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What Does the Bible Say About

a Happy Life?
When many people are asked what they want most in life, their response is
usually, "I just want to be happy." Clearly, the Bible deals a lot with the
subject of happiness, and many portions of Scripture speak of joy,
rejoicing, blessedness etc. Needless to say, God has a plan for happiness
and most unhappiness comes from violation of the plan. Please read
Rom.12:9-21; Eph. 4:30-5:20 and Psalm 1:1-6. There are hundreds of
other good texts but these will suffice. The major cause of unhappiness is
the violation of Biblical principles. Here are some of the major causes of
unhappiness I have discovered.

1. Half-hearted Christian living.

Luke 22:54-62
2. Hidden forbidden pleasures.
(secret sins) Col. 3:5-10; 2Pet. 2:9-14
3. Habits that hold in bondage.
1 Cor. 6:9-12; 1Cor. 6:12; 1Pet. 4:1-5
4. Harbored bad feelings.
2Cor. 12:19-21 Things such as envy, pride, jealously and
5. Hostile heart.
James 3:14-18 ; Eph 4:31-32
6. Hindered prayers.
1 Pet. 3:7; 2 Cor. 2:10-11
7. Headstrong temperament.
Jude 8 ; Heb.13:7,17, 24. Any rebellion against authority ordained
by God, such as parents, government, teachers, and yes, even
against the Man of God, will eventually result in unhappiness.
(Read Heb. 13:17 again).
8. Hypocritical life.
Matt. 23:27,28 and Matt. 13:18-23 Hypocrites cannot stay happy
long. They hop in and out of seemingly every Church in town and
eventually drop out altogether. I meet them all the time and they
are some of the most unhappy and bitter people I have ever known.
9. Headed the wrong direction in life leads to unhappiness.
Both Saved and lost alike are in this group. A Lost person headed
for hell cannot be happy, and a saved person headed into a world of
sin cannot be happy. A person that can be happy in sin is not saved.
See Heb. 12:3-8

Ask yourself this question: "Am I really happy or just faking it in life?" If you answer is
"No", check your heart against the points I gave above and your may find your answer to
personal happiness in life.

Alexander City Apostolic Church - Rev. Andrew Salinas - January 22, 2006