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Gradex ’10

Final Year exhibition by visual art and design students from the
Department of Visual Arts, University of Stellenbosch

Abri de Swardt, The Father: my father, 60 x 60, lightjet print on metallic paper.
Alexandra Meyer, still from they're only Godfather, really, 5:00:09.
Andrea Burger, Adour staar, 42 x 70, watercolour on fabriano.
Christiene Laatz, Cityscape, 42 x 59, pigment print on epson matt.
Darren van der Merwe, The represented objects distracted the artist from rigid theories, a page from artist book The New
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Knowledge.
Dédrik Ruben Lourens, [the title of the work is a diagram of a circle with a square embedded in it, touching the circle at 4
points], dimensions variable, mixed media sculpture.
Georgia Fane Hervey, Boy Plant Ball, 70 x 70, pigment print on epson matt.
Hedwig du Toit, I am Lonely, from the Expose series, 60 x 85, lightjet print on photographic paper.
Hilde Malan, Oerknal gestalt 3.1, 105 x144, oil and enamel on fabriano.
Jeannie Roux, Untitled 1, 20 x 16, oil on cartridge.
Johan van der Merwe, kappertjie kappertjie, 125 x 80, lightjet print on metallic paper.
Kate van Zyl, detail of Untitled (Nomads), dimensions variable, installation of cane, raffia, fabric and lights.
Lyn Sieborger, still from three channel video The River: Finding Infinity, 01:36:00.
Nastasha Buratovich, What sound does a colour make?, sound installation.
Stuart Buttle, Magicon: the anatomy of the trick: the pledge, 60 x 42, lightjet print on gloss.
Stuart Cairns, Lonely as a cloud, 29 x 42, digital print on found paper.