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Male Female

What is your age-group?

Below 15 yrs 15-19 yrs 20-24yrs 25- 29yrs 30yrs and above

What is your educational qualification?

Undergraduate Graduate Post Graduate

What is your profession?

Business Pvt. Organigation Govt Service Student

1. Are You a Part of any Social Networking Sites?

a. Yes b. No
If yes, continue. Otherwise terminate.

2. How many social networking sites do you use actively?

a. 4 and above b. 3 c. 2 d. 1

3. Select the sites that you use:

a. Orkut
b. Facebook
c. Twitter
d. Myspace
e. Hi5
f. Any others (please specify)_________________________________
4. How many hours per week do you spend on using these sites?
a. 15 and above
b. 10- 14
c. 6-9
d. 3-5
e. 1-2
f. less than
5. If you were not using these sites, what would you have done to utilise that
a. studying
b. hanging out with friends/socialising
c. doing more constructive work
d. reading novels
e. Any others( please specify)__________

7. What do you use social networking sites for?

a. to make new friends
b. to find old friends
c. to communicate with existing friends
d. to find someone I can share a relationship with
e. to interact withpeople with common interests

8. How has social networking sites benefited you as a user?

a. I have more friends

b. I am able to connect easily with my existing friends.

c. I have found a life-partner through these sites.

d. I find it a great way to enjoy my leisure or whenever I am alone.

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9. Do you feel these networking sites have created any negative impact on
your personal life?
a. Yes b. No

If yes, then what do you feel can be these impacts?

a. Loss of privacy
b. Loss of time
c. More reliance on electronic medium
d. Less emotional bonding in relations
e. Emotional disturbance
f. Any others ( please specify)___________________________

10. Do you feel that parents’ discretion and monitoring is required in this
case for children using these sites?
a. Yes b. No

11. Do these networking sites influence your lifestyle in any way?

a. Yes b. No

If yes, how will you describe the influence?