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Fill in the gaps with the right word. Add just ONE word.


Alex (1) ______ a Scottish school boy. He’s fourteen. He (2) ______ have a
very interesting life. He goes to school every day except Saturdays and (3)

On schooldays he (4) ______ up at 7.15. He has a shower, combs his hair and
then he has (5) ______. He usually has a boiled egg, toast and jam. He goes
to school at 8.15. He usually goes (6) ______ bus. It takes 20 minutes to get
to the school. School starts at nine and Alex has lessons (7) ______quarter to

The lunch break is (8) ______ quarter to nine to two o’clock. Alex always has
a sandwich and chips for lunch. After lunch he has more lessons until 4.
Then he (9) ______ home.

When he gets home, he (10) ______ his homework. Then he has dinner at
quarter to seven. After dinner he watches TV for a while with his family or
reads a book. He goes to bed (11) ______ eleven.

1- Is

2- Doesn’t

3- Sundays

4- Wakes / gets

5- Breakfast

6- By

7- Until

8- From

9- Goes

10- Does

11- at