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Main themes in volpone

:The theme of Greed and Folly

the theme of greed in the play is enbodies by

mosca,volpone and clients.they are all greed 4 diffrenrt
things like sex and money.corvino is ready to prostitute his
own wife and corbaccio disinherit his son and mosca betrays
his master
corveno as we said before that he is ready to prostitute his
wife after he appears as a jealous man when he sees his
wife celia tossing her handkerchief to the street seller
and he cosiders what happended a sign of celia's
unfaithfulness and he thratened to kill her and her family
as a result. and he panished her that she is not allowed
to go to the church or stand near the window
moreover .....
she must go everything backwords from nw on,but when
mosca goes to him and says that if he let his wife go and
sleep with volpone volpone will make him his heir so
suddenly corvino's jealousy disappeared and he decieded
to offer his wife to volpone

volpone is greed by many ways he was greed of money and

satisfying his desires.firestly he is greed of money as he
facked illness to take pressents and money from the
legacy hunters with the help of mosca who makes them
all believe that volpone is very sick and he is about to
die.volpone also describe gold as god and he belives that
money can buy anything even love.secondely volpon's
weak point is lust as he must satisia's love to the beaty of
gold y his desire,when mosca compares celia's beauty to
the beauty of gold he tries many ways to make her his
own we disgiesed as a street seller and he seduces he
and when she rejected him he thratened to rape her
the last weak poinnt in volpone's character is his pride as
he thought that no one can decieve him and he is
decieving everybody but mosca decieves him at the end
of the play

corbaccio is also greed as he disinheirt his son and choose

volpone as his heir cz he thinks that volpone will die soon
and if he choose volpone volpone will choose him
mosca is the one who is trying to decieve all the characters
in the play by knowing the weak point in every one of
them he is greed of money as he betrays his master
:The theme of Acting

from the very begining of the play the theme of acting is a

major theme , it is represented by mosca and volpone
volpone appears in 3 figure the first figure is as an old man
who is about to die,the second one as a street seller who
is selling medcin and the llast one a venetain guard and
mosca iss the one who helps volpone in his plans
volpon admits that his true passion is more for the game
than what he gains from it but he was also greed of gold
and money and he describes gold as god and he belives
that money can buy anything even he acted as a
sick manwho is about to die and he decieves the legacy
hunters by the help of his servant mosca as mosca tells
everyone of the legacy hunters that volpone loves him
and .......
he is always repeting his name and he will choose him as
his heir in order to make everyone of them think that he
will gain loads of money after volpone's death and brings
him more presents

when mosca tella volpone that celia's beauty is like gold

volpone wanted very much to see her so he disguises as
an italian street seller who is selling a new cure for all
diseases and suffering and he sees celia and she toss him
her handkerchief

when volpone asks mosca to tell the legacy hunters that

he is died he disguises as a venetian gaurd to see the
action and reaction of each one of the legacy hunters
without been recognized

but mosca decieves everybody even his master volpone

and mosca says that he will not let him
return to the world of the living"unless volpone gives
mosca a share of his wealth and when volpone realizes
that he is betrayed he decieded not to let mosca inheirt
him and he takes off his disguise and reveals the truth
about the events of the past days

volpone was acting the hole play he was decieving the

legacy hunters but his pride makes him decieved by his