants of UltraTech are ISO 14001 Environment Management
Systems certified and adhere to OHSAS 18001 standards.

a Clean technologies and processes that combine economic progress and

sustainable environment have been adopted at Ultratech plants at Awarpur
and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra; Kovaya, Jafrabad and Magdalla in Gujarat;
Hirmi in Chhattisgarh; Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu; Tadipatri in Andhra
Pradesh; Jharsuguda in Orissa and Durgapur in West Bengal.

a Ultratech won the Capexil Certificate of Export Recognition - Top

Exporter - Cement, Clinker, Asbestos and Cement Products for the years
2000, 2002 and 2003

a Uniform cement quality to customer.

a Bhartiya Udyog Ratan Award presented to Sh.KYP Kulkarni By Indian

Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA), New Delhi in

a Ultratech Cement, we see it in the Bandra-Worli Sea Link ± an eight lane

bridge that is going to make a difference to millions of commuters.

a Officially named as the Rajiv Gandhi Setu the bridge will provide an
alternative route to south Mumbai from the western suburbs.
a Not available in all the places.

a Losses of raw material.

a High cost of branded products.

(  .
a High Power/ Fuel costs.

a Required efficient maintenance for the wastes.

a Raw material inventory required due to perishable of raw material.

a High inventory handling cost

a Due to openness in the organization work culture is very informal that will
not suit for better management in corporate.
a Insufficient man power
$ --

„ ' 
a Lack of awareness program for consumers due to low promotion mix.
a Lack of marketing mix.
a Delay in supply.

a Highly dusty environment at the time of dumping the cement is hazardous for health.
a It affects human¶s respiratory system adversely.

a Cement industry is highly fragmented
a Industry is also highly regionalized
a Low value commodity makes transportation over long distances uneconomical
a The cost of transporting cement is high and this keeps cement from being
profitable over long distances. In other words, shipping cement costs more than
the profit from selling it.
a The cement industry has recently streamlined its production efforts, using dry
manufacturing instead of wet, which is heavier and more time-consuming.
a With the low per capita consumption of cement in India ² 102 kg compared
to the global average of 260 kg (China: 429 kg, Malaysia: 529 kg and South
Korea: 951 kg) ²- and the emphasis on infrastructure development, Ultratech
has ample opportunity to ride the growth curve.

a It can develop new marketing area.

a It can sign MOUs with government regarding supply of cement for

government work.

a Maintain the position of competition in the market.

a Institutional market like corporate and offices, school society complexes are
growing in large scale, which will increase the requirement.
$ .

a People are opting for more stable structures and intensive use of cement is
taking place, even government is spending heavily on infrastructure project
Thus, this is the right time to fully tap these markets.

a As Indian core industry is also growing at rate of nearly 10% per annum it
is having a good future.

a Foreign direct investment in infrastructure sector going to increase in

coming years, which will increase the demand of cement.

a Roads are undergoing through the transformation process through which

the traditional method of road building will be replaced by modern
concrete roads.
a Large number of players in cement industry makes it more competitive for
ACC to carefully price its product and at the same time satisfy its dealers
and customers.

a Cheep priced brand are grabbing rapidly a large chunk of lower income
customer base.

a Players such as Jaypee Cement, Prism Cement, and Birla cement.ACC

cement are eating up considerable market share.

a Due to India¶s exponential growth many new international cement

companies are expected in coming years which will bring a tide of change
and can start price war.

a Government intervention to adjust cement prices

$ .

a Transportation cost is scaling high; bottleneck due to loading restriction.

a Coal prices climbing up industry players say current shortage of coal in the
country is estimated to be over 10 million tons.

a The emergence of small players in this market may increase the

competition and start the malpractices, and heavy discounts to retailers.
They can also influence many retailers by giving better profit margin, and
other Benefits.

a Now-a-days Timber is also being considered as one of the substitutes of

cement. In many countries like Japan, Indonesia, Singapore etc are now
using timber in construction since those areas are high earthquake affected.
They now prefer timber which is cheap and long lasting for years
a Adopt new technology for the production like wet process of
cement manufacturing. it will reduce the cost of product that
will increase the profit margin and good for human health also.
a Proper use of waste material.
a They can increase the production plant because of high growth
rate of infrastructure.
a They can increase the production for global market.
a As India is the second largest producer of cement in the worlds many big
player presents in the market after that Ultratech cement increases his
market share due to the high growth rate of real estate.
a Because of continuously growth of ultra tech cement after few year
company may occur top cement manufacturer in India.
a After swot analysis of Ultratech I found that company has many strength,
but few weakness also present,
a There are various opportunities for company in India and other Asian
countries because the infrastructure is continuously developing.
a Company has won the best Employer award in 2007,so young generation
have various career opportunities in it.
a Overall performance of company is increasing continuously in each sector
like as Production, HR , Marketing it is good for company.