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Gabriel Myrin

Third Persuasive
Narrowed Topic: Procrastination
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that setting up boundaries for themselves is the only way for
them to stop procrastinating.
Thesis Statement: Setting up rules, boudaries, and staying accountable for your actions is the only way to
stop procrastinating(if you're a person who procrastinates).


2. "I'll do it tomorrow." Next day: "I'll do it tomorrow, I'm busy now." That sounds pretty familir to
me. In fact that is me 90% of the time. Procrastinating, though feels good for a little bit, is a very
damaging habit.
3. As a major procrastinator myself, I understand what goes on when you're procrastinating. I have
seen personally its effects.
4. Procrastination is a sick carnival ride of thoughts and actions and feelings, it is a definite problem..
It is very harmful. But luckily it is something you can get over. It's hard, but setting up rules and
boundaries for youself, and finding a way to stay accountable is the only way to get out of
procrasting chronically.

First, let's look at the problem


5. Procrastination hurts so many aspects of peoples lives.

6. Completing things in the limited amount of time you've given to youself forces yourself
to be sloppy.
7. Rushing at the last minute makes doing quality work impossible
a. happened to me specifically.
(1) in compositionfor a outline of my resaerch paper
8. It forces you to do the bare minimum for whatever you are doing.
9. doesn't let you be thorough
10. can't get others' opinion becuase you have to get it done.
11. doesn't give you time to think about what you've read and reveiw for
12. When you procrastinate, people around you witness it, and it can effect how they think
about you.
13. People can become resentful.
14. don't want to feel that they have to pick up your slack
15. Is exhausting for others to constantly be helping you
16. People also can think you're irresponsible.
17. This can stop people from trusting you withthings that you are wanting
to do
18. Might not put you on the same level as themselves
C. This problem not only hurts the things around you, it also is very hard on yourself.
1. It feels good for awhilw, but soon turns around and hurts you.
a. Gives you feeling of remorse and regret.
b. Makes you feel guilty about not doing it the way you feel you should
2. Procrastination is a self destructive cycle.
a. Has six parts.
(1) "I'll start early this time"
(2) "I've got to start soon"
(3) "What if I don't start?"
(a)"should have started sooner," I'm doing everything but..,"
anything," and "i hope nobody finds out"
(4) "There's still time"
(5) "There's omething wrong with me"
(6) Final decision, to do or not to do

Although there aremany negative effects of procrastion, it can be helped.

19. Devloping certain changes in mind set is crucial to avoiding procrastination.

20. Becoming someone who sets goals is needed.
21. Set attainable goals for youself.
a. "Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week"
b. set mini dealines for parts of what your doing.
22. Aloow yourself more time than needed.
a. you will always makethings seem more simple, and less time consuming
than they actually
b. will help train yourself outof your "last minute" midset.
3. Without goals set, you wiill get distracted.
a. friends
b. events.
c. entertainment.
23. Have someone to keep you accountable for the progress on your task.
24. Someone should be along side you to help you.
a. helps with moral support
b. has effect on how you feel towards your project
25. Having someone with to help you keeps you feeling less overwhelmed
a. I've expierinced this
(1) I'veseen a drastic change in myself through that.
b. you feel stronger with that person.

Not keeping yourself these rules, really can just make you go around in that circle
without any stopping.


I. procrastination has damaging effects plastered everywhereit hits. It is impossibleto get over it
without any guidlines.
II. getting over procrastination is a hard thing to do. But, I know you can if you followsome o f those
rules. I know you will. Now, do it.