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Petition for Succession Certificate
(Rule 345)

In the court of .

Miscellaneous Application No. of

Petition for Succession Certificate in respect of certain securities/debt

belonging to deceased.

The Petitioner abovenamed states as follows:-

* Insert name of the 1. That the abovenamed* (a) died at

on or about the day of

2 . That the said deceased Ordinarily resided at the time of his death (or left
property mentioned in the Annexure A) within
the jurisdiction of this court.

(a) State law 3. That the said deceased at the time of his death left him
surviving the following persons as his next-of-kin
according to (a)
(1) son of residing at
(2) son of residing at

(b) State relationship 4. That the petitioner as (b)

to the deceased of the deceased claims to be
entitled to a of the estate.

That the said deceased died intestate and that due

diligent search has been made for


(c) state here how the case The said deceased died leaving a will dated ad
is excepted by section a copy of which is hereto annexed
213 (2) of the Indian and marked “A” (c)
6. That no application has been made to any court for, and no
grant has been made of, any certificate probate or Letters
of Administration in respect of the debts, securities or estate
of the said deceased and there is no impediment under section
370 or under any other provision of the Indian Succession Act,
1925, or of other enactment to the grant of the certificate or the
validity thereof if it were granted.

That petitioner has also truly set forth in Annexure B hereto

The certificate is applied for. The petitioner therefore prays that a succession certificate
may be granted to the petitioner in request of the debts and securities set forth in Annexure
B hereto with power to

(Sd.) Pleader for Petitioner. (Sd.) Petitioner.

I , the petitioner in the above petition, declare this is

True to the best of my information and belief and I belive the same to be true.

(Sd.) Petitioner

Address for services of the petitioner is as follows:-