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Personal Data
Name :
Age :
Sex : Male Female
Marital Status :
Educational Qualification:
Department :
Experience :
1. Have you received the training you need to perform
your job efficiently?
Yes No
2. Please specify the types of training?
On the job training Off the job training
Both Others
3. If ‘On the Job Training’ specify?
Orientation training Coaching
Job Instruction Others, specify
If ‘Off the Job Training' specify?
Conferences Laboratory training
Seminar Others, specify
4. How do you feel about your job?
Interesting Challenging Routine
Boring Tough
5. Are you creative in your job?
Always Rarely
Mostly Never
6. Are you encouraged to experiment with new methods
and creative ideas?
Yes No
7. How do you rate your relation ships with co-workers?
Excellent Good
Average Poor

8. Do you know what is expected out of you at work?

Yes No
9. How often you receive feedback about your job
Frequently Occasionally
Rarely Never

10. Do you receive recognition when you do a good job?

Always Mostly
Rarely Never
11. Are you aware of your role in achieving the
organisation’s overall objectives?
Yes No
12. Do you equip yourself with latest product knowledge
and trends
and changes happening in the industry?
Always true Mostly true
Rarely true Never
13. How do you feel about your job when a change is
Highly stressed Moderately Stressed
Slightly stressed Not at all stressed
14. Is team work encouraged in your company?
Always true Mostly true
Sometimes true
Rarely true Not at all true
15. Do you discuss your problems with superiors?
Always Mostly
Rarely Never
16. When you achieve a target, do you aim for the next
Yes No
17. Are you confident of handling higher responsibilities?
Always Mostly
Rarely Never
18. Do you evaluate your progress?
Often Sometimes
Rarely Never
19. Do you feel that your potential is fully explored?
Yes No
20. Does your company offers career opportunities?
Yes No
21. Are you satisfied with the opportunities for your
development in the company?
Highly Satisfied Satisfied
Partially satisfied Dissatisfied
22. Do you agree with the statement:
“I am proud to work for our company”
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral
Disagree Strongly Disagree
23. Do you have any suggestions?