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Course Description of
RN2022-13N - 2G Radio Network Optimization

Nokia Siemens Networks Academy


Course Number RN2022-13N

Course Title 2G Radio Network Optimization Principles
Target Group Personnel who need a good knowledge of the 2G Radio NW Optimization
processes and methods
Aim At the end of the course participants will be able to:
- Understand process of optimization
- Understand the quality definition
- Perform network assessment
- Use BSS counters and KPIs in daily work
- Perform basic optimization tasks
- Understand which features can be used in optimization process
- Identify tools needed in optimization project
Prerequisites BSS Network Planning Concept, EGPRS BSS Network Planning, BSSPAR1,
Contents Introduction to Optimization
- Definition of optimization
- Optimization process flow
- Optimization targets definition
- Assessment – scope definition
- Configuration assessment
- Parameter assessment
- Performance Assessment
- Tools for assessment
KPIs and measurements
- DX causes
- BSS tables and counters
- Benchmarking KPIs
Solution Finding
- Introduction to solution finding process
- Traffic and capacity optimization
- Performance optimization
- Coverage optimization
- Frequency optimization
- Neighbour optimization
- Handover Optimization
- (E)GPRS optimization
- Alarms in optimization
- Solution verification
- Implementation/Documentation of optimization projects
- Monitoring concept
Features for Optimization
- Traffic handling
- Interference handling
- (E)GPRS features
Duration 3 days
Max number of 12
Course Type: with or THY=Theoretical course
without practice
Skill level ADV advanced

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