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Transition Recovery Programme

Sri Lanka
Bill of Quantities
Title of the

Project No
Site Location
The attention of the tenderer is drawn to the
requirements of Rate Total
Item Description Qty Unit
the conditions of contract, the specifications and LKR LKR
any other
particulars of the tender. It is the tenderer's
responsibility to
see that his prices include for complying with all the
requirement of the conditions of contract and any
documents whether specifically referred to on the
bill of
quantities or not. The tenderer is advise to visit the
site of
the proposed work and it is the Tenderer's
responsibility to
asserting the conditions governing access to the
site, the
extent of working space, storage area etc.
The tenderer is requested to price only the Items
that arelump sump for providing of third party
A affecting this contract Allow ItemProvisional Sum 150,000.00
Allow lump sumfor Insurance against accidents
B & injury to Allow ItemProvisional Sum 150,000.00
workmen (workmen compensation policy)
Allow lump sump for insurance of Property,
C Allow ItemProvisional Sum 150,000.00
Material & works at site etc.
Provide Provisional sum for supplying
D specimens and Allow ItemProvisional Sum 10,000.00
samples of materials and carrying out tests etc.
Allow lump sum toConstruc & maintain site
office with water, electricity and sanitary
E Allow Item Sum
facilities throughout the implementing period
and remove on completion
Allow lump sum to Construct, equip & maintain
temporary site store to protect and store
F Allow Item Sum
construction materials and equipments at site
and remove on completion
Allow lump sump for sanitary facilities and
other facilities for workmen to create working
G environment in accordance with the Allow Item Sum
Government Regulation and / or Municipal
Authorities and remove them on completion
Allow lump sum for removal of all rubbish &
debris and
H cleaning up site during the construction and Allow Item Sum
on completion leveling all in good order &
handing over.
Provide Provisional sum for Temporary work
I during the construction period and as decided Allow ItemProvisional Sum
by the
Supplying and erection of 4'-0" x 5'-0" Sign
J board made out of G.I sheet on Iron frame with Allow ItemProvisional Sum 20,000.00
5'-0" long G.I. post- 2 Nos

Sub Total for Preliminaries

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