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Subject Code: 461B


Specific Instructions:
 Answer all the four questions.

 Marks allotted 100. Each Question carries equal marks.

 Word limit is 250-300 words

General Instructions:

 The Student should submit this assignment in the handwritten form (not in the typed format)

 The Student should submit this assignment within the time specified by the exam dept

 Each Question mentioned in this assignment should be answered within the word limit specified

 The student should only use the Rule sheet papers for answering the questions.

 The student should attach this assignment paper with the answered papers.

 Failure to comply with the above Five instructions would lead to rejection of assignment.

Question No1

Can training be evaluated? Why? How? Discuss how it is done in your organization or an
organization you are familiar with. Briefly describe the organization you are referring with

Question No2

Discuss the measures for occupational health and safety at enterprise level & explain the role of
top management, supervisors unions and workers in this regard?

Question No3

Critically review the changes in the concept of employee relationship & their effects on human
resource management?

Question No4

Study an organization unit or an individual employee & suggest ways & means to motivate him
to perform effectively