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tres servi

Referring to tres serv'i, page 5 in your textbook, complete the following table by naming the
person who made each statement and then by translating the statement.

1 aqua

2 iterum pluit! semper pluit!

3 ego laborare nolo!

4 dominus noster iratus

5 nos de hac coniilratione
audire volumus.
6 ego ad italiam redire vola.

7 ego aquam bibere non

8 fessus sum.

Slave Chains
This chain, found in Britain, was used to shackle
slaves by the neck Large numbers of Britons were

L: enslaved at the time of the Roman conquest and after

the revolt of Boudica (page 64 in your textbook). The
slaves that worked in the mines and on farm estates
were often very badly treated and sometimes were

kept in chains. Before the Romans came, the Britons,
too, kept and exported slaves. They used the same
type of slave chains.

Write a poem or a short monologue expressing the plaint of a slave chain and the

depressing and degrading life it leads.


- 5

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