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I strongly protest MCGM’s decision to modernize Deonar slaughter house.

This is one of the worst decisions taken by BMC for Mumbai and i have deep regrets for BMCs decision.

When the world is moving towards being vegetarians, Mumbai's BMC takes its worst ever decision to
modernize its slaughter house.
As per the promise given to jain community by BMC department: - deonar slaughter house is supposed to be
for the non vegetarians of Mumbai only.
Now modernizing means breaking that promise,
and killing more animals for the sack of bringing more business, and inviting more diseases to Mumbai.

If it takes a PIL to be filled against deonar slaughter house then be it ... it will be filled
and all the necessary steps would be taken to stop modernization of slaughter house.

I have created an online petition for the same, which can be accessed through below link.
Request you to kindly sign this petition.