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Registration complete & Student number has been sent in Acceptance Letter
STUDENT USERNAME: the last 6 digits of your student number + the first letter of
your last name (eg: 068405a)

Enable Network Accounts

1. Go to and click the "Lost password" button. After entering
your details, the system will send you a temporary password (use student lab
1 computer to retrieve if necessary)
2. Go back to and login with your username & the
temporary password just sent to you
3. Complete the SETUP for network accounts, and create a NEW password

Enable Network Access

On Campus, plug your laptop in with a LAN cable and launch a web
browser (cables available in ADC library).
Steps 2-4 Type in your username and newly created password
can only be 5 minutes & restart
on campus Enable Wireless Access
and are not 3 While plugged in, go to Technology Services
necessary for
distance In the "Internet" tab, follow the instructions to set up wireless access
set up the ADC student printer
go to

Email Access
Your acadia email address is your (eg.
~ If you wish to access your acadia email via a client, see the "Email" tab on the
Technology Services website:
5 ~ Alternatively, email can be accessed online at
~ To forward your acadia email to your regular email address, login to and setup forwarding in the "vacation/forwarding" section

Off-Campus access to library resources

6 Follow the instructions to install the VPN client. Go to and follow
instructions on the "internet" Tab WHEN OFF CAMPUS

ACORN Access
7 login with your username and password at
ACORN Trouble-shooting

Assistance available from Technology Services at 585-HELP