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ECS authorization cum Banker’s Certification

(To be filled by Supplier / Firm and certified by Banker)

To, Date: ____/____/_________.
Pr. C. D. A. (SC),
No. 1, Finance Road, Opp. C. T. O., Pune –411 001. For EDP use only.
Tel No. 26132488, 26128727, 26128757 (Ext 115, 125) / Tele-fax No. 26132488
E-Mail Vendor Id. : _____________________

Dear Sir, Contractor Id. : _____________________

I / We hereby declare that I / We are suppliers to the Army Units covered under the payment Jurisdiction of office of the Pr. CDA (SC) Pune. I / We hereby express our
willingness to accept all payments against suppliers etc by the office of the Pr. CDA (SC) PUNE by ECS. In order to facilities the ECS payment. The ECS mandate as below is
hereby given.

Firm / Supplier Details Bank Details

Name of the Firm * Bank Name
Full postal address * Branch Name
or Stamp of the
Supplier / Firm * MICR Code
* Account Type
(Savings / Current / Cash Credit)
* Account No.
(As appearing on the Cheque book)
Ledger No. & L. F. No.
Date of effect

I / We hereby declare that the particulars given above are correct and complete and if the transaction is delayed or not effected at all for reason of incomplete or incorrect
information, I / We would not hold IDBI Ltd. responsible. I / We am / are aware of the Electronic Clearing Service scheme and I / We agree to discharge my / our
responsibility expected of me as a participant under the scheme.

Your truly,

Signature & Name of Sole / Signature & Name of Second /

First Account Holder : ____________________________________ Joint Account Holder _______________________________

(Please Note: To be signed by all Account Holders as per mandate on the Saving A/c / C. A. / C. C. with the bank)

Certified that the particulars finished above are correct as per our records.

* Important: Mandatory information. Without this

Seal / Stamp of the Bank information Bills cannot be passed through ECS. Name & Designation of the Authorised Bank Signatory
with dated Signature.