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Negotiating is the art of reaching an agreement by resolving differences through creativity

Creative Negotiating, Stephen Kozicki, Adams Press, 1998

‡ The process of two or more parties working together to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution of one or more issues, such as commercial transaction, a contract or any sort of deal

‡ Negotiation: Process of bargaining with one more parties at arrive at solution acceptable to all ‡ Two types of negotiation:
± Distributive when two parties with opposing goals compete over set value ± Integrative when two groups integrate interests, create value, invest in the agreement (win-win scenario)

Negotiations vs. bargaining

Bargaining: Single issue negotiation between two parties Usually bargaining is a zero-sum game Bargaining can be seen as part of negotiation

Types of negotiation
Distributive negotiations
Involve win lose, fixed-amount situations wherein one

party s gain is another party s loss

Integrative negotiations
Involve joint problem solving to achieve results benefiting

both parties