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1. How  long  have  governments  been  trying  to  kill  Castro?    

2. How  much  do  Cubans  pay  for  health  care  and  education?    

4. What  did  the  family  of  Enrique  Encinosa  do?  
5. How  many  Cuban  refugees  arrive  daily  in  Miami?    
6. What  did  Castro  do  to  American  businesses  when  he  took  over?  
7.  For  what  did  the  CIA  receive  approval  in  Christmas  1959;  what  was  their  plan?    What  plans  of  
theirs  to  kill  Castro  involved  cigars?  
8. Who  was  Fabian  Escolante?    How  amny  plots  and  conspiracies  and  plots  does  he  count  aghainst  
Castro?    How  many  were  made  by  Eisenhower,  Kennedy,    Nixon,    Reagan,    Clinton.    Who  did  
Fabian  Escolante  consider  the  greatest  threat  to  Fidel  Castro?    By  whom  was  he  trained?      
9. What  was  the  motive  of  organized  crime  to  kill  Castro?      

10. In  1960  what  was  the  Miami  zoo?    What  was  the  American  government  doing  with  Cuban  
exiles?    What  was  this  invasion  called?    What  did  the  US  always  want  to  avoid  in  trying  to  kill  
Castro.    When  did  the  invasion  happen?      Which  American  President  had  the  idea?    Which  
American  president  launched  the  invasion?  
11. Who  is  Felix  Rodriguez?    For  whose  death  is  he  responsible?      
12. In  1971  where  did  the  CIA  plan  to  kill  Castro?    Who  was  to  handle  the  details  of  the  
assassination  attempt?    Were  his  people  successful?      
13. Against  whom  did  Miami  Cubans  turn  in  the  1970s?      
14. What  career  did  Orlando  Bosch  abandon  to  engage  in  killing  Castro?  For  how  many  bombings  
was  he  responsible?      

15. At  what  did  he  shoot  a  bazooka  in  1967?      
16. What  did  he  do  in  October  1976?  How  many  people  were  killed?    What  Olympic  team  was  on  
the  airliner?    
17. Was  Bosch  convicted  of  the  crime?    When  did  Bosch  return  to  the  US?      Which  representative  
campaigned  for  his  freedom?    Who  was  her  campaign  manager?    Who  considered  Orlando  
Bosch  one  of  the  worst  terrorists  in  the  Western  hemisphere?    What  did  George  Bush  Sr  do  for  
Bosch?  How  many  countries  refused  to  take  him  in?  
18. Were  there  high  level  Cuban  officials  on  this  plane?    

19. Who  visited  the  US  in  1979?    Was  there  a  plot  to  kill  Castro  then  on  US  soil?    By  whom?    How  
was  Escolante  involved  here?      
20. Does  Antonio  Veciana  believe  he  was  a  terrorist?  
21. Who  was  Luis  Posada  Carriles?      

22. What  happened  in  1997?    What  was  the  aim  of  the  bombing?  Who  strongly  suggested  he  did  it?    
23. What  happened  in  Panama  in  the  year  2000?    How  was  this  attempt  special?      
24. How  did  Posadas  get  out  of  Panamanian  prison?    When  did  Posadas  come  to  Miami?      
25. What  was  the  Bush  (jr)  doctrine  concerning  terrorism?    If  someone  funds  terrorists  are  they  
terrorists  according  to  the  Bush  doctrine?  
26. Are  all  the  Cuban  terrorists  no  longer  practicing?      Who  is  Rudolfo  Fermeta?    What  does  he  
group  do  on  weekends?      
27. What  happened  to  Luis  Posada  Carriles?