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The Equestrian Sculpture by Arend Eloff at the Golden Horse Casino

in Pietermaritzburg.
Seven weeks before this magnificent sculpture group would be installed and unveiled we
were contacted by the Arend Eloff, well known South African Equestrian Sculptor. He had
been approached by Golden Horse Casino in Pietermaritzburg to do the almost impossible.
To sculpt, cast and install three 4,5m High rearing Horses for their reopening. Something
that would normally take 4 to 6 months, the foundry had only 5 weeks to complete. We
worked intensely with the artist moulding pieces of the horses as he finished sculpting them.
When the final piece was handed over we had a total of 3 and a half weeks left to have the
finished product delivered and installed in KZN. Large art casting like this one are divided
into sections in the wax stage of the process and then cast. Once all the panels are cast the
job of putting a three dimensional jig-saw puzzle back together begins. The sculpture then
goes through metal chasing restoring it to its original detail. 111 panels made up the three
horses. The Foundry commissioned a special gantry to be made to lift and move the horses
around and special cradle beds were made out of wood to fit the horses exactly for transport.
Once complete each horse weigh 750kg and took on the 950km journey to their new home.
The sculpture group is one of the largest sculpture groups in South Africa and is the largest
sculpture group cast by our foundry. The sculpture was unveiled at the re launch of the
Casino on the 11th of September.

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