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1 dediate this hook 10 my husband, ‘Willim O.A. Coates, MA. PLAB: 1000 EXTENDED MATCHING QUESTIONS 8y (Una F Coales a mo Res (2) rcs (Ors) Senior House Officer Department of Otolaryngology The Royal Surrey County Hospital Guildford Surrey, UK (©2001 Royal Soc af Meine Pres Lak {Wimpole See, ado WIG UAE 20 Wester Ron ake Fores L045 USA Contents Foreword ‘ps oy i eng i he pve fcr pte Pesce ‘Rico iw, pred! une he UX Copy: Des and ro ct 8S pc th pubion my be ited fed. OF ‘itd aay ne by anes cabo he poo eso ‘SB oti pb oa the cn a eerie repetition ‘Slorbne the tent a ences sued eprom Repeon ‘Sajmnon oui te UK Hage concer epodton ode he ‘ee ted bere shoul be sear the pula the UX aes pinto Sipe Answers “The ih of Ua Col tobe ident aur thi work as een ae Feria srorince wih he Copy Desig nd Parts Ac 1988 Bath Lary Casing Pubcon Dat ‘tog cont bth bonk haat the Beth Liby ISHN 1-85015-07 Tye y Phoesn Photnering Catan, Kent Prin Ge Bri by Bel and His Led, Gago 199 Preface 1 was tsi inthe USA and relocated to the UK 10 practise {oo Like many of you readers, too was acd withthe dan incemk of ow to" prepare and to succeed mn pasing the ‘Sigtuonal and Lingua Asesmente Board rest (beer know the PLAB exam) te obtain limited regitestion wth the General ‘ists Counel I passed under the ol fea Sc a fe PLAB ths ben forma Thi ok is dase fo prepare prospestivecanidats far this sew PLAB ‘im The format of Part of the PLAB text consis of 200 ‘Sidhe mahingqucstons. To enter Pac 2, the candidate must juss Pa Ie Paer2 cons of 4 Léstaton objective stuctred ial examination (OSCE) sad et your cinta and commun Caton sl “The 1000 EMQs offeted inthis book over ll areas stressed by ‘hy LAB et and aed nthe ena oa ting ‘hs for groupe of als regaed to pss PLAB Fat 1. This boo {Tempe fo ade al fe companents ofthe now sabi or usc | inuoduged bythe General Nieical Coun Tas incades the prinpls set oat nthe GMC Plliation Ducts ofa Doctor ipl and patie of evidence-based medicine and of meal crane, questions covering prevalence of imparant diseases fn oc UR: tak factors and health promotion. | woud ke thank Miss Philippa Hlchaermeyer FRCS (O10) folic dhe questions in otolaryngology, Mr Alak Pal MRCOG for editing the questions. abseres and gynaccology, Dr Heth rin He MBS for cing the questions in payeniery, Dr Ase Smith MRCP for eting the questions n dmatology Dr Tn Stewart MBBS fren the questions in padre Don't lose hearts a the PLA exam se no impose to pas low ito show jo bow totacle the new PLAB et ‘Una. Coals (ztober 2000