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00 Court fee Stamp

Application for the grant of an Arms License for

(1) Name of the applicant Age

(2) Father’s Name

(3) Present resident: Village, Tehsil and Police Station

(4) Original residence: Village Tehsil Police Station

(5) Occupation

(6) Does the applicant pay land revenue

or income-tax to Government? If so
what amount was paid in the
financial year immediately
proceeding the date of his

(7) If the Applicant is a Government

Servant is he a Gazetted Officer and
what salary is he receiving?

(8) Does the applicant already hold an

Arms license? If so by whom was it
granted or last renewed and what
weapon or weapons does it cover?

(9) Has the applicant previously held

any Arms license which he no longer
holds. If so when was it cancelled and
by what authority and for what

(10) Has applicant applied unsuccessfully

for a similar license at any time
before? If so when and to whom?
Why was such application refused?

(11) Do any other persons living in the

same house as the applicant posses
arms and if so what arms?

(12) Reasons for needing the license

applied for.

(13) Grounds on which applicant basses

his claim to be granted a license.

(14) Does the applicant claim exemption

from the payment of license fee? IF
so on what grounds?

Address: Signature of the Applicant.



Form to be filled in the Station House Officer in connection with application submitted for

the grant of Licence under the Arms Ordinance whether for grant of Licence for a

Revolver / Pistol a Shot Gun.

1. Name

2. Fathher’s Name

3. Age (date of birth)

4. Residence

5. General Reputation of the applicant

6. Is the applicant involved in any criminal case.

Give details.

7. Comments of the S.H.O.

(Signature, Name, Stamp)

8. Comments of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, concerned, Superintendent of
Police or Senior Superintendent of Police.

(Signature, Name, Stamp)