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Gopooja, Gosala and Gosamrakshana

“Hinduism” is not a religion but a way of life founded on Dharma.

Temples are considered rendezvous of people, who want to attain
spiritual heights by focusing their attention on all - pervading – life –
force. From time immemorial, nurturing of cows and fragrant flowers
in orchards within the precincts of temples have been in vogue. Many
reasons, spiritual and scientific, could be attributed.

Akin to the cosmic “OM”, “AMMA”, the affectionate call of the calf
is considered to be a universal language.

Cow is “Mother” personified :

When the God of Gods, Lord Sri Vinayaka began to pen the great
epic “Mahabharatha” as narrated by the great sage “Vyasa”, the lines
started with the mention of name “Nandhini” – the divine cow. Then
followed the “Prathyangiraa Yagam” by sage Viswamithra.

Temples are nothing but the abodes of Gods and Godly saints.
Lesson on “Meditation” were imparted by Lord Siva to Lord
Nandhikeswara, from whom they reached the saints and Rishis
through the sage Pathanjali. Ox and “Go” i.e. cow form integral parts
of any temple festivals. Go-pooja augurs an auspicious beginning be it
a temple, festival or domestic festival like Grahapravesam or House –
warming ceremony. Go-dharma is the highest forms of Danams.

Scientifically also, Gomedham (the urine), cow dung and

Panchakavyam (consisting of Gomedham, dung, milk, ghee, curd) are
used to purify the atmosphere and body. They were used as Abhisheka
– Materials. Even the munching by cows tantamount to a form of

For many reasons, especially financial crunch, that the temples

faced, Go-samrakshama was given “GO” – by later. Our temple, Sri
Mahaa Panchamukha Prathyangiraa temple, at Vediyanendal,
Manamadurai, Sivaganga District makes it a point to continue
Gosamrakshama, a great tradition even now.

A cow is the seat of venerable sages, rishis, Devas,

Mahalakshmi, Gangadevi, the 14 universes, Upanishads, Vedas, four
varnas, and what not according to one sastras.
Even Lord Krishna is said to have performed pooja to cow. Going
round cow in a clock-wise movement is supposed to be going round
the world. Go-Pradakshinam and Bhoo-Pradhakshinam are one and the

Let us all propitiate cow as mother and invoke her blessings!