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English Language Society (ELS) is established with the aims of providing enrichment
activities and cultivating interest in the English Language among the members.
English Language Society plays a vital role in widening the pupils’ involvement
in activities and upgrading their profici8ency in using English Language.
English Language Society also functions as a society to train pupils in the skills
of managing and organizing a society.
English Language Society also helps to promote unity, tolerance and fellowship among

Matkamat dan tujuan :

Untuk memperkenalkan, menggalakkan dan memupuk penggunaan bahasa Inggeris
sebagai bahasa kedua di kalangan ahli persatuan

Perlembagaan / Constitution
The society shall be known as the 'Persatuan Bahasa Inggeris' of SMK PITAS hereafter
referred to as the 'English Language Society'

1. Aims and Objectives

- To promote, encourage and cultivate the use of English as a second language among
members and society as a whole.
- To promote unity and better understanding among members.
- To instill a sense of responsibility, creativity, initiative and organizational skills.
- To provide enrichment activities and cultivating interest in the English Language
among the pupils.
- To provide effective language learning opportunities to the usage and practice of the
language among the pupils.
- To provide the opportunity to learn the language through ICT.
- To give a balance education to the pupils with emphasis on both academic and extra-
curriculum activities.

2. Membership
- All students irrespective of race or religion shall be members.

3. Voting Rights
- Only members who have ported for the English Society as their GERKO will be
allowed to vote.

4. Subscription
- The semester subscription shall be the sum of Ringgit Malaysia one only.
- Special contributions maybe raised from members by resolution of the general
meeting of the society

5. General Meeting
- One general meeting shall be held annually for the election of the office-bearers.
- At least one half of the membership of the society must be present at a general
meeting for its proceedings to be valid and to constitute a moral.

6. Committee
- The committee will comprise the following who shall be termed the office-bearers of
the society and who shall be elected at the general meeting.

7. Financial Provision
- Subject to the following provision in these rules, the funds of the society may be
expended for any purpose necessary for
- The carrying out its objects, including the expenses of its administration.
- No expenditure exceeding RM50 in any one time shall be incumed without the prior
sanction of the chairman.

Activities :

1. Conducting meeting and writing minutes and official letter

2. Scrabble games
3. Play reading
4. Organizing a film show/video show
5. Choral reading/ speaking
6. Elocution contest
7. Debates
8. Sing-a-long
9. Story telling
10. Organizing a social party/farewell party
11. Quiz and Language games
12. Telematch
13. English In Camp
14. A visit (Lawatan Sambil Belajar)
15. Watching Movie