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I am looking to further my career as an attorney where I can apply my exceptional working skills and
utilize my organizational skills to bring a fresh perspective to your prosecution team.


Concordia College ÷ ÷  Moorhead, MN
Worked toward my bachelors degree / Generals
m| -eans List  1 Semester
m| GPA 3.7

˜orth Dakota State University ÷ ÷ 1÷ Fargo, N-

Obtained a bachelors degree in Political Science with an
emphasis in PreLaw and a minor in Criminal Justice
m| -eans List  ÷ Semesters
m| GPA 3.7
m| ook courses such as: Constitutional Law, Criminology, Legal Communication and Judicial

University of Minnesota-Law ÷ 1÷÷ 15 Minneapolis, MN

Obtained my Law-egree
m| -eans List 3 Semesters
m| GPA 3.


cscheman and Smith, LLC October ÷ 1÷Present St. Paul, MN
Legal Assistant
m| Sat in on case briefings and trials
m| Aesearched and helped develop cases
m| Met with potential clients
m| -eveloped courtroom strategies
m| Improved communication and writing skills

Gogel Law Firm September ÷ 11July ÷ 1÷ Fargo, N-

Office Assistant
m| Answered phones
m| Customer service
m| Organized and filed files
m| Worked with Microsoft Word, Excel,
Access, and PowerPoint
Gision Bank October ÷ 1 May ÷ 11 Fargo, N-
m| ?andled money transactions
m| Learned valuable customer service skills
m| -eveloped further computer skills
m| Improved interpersonal skills

!hitetail Run Golf Course MaySeptember ÷ , ÷ 1 & Wadena, MN

÷ 11
Bartender/Club ?ouse Manager
m| Managed Club ?ouse
m| ?andled purchases
m| ended bar
m| Gave instructions and trained new
m| Assisted in holding events
m| Improved leadership skills

cmerican Eagle Outfitters October ÷ April ÷ 1 Fargo, N-

Sales Associate
m| Assisted customers with their shopping
m| ?andled purchasing transactions
m| Improved organization and customer
service skills

-r. John Smith -an Ascheman
Associate Professor Partner at Ascheman and Smith, LLC
University of MinnesotaLaw 5 Laurel Avenue
UMN, -ept. 3÷÷ St. Paul, MN 551 ÷
P.O. Box 17 Phone: (61÷÷17 7
Minneapolis, MN 55455 153
Phone: (a a

-r. Kjersten Nelson

Associate Professor
North -akota State University
N-SU, -ept. ÷65
P.O. Box 6 5
Fargo N- 51 6 5
Phone: (7 1 ÷3171