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is My

There is only one

religion, the religion of
Love; There is only one
language, the
language of the Heart;
There is only one
caste, the caste of
Humanity; There is only
one law, the law of
Karma; There is only
one God, He is
hagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
was born Sathyanarayana
Raju on November 23, 1926,
in Puttaparthi, Andhra
The event and the village went
A university, schools, colleges, two
large hospitals including a tertiary care
facility, a planetarium, an airport and
museums abound along the tree-lined
streets of Prashanti Nilayam. Within the
peaceful premises of the ashram, there
is accommodation and other facilities
unnoticed in the history and map of
I have come not to British India. Yet, today, Baba’s ashram for thousands of pilgrims seeking a
in Prashanti Nilayam situated in the higher purpose.
disturb or destroy any
faith, but to confirm village of His birth has emerged as the That His teachings transcend all
boundaries of race, religion or region is
each in his own faith- undisputed spiritual capital of our
what appeals the most to His followers,
so that the Christian times. Everyday, thousands of men and whom He urges to embrace social
becomes a better women from every continent, country, responsibility as a way of life and seek
Christian, the Muslim state, region, nationality, religion and the oneness underlying all diversity.
a better Muslim, and culture arrive in Prashanti Nilayam to With millions of followers,
the Hindu a better behold the Master whose life, message Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
Hindu” and generosity has moved them to seek has emerged as the universal
personal growth and transformation. teacher and humanitarian
The end of education is Baba’s teachings of universal love whose gospel of unconditional
character. and acceptance have found their way love expressed through
The end of knowledge into millions of hearts in India and selfless service, has inspired
is love. abroad. In the past 70 years, several thousands of voluntary
The end of culture is million devotees have registered at the initiatives by the members
perfection. ashram’s accommodation office. They of the Sai Organisation
The end of wisdom is came from every Indian state and 185 worldwide.
freedom. other countries. Due to the ever- At the heart of this
growing demand for lodging, a similar unparalleled spiritual
number are estimated to have stayed in activism is the soon-to-
Politics without be 85-year-old
principles, the township that has emerged outside
the ashram. visionary who has
Education without single-handedly
character, reformed and
Science without revitalised the system
humanity and of education, steering
Commerce without it towards a value-
morality based model,
are not only useless, redefined universal
but positively healthcare and
dangerous. h a r m o n i s e d
spirituality with social
Start the day with service.
Fill the day with Love,
Spend the day with
End the day with Love.
This is the way to God.

Life is a challenge,
meet it!
Life is a dream,
realise it!
Life is a game, play it!
Life is Love, enjoy it!

Do not give room for

differences based on
language, religion,
caste or nationality.
Develop the feeling
President of India Mrs. Pratibha D Patil (extreme right) and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh at the Sri Sathya Sai Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar with Leading Indian industrialist Mr Ratan Tata with
that all are children of
her family at Prashanti Nilayam in May 2009 University’s convocation ceremony in 1995 Bhagavan Babain 2005 Bhagavan Baba in 2009
God. You may
worship God in any

Education for life, the Sathya Sai way

form of your choice,
but always bear in
mind that God is one.
Cultivate love and AMIDST
promote unity and DESERTS
haracter building that
harmony among all. fosters values and The Sri Sathya Sai
Each country is but a camaraderie in society This Institute stands out as a Drinking Water Project is a
room in the mansion is often defined as the lifeline to 10 million
crest jewel among the
of GOD. goal of education. Even as Indians, delivered through
policy makers have been university education system 5,020 kilometres of
mulling over the ways to in the country and this model pipelines.
Be Good, See Good, Do achieve this for decades now, is worthy of emulation by
Good — the Sri Sathya Sai Education the institutes of higher
this is the way to God.

A person's well-being
depends upon her/his
degree of
system has silently been
achieving all this and much
Universal teacher and
Chancellor of the Sri Sathya
learning in the country and
elsewhere, so that these
benefits would be reaped
fast and on the widest
possible scale.
As healthcare turns commercial
contentment. Sai University, Bhagavan Sri elsewhere, Bhagavan Baba’s
Sathya Sai Baba says “real
hospitals are trendsetters,
education is that which
Before you speak, promotes unity, equality and providing world-class treatment
think - Is it NAAC Committee, during its mixed with a dose of love and
peaceful co-existence with visit to the Sai University in 2002.
necessary? Is it fellow human beings.” compassion — and have no cash
The peer team accredited the counters.
true? Is it kind? Will it It “flows from the heart, ETHICS & ECONOMICS Former RBI Governor Dr. Y V Reddy (to Baba’s right) and RBI Governor Dr. D Subba Rao (to Baba’s
University at the highest level for men at Bangalore and
hurt anyone? Will it and is termed as ‘Educare’.” (A++) among Indian universities. left) at the Sai University’s Ethics and World of Finance conference in August 2009. (Top right) Prashanti Nilayam campus

Prashanti Nilayam. In 1981,
improve upon the Therefore, “Educare should
be pursued along with the three campuses were SALVATION
worldly knowledge.” chiseling and churning out of truth, righteousness, its no-tuition fee policy Baba laid the foundation of coalesced into the Sri Sathya THROUGH
Sai Institute of Higher
Selfless service to the The Sai system of
education is the
students who aren’t just
market-ready but life-ready.
peace, love and non-violence.
Implemented in more
across the board from
elementary school to PhD
His vision by setting up His
first college exclusively for Learning, a deemed SERVICE
needy is the highest Based on the philosophy of than 90 countries now, the level programmes. women in Anantapur in university. Headquartered Striving for human
fructification of this great
spiritual discipline. Educare, and the sound value-based education 1968. in Prashanti Nilayam, it was perfection through selfless
vision. In a world riddled
pedagogy of integral system is both revolutionary Till last year, 22,000 elevated to the Sri Sathya Sai service : Sai Organisation is
with growing intolerance University with a difference
education, this learning i n c o n c e p t a n d women had received values- University in 2007. rooted in the maxim Service
between individuals, groups,
and religions, it stands as a system draws its life breath comprehensive in scope. Ever the champion for based education here. Soon to Man is Service to God.
beacon of hope, fervently from the five cardinal values What further sets it apart is women’s empowerment, to follow were two campuses
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Copious flow of selfless love
Following the Anantapur
his is where we used to
project, came the Godavari and
get our water from,” said
Medak-Mehboobnagar projects.
Sitamma , pointing to a
Next, the Sri Sathya Sai Central
well. Branches and
Trust extended its drinking water
debris float on the surface of the
services to Chennai. This involved
muddy brown water, in a village in
the lining and renovation of the
the Rayalaseema region — the
Kandaleru-Poondi canal and
hottest belt in Andhra Pradesh.
increasing the capacity of the
Two decades ago, more than 50 Kandaleru reservoir.
percent of the remote villages in the With its four major water
drought-prone districts of Andhra projects, the Sri Sathya Sai Central
Pradesh had only wells as the main Trust has laid a total of 5,020 km of
source of drinking water. They not pipelines, or one-and-a-half times
only lacked clean drinking water, the distance from Kashmir to
but also suffered from bone and Kanyakumari, which is a mere
dental deformities due to excess 3,496 km by comparison! It has
fluoride content in groundwater. Rayalaseema should be
also constructed enormous tanks,
In the tribal hamlets of East and ensured water supply all installed water treatment plants
West Godavari districts of Andhra through the year. Today it is and placed large concrete water
Pradesh, though the river Godavari Raallaseema (a rocky region). cisterns with taps at different
was flowing just 15 km away from places in the villages close to the
some settlements, drinking water It must be transformed into a
was scarce. The story in the 320 Ratnalaseema (land that Completed between 1994 and
villages of Medak and glitters as a diamond). 2006, the four projects provide
Mehboobnagar was no different. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, clean drinking water to over 10
The crisis was not restricted to announcing the Anantapur water project, million people, or the equivalent of
AP’s hinterland alone. November 22, 1994 the entire population of Jammu
Neighbouring Tamil Nadu was and Kashmir.
unable to meet its capital Chennai’s Today, I have made a new Explaining the efficient
demands for clean and safe resolve. Madras is suffering execution of the projects that used
drinking water. Indian technology, All India
The issues that deprived
from acute shortage of drinking
President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva
thousands of this life-sustaining water. The rich can buy water Organisation, Mr V Srinivasan
necessity for so many years may sold by tanker service, but what said, "The projects were executed
have been numerous. Yet, true to are the poor to do? I have there- entirely by the SSS Central Trust
the identity of India’s unity, 10 fore decided to work towards and after completion, were
million Indians in Rayalaseema maintained for about two years.
region and districts of Medak, bringing drinking water to
Thereafter, they were handed over
Mehaboobnagar, East and West Madras, no matter how difficult to the government free of cost…
Godavari and the city of Chennai and costly the task is. The improvement in the quality of
have a common factor uniting Bhagavan Baba’s promise to life of the beneficiaries is
them now — the Sri Sathya Sai Chennai residents, January 19, 2002 unmistakable. The villagers no
Drinking Water Project pipelines longer have to walk long distances
have become their lifelines. We are executing a water to collect drinking water. Their
The seeds for the water project project for the East and West health and incomes have
were sown in 1994 when Bhagavan Godavari districts. It is possible improved.”
Sri Sathya Sai Baba referred to the After completing the projects,
drinking water problem in
to live without food but not
the Sai Organisation further
Rayalaseema region in a discourse without water. Water is highly launched village improvement
on November 22, 1994. At His essential. These people live by projects in all the villages
command, the Sri Sathya Sai the side of Godavari but do not concerned by organising medical
Central Trust executed the project have potable water. and veterinary camps, vocational
to provide drinking water to 731 training and Bal Vikas classes
villages in Anantapur district. The Bhagavan Baba, announcing
the Godavari water project, regularly.
9th Planning Commission December 26, 2004 Given the all-round benefits to
described the project thus: “The such a large segment of the
Sathya Sai charity has set an population, the projects have
unparalleled initiative of received worldwide acclaim as
implementing on their own, concerned about providing three models for the future and have
without any state budgetary primary requisites for our people - been presented in World Water
support, a massive water supply free education, free medical aid, Forums.
project with an expenditure of Rs and free basic amenities like The Sai Drinking Water
3,000 million to benefit 731 drinking water. Education is for Projects have demonstrated that
scarcity and fluoride/salinity the head; medical care is for the access to clean water is not a
affected villages and a few towns in heart; and pure water is for the luxury, nor an act of charity, but an
Anantapur district in 18 months”. body. These three cover the main obligation of the global community
For Bhagavan Baba, the requirements of life. To provide to ensure that no Sitamma
motivation was simple. "From My these three gives one the greatest anywhere in the world is denied
SHOWERS OF LOVE (Top) The Sri Sathya Sai Drinking Water Project in Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, and glimpses of other water projects earliest years, I have been gratification," He said. this right.

Water relief all the way

WATER PROJECT MEHABOOBNAGAR DISTRICTS An antiballistic missile has been
Number of villages benefitted: 731 Number of villages benefitted: 320 launched by Bhagavan Baba against
Length of pipeline: 2,500 km Length of pipeline: 1,170 km
Initiated: November 1994 Initiated: March 1999 poverty. How does this missile work
Inaugurated: November 1995 Completed: November 2000 against poverty? Through water,
CHENNAI EAST AND WEST GODAVARI education and healthcare.
Benefitted: City of Chennai DISTRICTS
Total length of canal Benefitted: about 500 villages
renovated: 175 km Length of pipeline: 1,175 km
Initiated: April 2002 Initiated: December 2004
Dr APJ Kalam,
Completed: November 2004 Completed: May 2006 Former President of India, Eminent Scientist

Sathya Sai healthcare:

Healing with love and compassion
He was barely in His twenties, when
Mother Eswaramma expressed her
concern about the plight of the local
villagers. They were poor and
succumbed easily to diseases in the
remote and neglected village, Puttaparthi.
For someone whose life is rooted in the
affirmation, ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’, Baba could
not resist His mother’s call for altruism.
Immediately, He set up the Sri Sathya Sai
General Hospital, inaugurating it in 1954. Thus
began the story of the Sri Sathya Sai Healthcare
system, which has now expanded into a network
of general hospitals, super-specialty hospitals,
mobile medical hospitals, medical camps, virtual
hospitals and charitable beds in city hospitals, all
at no-cost to the patients. Every single patient
irrespective of religious, economic or social
background receives state-of-the-art medical
care, with a difference!
Unconditional love is the sole currency traded
MEDICAL MARVEL here. The absolutely free treatment includes —
The Sri Sathya Sai consultation, scans, X-rays, treatment and
Institute of Higher medication. Freedom from the burden of
Medical Sciences at
payment is a boon to many, while the mortality
rate at Sai hospitals is among the lowest in the
Whitefield, Bangalore world.
With several general hospitals and regular
medical camps already running full swing, it was
on His 65th birthday, on 23rd November, 1990,
that Bhagavan Baba, declared that a tertiary care
facility, offering free state-of-the-art healthcare
would be set-up within a year, in Puttaparthi. to do their bit. Today, the city runs a virtual initiative involves no additional cost of
True to His word, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of network of hospital services under the Sri construction, and is being expanded to other
Higher Medical Sciences, also known as the SSS Sathya Sai Health Care Project (SSSHCP) since parts of the state beyond Chennai.
Super Specialty Hospital was inaugurated on January 2007. Initially, sixty-three local In addition, the two well-equipped and well-
The foyer of the 22nd November, 1991. medical institutions, offered a free bed, staffed general hospitals in Puttaparthi and
Ten years after its success, its sister facility at treatment and medication to the needy Whitefield continue to serve thousands daily,
Whitefield hospital.
Whitefield, Bangalore, opened in January 2001, patients brought in by the Sai Organisation. as do the mobile medical hospital vans, the
All Sathya Sai regular medical and veterinarian camps
emphasising the message of love and selfless The goodwill generated has evoked further
hospitals are known service as necessary potions for a true healthcare philanthropy and the number of beds at the organised by the Sai Organisation under its
for their pleasant reform. disposal of the SSSHCP has now crossed 90 SSS Village Integrated Program across rural
environment and Taking a cue from Baba’s magnanimity, private and the programme’s popularity continues to India and worldwide.
high levels of hygiene medical facilities in Chennai have been inspired grow among private hospitals. This unique
Flood leaves behind a miracle
he beaming smiles on
their faces betray
nothing. They do not tell The Sathya Sai Organisation built 699 houses in the
you of the tears shed over flood-affected regions along the Mahanadi river in
a year ago, as they saw Orissa. Here is a district-wise break-up of the
their lives being washed away, or constructions:
the anguish as they swam miles just
to be alive.
It is over a year since Orissa
faced one of its worst floods from
September 18 to 22 in 2008 that houses 1 school
affected over 2.5 million people. At
least 50 people were killed and
2,500 villages were inundated as
incessant rains caused the CUTTACK DISTRICT
Mahanadi River to swell and
overflow into villages.
The state recorded a loss of
property of about Rs 2,500 crore,
275 houses
and BBC News called it the “worst
flood in 50 years”.
Yet, a cluster of 16 villages along the
Mahanadi tells a different story — a
story of victory over circumstances. houses 1 school
Within four months of the calamity,
the Sri Sathya Sai Seva
Organisation — the non-profit
service organisation run by
Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba —
built 699 homes in Orissa's worst
affected regions.
“Much before any NGO began
the flood reconstruction, the
Sathya Sai trust came forward to
help the people of Orissa… The 699
houses were completed in record
time and are of the best quality,”
said Mr Ajit Kumar Tripathi, the
then Orissa chief secretary, and
currently Orissa Election
The beneficiaries were selected
after a survey based on loss
The new colonies are self-sufficient
and the houses have been designed
to withstand future floods.
“We had lost everything… Some
people gave us food and other
essentials. When we asked them
who they were, they said Sai Baba
has sent them. It was then that we
heard about Sai Baba,” said Tara
Jena, a farmer’s wife from Samsara,
Kendrapada district.
“The next day, they told us that
we would get a new house. Only
God can do such a thing for
unfortunate people like us,” she
"We lived in temporary thatched
houses; even in our wildest of
imaginations we could have never
built such (concrete) houses,” said Ocean of mercy: (Clockwise) A row of houses built by the Sai Organisation in Orissa; (Inset) A map of Orissa’s affected regions; Secretary of the Sri Sathya Sai Trust Mr. K Chakravarthi receives a
Sanchita Behera (45), who lives memento from Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik; temporary huts in which the flood victims lived earlier
with her husband and four children
in her new house in Pentho village, crop. medicines, clothes, temporary Flood Relief and Rehabilitation By March 2009, the these villages are a far cry from the
Kendrapada district. The Indian Air Force helicopters shelters, and hope. Project. He allotted Rs 10 crore to Organisation had built 699 houses sand-and-water wasteland they
dropped food packets, many of “When we heard of this, we were build houses for the villagers by on high plinths so that the were 18 months ago. The new pink-
The Curse of Mahanadi which were swept away by the in a meeting in Bhubaneswar. deciding to sell two of the Trust’s foundation stands intact even in and-yellow houses cannot escape
While most of us might have waters, while the government Immediately, we packed the food sprawling properties. the event of erosion. anybody's attention, and only
been sleeping in the comfort of our helped to evacuate people from cooked for the meeting and rushed On October 7, 2008, Baba It also built schools and health accentuate the cheer on the
homes on the night of September affected areas. on our motorbikes to the troubled further directed Mr V Srinivasan, centres, now fully functional, villagers' faces.
19, 2008, in an eastern corner of However, compared to the areas… The water was seven-feet President of the Sri Sathya Sai Seva within the colonies. Pushpalata Behera, a resident of
India, men, women and children extent of the disaster, the relief deep in most places and our youth Organisation of India, to announce: In April, the beneficiaries Manibad village in Cuttack district,
struggled to keep themselves afloat. operations were far inadequate and swam through the tides with the “These houses will be strong and received the keys to their houses said they had seen death that day,
Floods are no stranger visitors mismanaged, district officials said. packets,” said Narayan Sar, Joint sturdy concrete structures which from Baba in Puttaparthi. The but Baba had given them a second
to Orissa. However, the 2008 flood Youth Coordinator of the Sai would be permanent. Also, it would organisation has now adopted life, said.
changed many lives forever. An NGO with a Difference Organisation in Orissa. not only be homes, it would be these 16 villages under its Sri "The God who saved our lives
In a state where over 70 percent of Within a few hours of the flash The state chapters of the pan- supplemented with schools and Sathya Sai Village Integrated gave us shelter too. In fact, from the
the people depend on agriculture floods, a band of 300 volunteers India Sai Organisation also sent aid other necessities.” Programme to ensure the villagers’ day the devotees of Sai Baba placed
for livelihood, the flood mercilessly from the youth wing of the Sri worth Rs 1.5 crore to Orissa. Moved by the volunteers’ all-round well-being. their feet in my village, life
uprooted over 4 lakh hectares of Sathya Sai Seva Organisation of In Puttaparthi, Baba announced service, the villagers too offered While it may generally take changed.”
Orissa reached the spots with food, that He would undertake the Orissa their lands at lower prices. years to undo a flood's aftermath,

Sathya Sai healthcare:

Healing with love and compassion

Sathya Sai Institute
of Higher Medical
Sciences at
Prashanthi Gram,
Andhra Pradesh
(Clockwise from top left) The Sri Sathya Sai General Hospital in Whitefield; Services offered at the various hospitals run by Bhagavan Baba

The varied initiatives under the Sai would be able to walk again. But here I am on my free and universally accessible healthcare system
Healthcare program have a common thread two legs.” Sunil’s mother adds, “We did not have for all citizens is unthinkable.
running through all of them — free, loving to spend a single paisa on his treatment in this Here in India, Bhagavan Baba is the only
services with absolutely no strings attached. hospital. We had completely given up hope. But humanitarian to demonstrate a solution to this
Well-known for professional efficiency, loving Sai Baba works through the doctors here, who are growing concern with His practical example of
service and spotlessly clean environments, Sai living embodiments of His love. My son has got a translating spirituality into social activism.
hospitals are described as temples of healing by new life.” Thanks to the gentle nudge from Mother
the patients treated here. Today, healthcare has emerged as a major Eswaramma 55 years ago, today, the saga of pure
Sunil Verma, a college student from Andhra challenge in many countries. The ongoing debate love continues to unfold every day in Sai The imposing
Pradesh who almost lost a leg, was able to walk in the USA has clearly pitched healthcare reform Hospitals, serving as ideal models for the health entrance to the Super
again, after an operation at the SSS Super as a contentious policy issue for Americans. concerns of a pluralistic society. Specialty Hospital in
Specialty Hospital says, “I never believed that I Even for the economic superpower, the idea of a Visit Puttaparthi

Sai students have a sense

of simplicity and humility
about them. It could be
mistaken for a lack of
aggression or passion,
but it is untrue. There is a
sense of detachment;
hence they do not feel the
necessity to wear their
hearts on the sleeve. They
have a passion to work
hard, and that is the
training given by Swami.
STARS ON EARTH Students of the Sri Sathya Sai University present their athletic and gymnastic skills each year at the annual sports meet at Prashanti Nilayam. The Sathya Sai education model integrates universal human values in all aspects of learning. VENU SRINIVASAN,
Chairman and Managing

Education for life, the Sathya Sai way

Director, TVS Motors

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the Sai academic schedule is From KG to PG The Institute breathes an air of inner calm which is altogether
With its motto “The End of complemented by an annual There are also cost-free unique. Every teacher and student, every administrator and
Education is Character”, the social service programme CBSE affiliated schools from
emphasis on integrated where both teachers and Grade I to XII for girls and
worker here seems to know intuitively that this Institute of Higher
personality development students visit villages, boys in Prashanti Nilayam. Learning is also a venue of Higher Behaviour and a seat of Higher
Sri Sathya Sai Institutions
remains the constant aim of interact with the rural The schools are recognised Understanding. inculcate value-based
Sai education. The pedagogy population, and distribute for their outstanding Late Mr. R. Venkataraman, former President of India, while addressing the Ninth
of value-based education or food, clothing and education right from a
academic performance as Convocation of the University in 1990
educare helps elicit the equipment for a livelihood. also the all-round young age. From my
human values immanent in The joy experienced while development of student interactions, it is clear
instill in children the importantly character Sathya Sai Education have that the teaching staff
every student through all serving the needy also personality. Their CBSE timeless and universal building. Though originated been set up in Mumbai,
aspects of learning. impels students to continue Grade XII results making here have internalised
lessons such as respect and in India, the courses have Bangkok, Argentina and the
The philosophy of similar philanthropic headline news has now reverence for elders, Nature adapted themselves well to UK among other places, for the values articulated by
Educare is predicated on the activities long after they become a routine feat. and for the rights of others. suit local and cultural training teachers from Sri Sathya Sai Baba, into
principle that every single graduate. The many In many instances, these aspirations as well as public, private and Sai their way of teaching and
person is an embodiment of community projects led by Global footprint SSE classes cater to students jurisdictional requirements schools in values education. guiding youngsters under
virtue. The role of the Sai alumni serving the Apart from the schools who are considered poorly of respective countries. the Sai umbrella. Clearly
The appeal of the
educator is to help bring out underprivileged and and colleges across India, motivated, urging them to this has lot of lessons for
The overall impact has programme is evident in the
the latent goodness in each backward sections of the the Sai Organisation also put forth their best effort in been overtly positive and enthusiasm with which corporate India.
child. As a result, the society stand testimony to conducts Sathya Sai school. far-reaching, receiving high educators and policy makers
students here embark on a this. Education programmes - K V KAMATH,
Community outreach acclaims from national around the world are
lifelong learning and The outcome of integral through its education wing. Non-Executive Chairman,
never in short supply. through the SSE programme leaders, educational embracing it, rendering it a
transformation process, not education is best reflected in Weekend classes are ICICI Bank
In this age of corporate over five decades by authorities and independent prototype worthy of
limited to acquiring a the positive character conducted to inculcate an
frauds marked by the volunteers of the Sai evaluators. emulation as an effective
degree. development that takes awareness of the five human
insatiable hunger for money, Organisation has There are over 99 Sathya and viable solution for
As its founder, Baba is place in the students within a values in children. SSE or consistently produced today’s crisis in education.
reputed corporate firms are Sai Schools in India and 41
committed to bringing the remarkably short period of Bal Vikas, which is a secular positive results in self-
making a silent beeline to Sathya Sai Schools overseas.
charter for compassion, civic time after they enter the programme equally esteem and student
recruit Sai students given These schools either provide
responsibility and University. Positive respectful of all faiths, is achievement in academics, Visit:,
their deep roots in values free education, or charge a
community service to the feedback from both their character-based and helps extracurricular and,
and ethics. small fee. Institutes of
centre of student life. Hence parents and employers is
I was touched by the

‘My Life is devotion and the tender

Love all, Serve all:Baba

loving care I got from the
student volunteers and
alumni during the ethics

My Message’ conference. That perhaps

is the single take-away I
will always cherish — the
Continued from Page 1 simplicity and the
humility, the virtues that
His life and message are so potent that Sri Sathya Sai Baba has
men and women of the highest academic imbued in all his
calibre and from diverse ethnic he Sri Sathya Sai students.
backgrounds look up to Him as their Organisation was launched in
guide to make a shift in priorities, as do USHA NARAYANAN,
1967 by Bhagavan Baba as a Executive Director, SEBI
the poorest and the unlettered of the vehicle to enable His followers to
nation and everyone else in between. His serve the society. Baba has always
boundless love, international reach and postulated that service to man is
unprecedented achievements compel service to God or Manava Seva is the
many to question who He really is. means to Madhava Seva — an
There should “I am God and so are you. The only essential step towards spiritual
not be any difference between you and Me is that progress.
trace of while I am aware of it, you are not.” This is He further says, “You are not
dislike or the answer Bhagavan Baba gives to serving any other person; you are
distrust on people who query Him about His really serving yourself, for the same Almost 10 percent of our
the score of identity. This fundamental truth of every Atma resides in both of you… The workforce comprises of
nationality, person’s inherent divine nature is at the service you do is not important; students from the Sri
language, heart of His mission. Indeed, in His what is important is what this Sathya Sai University.
caste, discourses to devotees, He addresses service does to you”. He guides that They can hit the ground
them as “Embodiments of the Divine all service must be rendered with running and are able to
economic selfless love which is the underlying
status, Atma (the eternal Spirit)”. do various roles, straddle
Elucidating on His mission, He thread in all activities of the Sai
scholarship, different responsibilities
declares, “I have come not to disturb or Organisation.
age or The Sathya Sai Organisation is
without too much
destroy any faith, but to confirm each in induction or training. The
gender. his own faith, so that the Christian not a religious one; it is a spiritual
and service organisation. It respects ease with which they
becomes a better Christian, the Muslim a adapt to the office
all religions and believes that all of
What is the better Muslim and the Hindu a better environment and culture
them show the path to the one God.
unmistakable Hindu.”
Today, the Sathya Sai is absolutely remarkable.
mark of a In His own words, “This Sai has come Organisation is active in 23 states of
wise person? in order to achieve the supreme task of India and in 185 countries abroad. NT ARUN KUMAR,
It is Love, uniting the entire mankind as one family In India, there are 2,500 Sai CEO and Director, D&B
through the bond of brotherhood, of samithis, 5,700 bhajan mandalis, TransUnion ADC
Love for all
affirming and illuminating the cosmic 16,000 Bal Vikas centres, and a Seva
humanity. reality of each being, to reveal the Divine Dal Wing with 1.3 lakh volunteers
as the basis on which the entire cosmos (70,000 men and 60,000 women).
Money rests, and of instructing all to recognise There is also a Youth Wing with
comes and the common Divine heritage that binds about 75,000 members. In India,
goes, person to person, so that humans can rise the Organisation has over 6 lakh
up to the Divine, which is the goal.” active members and has also
His formula for leading a meaningful adopted 2,100 villages all over India.
comes and life is the five-fold path of Truth, The Organisation has three
grows. The value-based system
Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non- wings, Spiritual, Educational and
Service. It is headed by an All India
of learning, which is
Violence. Love for God, fear of
wrongdoing and morality in society are President who is assisted by a State being taught to the
Do not use President in each state. The basic ACTS OF DEDICATION: The activities of the Sai Organisation are chanelled through its spiritual, educational and service wings students of Sri Sathya Sai
His prescriptions for healing our world.
poisonous unit is the Sai Samithi. The members University, is what we all
An inexhaustible reservoir of pure 3.5 lakh children all over India go individuals don the Seva Dal scarf, Programme. This provides holistic
words love, His numerous service projects stand of the Organisation engage in totally are learning in the
through the Sathya Sai Bal Vikas they completely submerge their service to selected villages and is
against testimony to His compassion. True to His voluntary activity. corporate life today.
programme for nine years. They individual identities; we have bank structured upwards from every
anyone, for declaration, ‘My Life is My Message’, He Just like other Sai Institutions, it evolve into mature and balanced general managers and district family to the needs of the whole I think that is one of the
words wound prescribes seeking salvation through makes no appeal for funds from the adults, becoming the change agents collectors and magistrates, and even village. It focuses on Sociocare, biggest fortunes of
more fatally selfless service, for He says “Service to public. The Spiritual Wing conducts for society by their own example. a minister, who are Seva Dals. Medicare and Healthcare, Agricare, Sathya Sai students.
than even Man is Service to God”. Today, the Sai study circles, spiritual retreats and Bal Vikas classes are also The Sai Seva Dals are specially Educare, Sanitary care,
bhajan groups where the Names of A BALASUBRAMANIAN,
arrows. Organisation undertakes group service conducted in schools that desire this trained in disaster management. Infrastructure care, and most Chief Executive Officer,
the Divine from all religions are importantly Spiritual care. Of the
activities across the country and the programme. Currently, the They have rendered selfless service Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
sung. It also brings out spiritual Organisation is involved in training under arduous conditions during the 2,100 villages where the
world to benefit local communities.
What you literature. over 3,000 teachers of the Chennai Gujarat earthquake, Tsunami in Organisation is working, over 1,000
In the current environment of greed, The Educational Wing focuses on
would desire corruption, violence and terrorism, Corporation. Tamil Nadu, floods in Orissa, are in the SSSVIP category.
others to do the SSE or Bal Vikas programme, The Service Wing called the Sai Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, to The Organisation often uses
millions look up to Baba as their role which is a non-formal system of
for you, you model for living a purpose-driven life — a Seva Dal, are actively engaged in mention just a few. Apart from this, technology to improve the efficiency
human values education for multifarious community service they regularly work during festivals of its Seva. Some examples are the YOUR VALUED FEEDBACK
should do for life of harmony with oneself, every being children in the age group of 5-13 projects, both in urban and rural like the Ganga Sagar Mela in Bengal technology group, water
others. You and especially Mother Earth. His years. It propagates awareness of Dear readers,
should message is the spiritual salve that can areas. The Seva Dal consists of performing sanitation work, the purification, organic agriculture,
Indian culture and spirituality, volunteers from all strata of society: Pushkaram festivals of Krishna and low-cost toilets, micro power supply We welcome your feedback and
respect rescue humanity from self-annihilation. develops character, love for all suggestions regarding this
government servants, bank officers, Godavari rivers, etc. systems, multi media studios,
others, as Pure Love personified, very rarely creation and respect for parents. The supplement . You can reach us
businessmen, traders, professionals Grama Seva is a very important telemedicine centres, etc.
you want to does such a presence grace our planet and human values of Sathya, Dharma, by email at:
like chartered accountants and activity for the Seva Dal. This has The Organisation is disciplined
be respected lead us by example towards expressing Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa, which lawyers, doctors, students, farmers, been further developed into a and devoted, fully committed to the
by them. and achieving our innate sacredness. are intrinsic in every individual, are etc. They do voluntary work on their flagship programme called the Sri teachings of Bhagavan Baba.
cultivated and the child is taught to
Visit at us
Visit:, own time and cost. When such Sathya Sai Village Integrated
lead a value-based life. Today over