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Rudbeckia Texana, or more commonly

know as Texas Coneflower, is a forb/herb
(that is a non-woody plant) It’s duration
is perennial which means it will grow
year after year to a height of
approximately 3’-5’ in height. The bloom
is a showy lemony yellow.

Texas Coneflower grows in only two

Texas Coneflower

states, Louisiana and Texas - home of the

coastal prairie.

This species is most often found on

healthy prairies alongside rattlesnake
master, Indian plantain, and other
moisture-loving species.
While in bloom Texas coneflowers are
visited by a variety of pollinators,
particularly native bees and wasps.
The flowers are also sought after by
katydids which each the petals and
soft green sepals.

Texas Coneflower
Carolyn Fannon

Lisa Spangler

Rudbeckia texana

Meadow Katydid
CULTURAL USES Orchelimum vulgare
SEEDS Although there is no documented evidence
for use of this species for medicine, its
cousin, Black-eyed Susan, was used by
Native Americans as an astringent, and to
treat worm infections!