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| S | < 2 | w a a S =z | <= mm. xt ~~ | wi - oO ao | 3 | 3 & CONTENTS PRACTICE EXAMS 15-16 PAGE PRACTICE EXAM 15 .... PRACTICE EXAM 16 READING COMPREHENSION PASSAGES ..... 1. JAMES HARGREAVES 2. POLGAR SISTERS ...... 3. TRAINING TO BE A DANCER .. 4. THE PERIOD OF SHOGUNATE 5. SEE NAPLES AND DIE! 46 TEST YOUR VOCABULARY TEST YOUR PREPOSITIONS ...... 56 PRACTICE EXAM 1- Bu testte cevaplayacaginiz soru sayisi 100'diir. 2- Onerilen cevaplama stiresi 150 dakikadhr. 1.22, sorularda, ciimiede boy birakalan Yorlore uygun diigen sizcilk ya da ifadeyi bulunuz. 2 ‘The repairman examined the washing machine ........., but he could not find anything wrong with it. A) thoroughly B) naturally ©) indignantly D) incessantly ) awkwardly With the inflation and unemployment rates raging out of control, the country......... needed help to recover itself from the economic crisis that was devouring it. A) questionably B) desperately ©) closely D) hopefully E) suspiciously Diplomatic, military and industrial secrets are often exchanged by « the information in ciphered or coded writing. A) scattering B) disguising ©) escaping D) irritating E) inventing It was already a horrible ride through torrential rain, and to make matters worse, he had a puncture and had to ‘the bike for the last hour. A) hasten ©) pour B) float D) power ©) push In lighthouses, the lantern rotates at a controlled speed so that the light can be seen by ships from all A) roads ©) orders, E) means B) instructions D) directions 6 om 8. 9 ‘The third pages of newspapers are almost always full of stories of in most of which a betrayed busband kills his wife. A) emotion B) ambition ©) revenge D) sense ) injury Our new flat is very ........... both for the train station and the bus stop. A) conventent ©) close B) distant D) spacious E) appropriate Since traffic and pollution make urban life ....... most people settle in small towns upon retirement. A) inviting B) irresistible ©) irrelevant D) desirable E) unbearable When deciding to buy something, you should not be .. by what the advertisements say about it as they do not always tell the truth. A) worn out B) pulled up ©) taken in D) turned down B) broken into 110- When we first began to use the telephone in our town, for distant calls, we had to call the switchboard operator at the post office to ....... US sssse to the person whom we wanted to talk to. A) ake/up ©) hold/down E) take/over B) put/through D) get/on