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Table of Contents
1. Acknowledgement
2. Introduction

3. What is franchise business?

4. Basic information of the company

• Industrial sector
• Name
• Address
• Contact information
Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

• Senior management
• Type of ownership
5. Organizational structure

6. Products and services

7. Marketing strategy

8. Operations
9. Reporting system

11. Suggestion for improvement

All glory and honor is for Allah, the Supreme Being who bestowed profound
perseverance and ability on us to accomplish this work.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

We express our profound and cordial gratitude to offer thanks to our learned,
kind and experienced teacher, Mr. sikandar aziz for his valuable guidance,
constructive comments and continuous encouragement through out the

Grateful acknowledgement is due to Mr. Naveed Saeed GM Sales &

Marketing & Miss Rubab of Warid Telecom for allowing us to carry out
our research for the completion of this project.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Warid Telecom is one of the biggest cellular service providers in Pakistan.

Warid is an international company that is joint venture of Abu Dhabi Group

and Sing Tel Group. In this joint venture SingTel acquired 30% percent

equity stake and remaining acquired by Abu Dhabi Group. This partnership

is part of a strategy to support Warid Telecom’s continued growth and to

enhance its market position.


What is franchise business?

A franchise business is a method a company uses to distribute its products or

services through retail outlets owned by independent, third party operators.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

The independent operator does business using the marketing methods,

trademarked goods and services and the "goodwill" and name recognition

developed by the company. In exchange, the independent operator pays an

initial fee and royalties to the owner of the franchise.

The company that grants the independent operator the right to distribute its

trademarks, products, or techniques is known as the franchiser. The

independent, third party business person distributing the franchiser's products

or services through retail or service outlets is called the franchisee.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

4- Basic information of the company

4.1 Industrial sector

The telecommunication services are the industrial sector of warid.Warid Telecom

is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Group & SingTel Group. Abu Dhabi Group
entered into a strategic alliance with Singapore Telecom. Subsequent to this
transaction in July 2007, telecom giant SingTel acquired 30% percent equity
stake in Warid Telecom, Pakistan, for US$758 million. This partnership is part of
a strategy to support Warid Telecom’s continued growth and to enhance its
market position.

Abu Dhabi Group, one of the largest business groups in the Middle East and the
single largest foreign investor in Pakistan. It has diversified business interests,
offering strong financial resources and extensive management expertise that
result in commercial success for several institutions.

SingTel’s investment in mobile operations include, Advanced Info Service (AIS) –

Thailand, (21.4%), Bharti Telecom Group – India (30.5%), Optus Telecom –
Australia (100%), Globe Telecom – Philippines (44.5%), Pacific Bangladesh
Telecom (PBTL) - Bangladesh (45%), Telkomsel – Indonesia (35%) and Warid
Telecom – Pakistan (30%).

4.2 Name

Warid telecommunication (franchisor)

Mn communication (franchisee)

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

4.3 Address

The address of franchise is Sargodha road sheikupura and the franchisor

address is Warid Telecom Headquarters Address. EFU House, 7th Floor Jail
Road Lahore, Punjab 54660. Pakistan .

4.4 Contact information

This is the head office contact information Phone: +92-42-5715750. Fax: +92-42-
5717008 and this is the franchise contact information

4.4.1 Franchise contact information

Contact information +92-03228402227.+92-0563-613535

4.5 Senior management

The senior management of the warid franchise is

 Franchisor
 Franchisee
 Franchise Manager


Franchisor is the owner of the marketing system its patent trade mark and
logistics. In this franchise the WARID is the franchisor and top management.


MN communication which is franchisee is an independent party who agree to sell

the product and services according to requirement of the franchisor (WARID)

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Franchisor manager

Franchise manager is the person who manages all the business matter of the
franchise and checks the daily franchise business and sends the daily financial
report to the head of the franchise .The head of the franchise is franchisor and
franchisor is WARID telecommunication. The manager is hired by the franchisee.

4.6 Type of ownership

MN communication ( warid franchise) is owned by single person. So it is form of

solepropritor ship business.

Type of management

The type of management MN communication is independent because it is owned

and control by one person.

5- Organizational structure

 Franchisee have outlet which is situated suitable location and full fill are
requirements which are set by franchisor.
 Franchises have their own staff which is hired by franchisor or franchisee.
 Franchisee has a manager which is manage franchise affairs and
 Franchise use latest IT technology.

Other than the division of Management, Finance, IT and Engineering, all the
divisions are headed by GM (General Manager), or DGM (Deputy General
Under each division, there are several departments, which are usually led by
Senior Managers, or Managers.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz
Management Division is headed by the

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

And Finance Division is headed by

CFO (Chief Financial Officer).

In the similar manner, IT Department is headed by the

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

and Engineering Division is headed by

CTO (Chief Technical Officer).

There are no GM/DGM(s) assigned for these Four Divisions.

6- Description of product and services

These services are provided by the franchise MN communication

Warid presents a wide selection of value added services that ensure you well
manage your life via your mobile phone & express yourself effectively. The world
of Warid Value Added Services has unlimited options of not only communication,
but also convenience, entertainment & personalization. These services comprise
a myriad of options from entertainment to utility based services. You think of it
and we have it! Keep exploring & stay amused!

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

10 friends, 1 SMS!

Search for your favourite song, and set it as your CallerTune!

Enjoy FREE entertaining videos on the go.

Warid brings an easy to use solution to block all those annoying & unwanted

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Allah(SWT) says “Call on Me; I will answer your DUA”

Ab hasso dil khol ke!

Let your fingers do the talking!

Send balance to Warid prepaid users in Pakistan..

Enjoy Miss Call Alerts now on your prepaid numbers..

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

If you love surfing, Warid offers you a package that will keep you connected..

Write Share & Inspire!

Enjoy the unlimited freedom of mobile internet.

Warid is proud to launch Warid Call Block 9211 service that instantly makes you
get rid of those annoying calls

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Give us your best shot!

Dial 786 from your Warid number and listen to Quranic Ayat, Hadith, Namaz...

Convenience you never imagined!

Now carry your favorite music with you..anywhere, anytime!

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Snap, Send, Share!
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When yOu are in Love, you can’t fall asleep because reality is better than your

Now get your e-mails on your mobile via SMS.

Stay in touch, even at low balance

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Out of cash? But never out of balance!

Gup Lagao-Dost Banao Sir Zem Kay saath

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

These services and so many other are provided by MN communication

(franchisee of warid) to the warid customers .Descriptions and details of the
services are given bellow

Sales new prepaid warid sim

Warid franchise MN communication sale the new sim of warid to the customers
The sims stock are provided by warid which is franchisor.MN communication pay
some percentage to WARID against sales of the warid sim.

Issue new postpaid warid sim

Warid franchise MN communication sale the new postpaid sims of warid to the
customers and franchise keep the security against issuance of post paid sim and
also pay percentage to the franchisor.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

Issue duplicate sim card

MN communication ( franchise) is gives service of issue of duplicate sim

to warid customers.warid customers can re issue the sim if they lost it.

Postpaid bill collection

Warid customers can pay their postpaid bill on the warid franchise MN
communication through credit, cash or debit card

Mini load to retailer

MN communication (warid franchise) is provide services to mini load of the

retailer of the warid.

Block the lost sim

Warid customers can block their lost sim from the warid franchise (MN

GPRS settings

Warid customers can activate their GPRS setting from the warid franchise.

Handset offer

Registration of sim

Warid customers can registered their new sim from warid franchise and they can
also change the ownership as well,

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

International roaming

Share all your overwhelming Hajj experiences with your loved ones back home!
Warid offers amazing International Dialing rates for as low as Rs. 7.50+tax/min on
landlines in Saudi Arabia and with our free incoming SMS on International
Roaming, we’ll make sure you stay connected at the most affordable rates with
the most faithful connection in your hand!

Prepaid international roaming

You can now use your prepaid connection abroad. Warid aims to provide prepaid
international roaming at all major destinations.

Top Up on Roaming

When you go abroad it's always a good idea to top up your mobile phone before
you leave. But if you do need to top up from overseas, not a problem, Warid has
a solution for that too, all you need to do is go to the nearest participating retailer
or Warid’s website and buy your required chunk of minutes and you will be well
on your way to making your important calls again.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

You can use your Credit/Debit Card, and or cash to pay the retailer for your Top-
Up or go online. These options will allow you to top up via the Warid Top-Up
website from overseas just in case you run out of scratch cards or unable to do
balance share from someone back home.

Retailers are currently available at UAE, UK & USA. For all other destinations
Top Up can be done online.

That’s not it! We thought it would be a great idea to let people Top-Up their loved
ones’ cell phones from overseas!!

Now with Warid’s International Top-Up you can Top-Up your grand children’s
phone and talk to him/her for as long as your heart pleases. It’s

really simple yet extremely intimate. You can either make it a birthday present or
just a token of your love! Top-up your loved one’s minutes from overseas and
make their day!

Sms roaming

Warid is proud to have launched 'SMS Roaming' for the first time in Pakistan,
which facilitates you in staying in touch with your contacts and loved ones while
you roam around the world. You can send & receive SMS while traveling abroad.
Messages are sent instantly to your friends and family regardless of the day &
time, just as it would be back home.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

It provides a cost-effective means of communication by enabling SMS only. Pay

as low as Rs. 2,000 (refundable security deposit) and enjoy the most economical
roaming available in Pakistan. Our widespread IR coverage is now much more
affordable with the ease-of-use of two-way textual communication. Warid stands,
once again, a pioneer in providing quality services to our esteemed customers.

7- Marketing strategy

Market strategy is consist of following points


Advertisement through print media i.e news paper, electronic media i.e
television,radio,internet,and as well bill boards

Role of Personal Selling

Personal selling mean sale the warid products through the sale man which are
sale the warid products in the market.

Publicity and Public Relations

Open new outlets and franchises in different cities of pakistan

Distribution Channels of Warid

There are two types of distribution channel used by WARID TELCOM which are
Direct Channel
As Warid telecom is on introduction stage it uses direct selling also.In this
channelcompany has large no. of sales of officers who meet persons and tell

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz
them about waridtelecom products.This sale force is totally committed towards
their work.They knowhow to sell the products to the customers.In future warid
telecom is planning to startdoor to door selling of their products.In the introduction
stage of its operations waridtelecom wants to provide all the things to its
customers at their door step.The directselling staff is highly trained and
motivated.They use their personal references,retailers, friends for selling

Franchise Selling
Warid telecom is providing their brands to ultimate consumers through franchises.
Ithas a strong network of franchises all over the Pakistan.In Multan there are
5franchises of Warid telecom they want to establish 7 franchises.In franchises
Waridtelecom brands are sold and commission is giver to franchisee.The
franchisee workaccording to the requirements of Warid telecom.In order to
provide best services totheir customer’s Warid telecom monitor the working of
franchisees time to time.Franchisees sell Warid brands directly to the ultimate
consumer or they can appointtheir own dealers in order to save the product.Warid
telecom provides technicaltraining to the staff of franchisees.Warid telecom
franchisees are in all the importantareas of Multan.So for a Warid customer it is
easy to get connection at any time fromeverywhere.Warid telecom establishes
franchisees in the important areas of every city.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

8- Operational system

Distribution activity monitoring of franchises/distributors within the assigned

territory; Set channel footprint across the territory ... Managing systems and
compliances of franchises/distributors and retailers.

 Market Coverage
 Channel Structure
 Logistics/Physical Distribution

9- Reporting system

The daily reporting system of MN communication is auto update to the franchisor

computers.Resolution of all system related issues with IT, reported by franchisee
to franchisor.

Management and coordination for RAN rollout- Participation in weekly internal

and external meetings with vendor and other stakeholders for timely target
delivery- Coordination with Vendors/subcon for projected and unprojected RAN
deliverables.- Escalation and possible resolutions for various problems during
RAN implementation- Swap and expantion of sites as per planning requirements-
Conducting telecom PATs
Including BTS, Access Transmission, BSC and PCU.- Participation in
RFI as per agreed specification of Macro, Micro and IBS sites,

Franchisee staff
The franchise staff is hired by franchisee .franchisee
(MN communication) is independent to take decision for recruiting selecting and

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz

10- Conclusion

10.1 General impression about the company

Warid telecommunication is the multinational telecom company and has numbers
of franchise in Pakistan.warid franchise is the successful small business in
Pakistan because warid have million of customers and have good repute in
telecommunication industry.

10.2 Future prospects

Future prospects of the warid is open his new franchises in different cities of
Pakistan and give different packages to franchisee to promote franchise

11- Suggestions for improvement

 Affordable security deposit for new franchisee

 Increase their coverage area because it’s direct effect of new desired
franchisee who wants to become franchisee.
 Warid telecom is offering cheap rates for its prepaid and postpaid
customers as
 Gives compensations and benefit to franchisee
 More staff to should be hired in some departments to meet the
 Compensation and benefits plans should be revised, as it can be used as
a very important tool to create motivation in employees.
 There should be consistency of brand ambassadors, jingles, colors and
graphics in their print and electronic media ads to create strong brand
 There should be more decentralization and employees should be
encouraged for their ideas.

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Small Business Management
Presented to: Sir. Sikander Aziz
 Provide management skills
 Training program
 Low call rates
 Free issue of duplicate sim to retain the customers
 Provide tension free faculties/services
 Follow rules and regulations which is set by PTA
 (Pakistan telecommunication authority)

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