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4: AOR eae en a eee Dear Friend, Tam happy to announce the commissioning of the Dadupur Hydro Project in Haryana recently, toking the overellinstelled copadtyto 110 MW of Green Power. The tation housing units of 1.5 MW eachislocotedin proximity tothe Dadupur Reservoirnearthetown of Jagadhri ‘The Reservoir is fed by the massive Wester Yamuna Canal (WYC] which has its origin ot Tojewala head works, 20 km, upstream of Dadupur Reservoir. Ths 125 year old structure isthe point at which the Yamuna River waters shared by UP (Easier Yamuna Canal) end Haryana (Western Yamuna Conel) cs per a bilateral agreement of 1954. Enroute, the Western Yoruna Canal feeds 3 hydro sitions of 16 MW each WYChas a carrying copaciy of 16000 Cusecs. the old barrage with nine gates involvir irrigation purposes, building a new skew ign of our project had to take into accountreplacement of pile driving, head works for the proposed Nalvi | was @ challenging task confinvovsly and a mas taken during pile driving to protec the old barrage which was just a few meters away. The exreme tothe discomfort, iven the unfriendly sandy bed, which involved huge dewatering crrangoments 122 raft to take care of the uplift fo counter the porous sol. Great care had to be He ato added MD’s MESSAGE Power from the station has been evacuated info @ 33/66 KY Sub station ot Chachrali, 7 km. away through @ Double Giresiine ‘The fll Koplon Terbines copable of operating at Low heads of 4.0 M, ore connected tothe 1.5 MW generators through Hoary Duty GearBox. ‘The projects designed io deliver30 MU per annum. We place on record our appreciation for all those who have associated with this project. As always the ‘Team at Bhoruke Power has stood up tothis arduous task, Many thanksto one and ll. With Best Wishes LT arhsiehneb tea MILAN NON NOMA A Le) porno ras erg vr I far le acca ToL Olt el SLL} reer ri moms ere ad ‘rush into a fdure of more, LET'S RELIVE THE EUPHORIA OF YET ANOTI Cl LOOT Ned ORT Molin) tie) CONGRATULATIONS TEAM! Serta) ——— inneaneneed Wa) Corporate Nowe 2 c covocotons 2 CORPORATE NEWS Each 5 DJ KNow Your CoLLEAGUES Srobopu 8 ‘Anand Singh embarked on his ruitfuljourey with Moniogme 5 the Bhoruka Group in 1985 and since then there ; was no looking back for him. Having set sallin te tana a Bhoruka Steel Refractory Division in which he Machovorantt 6 worked forfour years, Anand wont on to join Bhotuka Power in. 1996 as Assistant. Officer =D # as "a Commercial. Anand’s commitment and dedication Nero 6 helped him gain popularly among his coleagues in a biel period of 7 time. He was promoted within sx months ta the postion of Offcar, be § ‘Commercial, bythe managementteam. Morice ss ‘Today, he works as Assistant Manager in the Purchase Department. Sotoges 7 ‘Anand usually Hees to take the inate In any issue and Is very = interested in polis, His family consist of hi wile anc twin cicren (aboy and a gi) who are the joy ofis life. We wish Anand the very Bronka Wetore 8 Destin his every endeavor Esto arc: Team shou E Venugopal joined BPCL in 1999 as Assistant Engineer, Trainee (Electrica). Armed with @ Diploma Electrical Engineering, Venugopal was a Quick learner and took every opportunity. to Ieam and bella his contribullon fo hig roe, BPCL's leaming envionment played a ciical role in developing his personal and professional growth and helped him develop a sound career with the ‘organization in ten years time, Today he serves the company inthe fole of Senior Engineer, Electrical. A dedicated professional Venugopal istespected by allhis colleagues, Venugopal is married to Swathi end has a litle daughter called ‘Sanjana who isin Kindergarten school. A caring father and loving husband, he finds time to spend time wih his family. Venugopalloves to play cickel and badminton with his friends whenever he can find time. We wish Venugopal and his family the verybest re SERVICEE Congratulations R Harish, Deputy Company Secretary, Corporate Office recsing @ BPC wrist watch for competing "0 yare of sevice Mallikarjuna B G, Helper, Shahapur, on being blossod witha baby gil on 27th February Anand, Shivapur, on being blessed with a bay boy on th March Siddaramu, Corporaia Offa, on being >] WELCOME ABOARD Ashish Singh Tomar, joined as Graduate Engineer Trainee (Electrical) at Oadupur ‘on 24th December, 2009 Jtesh Kumar Agrawal, joined a5 Manager Finance (Business Development) ‘at Corporate Office on “st January, 2010, ‘Ankit Gupta, joined as Graduate Engineer ‘Trainee (Electrical) at Dadupur on 22nd February, 2010 >] TRANSFERS Hanumesh, Asst Engineer (Mach), from ‘Shahapur to Shivepur Giribabu G, Asst Engineer (Elec) rom ‘Shivapur to Rajankolur Slddalingesh K G, Asst. Enginoor (Elec), from Madnavamantr to Sugur Homanandh E, Asst Engineer (Elec), rom Madhavamantr to Sattegala Lakshman, Enginoor (Civip, trom Manjanadka to Chayadevi Muhoez Ahamed K, Sr. Enginoor (Elec, ‘rom Chayadevi to Donithanda Rainapur H R, Dy. Managor (Stores), rom ‘Sattegala to Manjanadka B.Manjunath, Asst. Engineer (Mech), from Shivapur to Manjanadka Ramesh H, Enginoor (Elec), trom Manjanadka to Bonitnanda 6th January, 20 Madan Shetty B, SrOffcer (Survey), rom Manjanadka to Kumaradhara ts made us all proud! blessed with a baby gil on 2nd Ap 5 Chandrasekhar, Managing Director, Shoruka Power Corporation Li has been elected as Vice Chatman, Cli Kemataka forthe year 2010-1 ‘Sinchana M Zenith, ith standard stusent, Ho was the Convenor. dusty Insttutlo and Intrection ‘Panel and ‘daughter of Nomen Anan, scored 95% in ‘Convener, Enoray and Environment Panel of Cll Kamataka: Ho i a hor Annual Exams. She was honored with a Electnial Engine ans Alum of London Business School and has Been ‘cash prize and corticate By the schodl. Keep it associated withthe Power Sectorin Indiaor over 30 yeas, ‘Up Sinchana, We at BPCL are proud of you! eon ee heart a pte eesre ra Proc [Ustthe eloquer Cera Sener ue Sere “ Eee ae et Pe aa mr) Scns Teo) Worker safety regulations and its effectve implementation occupies significant role in our growth strategies ever since the inception of our earliest plant. In our dedication to reduce the work-environmentrisks for our workers, ALBPCL we stress and internalize the significance of the National Safely Day ovement which is @ countrywide programme for the safety of workers inllated by the National Safety Counal As emphatic, award-winning patrons (ofthis movement, we observed the 38th National Safely Day on 4th March ‘acs all the plant sites with effective leaming and. competiion-drven programmes, Safety Awareness competitions in slogan wring, speech and ‘even writen exame were conducted, Ineresting demansiratone were held “To ensure continued adherence to safety practices, an oath was taken by all the employees who participated in large numbers with a great deal of ‘enthusiaem, Prizes were dtributedto the winners nthe competitions. In Madhavamanti a team of authorized personnel helped in checking tools, tachles, pressure vessels, canes, hoists, wre ropes and air ‘Compressor and certified them as ft and sate, New safety helmets ‘wore given Io the employees. On the hygiene front, al three tots were renovated with brand new ties, cistems, washbasins and watectanks In Mandagere, the plant in-charge made a speech on safety and appreciated the engineers for recording zero-accidenisin the pastyear, ‘At Shahapur Dr. Suryananryan Kattimeni MBBS, MD, Physician & Cardiologist, was invited be Chief Guestat the function that was organized. ‘At Rajankollur, Dr. Biradar was invited to be Chief Guest at a safety ‘awareness uncon focusing on frst. In Chayadevi Mr. Vasudev Shetty, Chief Engineer, Murudeshar Power Corp. Lid was the Grief Guest. He delivered a speech an Industrial Safety and Health aspects ‘At Sugur the safety speech by one of the employees is. noteworthy. He came forward strongly on theimportance ‘ofestabishing safe practices ina workplace. [SRD Katte toam conducted a number of safety competitions which had the enthusiastic participation ofalits staffmombers. Safely demonstrations were held in Neri, ‘during “which the team showcased our ‘suscoptiilty to Injury If proper care Is not ‘adhered to and safety standards are not maintained. ‘AM Naganns, GM (HR & Admin) makes a ee eo) 180 9001:2008 - Quality Management System Standard » Th Internal uci as per ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System has been completed in all the 11 plant stes and Corporate Ofice. » A2-day in-house Auditor Training Programme was conducted onthe 48th & 19th January at Shivapur and Sth & 10th March at Chayadevi The training sessions had the participation of engineers from other plant sites as wel. The faculty member for tne session was from [Ws NNCPL, Bangalore. » Hard copy of the [SO 9001:2008 certificate has been recelved from Ms TTUVINORD and sent io all the plant sites fr display. » The Apex Manual has been revised as per the recommendations from TUV NORD during the recerificaton audi Poet Perera eet sean ry seer paeperem pretence eo erry ny Ponce om om eer flood affected vilages and people ret with an overwheling eat eke eer | Pee mie here ect pean tr tere tt Mec Peseta ee Scarier ee ere eae treet rebar Soe a eo rors Cor eee ane aa teens eta enue ess eet crete eres al Keeping the BPCL tradlon alive wih the true spi of charity and Ce etn ikea? 180 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 & General Safety > The second half-yeary Intemal audit has been conducted in 8 power stations. » Half- yearly reports spanning the 6-month period from July to December 2008 have been received from all the plants and itis heartening to note that no major safely issues have boon recorded. » Haltyearly mock dlls are being conducted regulary at al the plant sites as per the on site emergency plan. APRIL 2010 CORPORATE TRAINING > The session was conducted by Mis. HR Cornucopia Pvt Lid, Bangalore, on 21st December, 2009 at Mysore forthe site ‘employees of Mandagere, Manjanadka, Madhavamantii, SRD Katte, Sattegala, Chayadevi and 4th January, 2010 at Mangalore forthe site employees of Nera, Madhavamanir, Kumaradhara, Thirthahall > Inhouse training on Safety: Lighting, emergency preparedness, pressure vessels, scaffolding and ladders, electrical installations ‘and noise control - was conducted by T Rajsekhar and B K_ Kantoppa at Shivapur General Safety in Industries conducted by BRISC Hospet The training program was attended by Uligalah (Fitter) and Ashok (Helper) at Hospet on 4th February > Energy Efficiency & Conservation The training programme was attended by P Vasant Kumar at Bangalore on {th February and was organized by Bangalore Chamber of industry and Commerce > Afforestation & Environmental Awareness - Action Pl B Pranesh attended a one-day programme conducted jointly by Ministry of Forest & Environment and Karnataka State Polluion Control Board held at Mangalore > Awareness Programme on “First Aid, House Kooping & Safety ‘The programme was conducted in house for workers by our engineers, Gurubasappa Vaga, H K Venkatesh and HS Anjaniumar {ASO intl aut at Shivapur —_~7z, sets sail —/ =~ Flowing into the beautiful envrons of Dakshina Kamataka, the River Kumaradhara is ‘celebrated forts spirituality and divinity. BPCL on ts part celebrates the mighty Kumarachara by Visitors to the plant site From the Corporate Office, VP Operations paid a visit tothe site and hold a meeting wih the Chief Engineer and Superintendent Engineer of Kabinl regarding water management. He also stressed the need for ‘more water ow toachieve Shahapur's target. In another event Mr. Sudarshan from M/s TUV Nord, Bangalore ang ‘Sangamesh, Engineer from Corporate Office, visited the sila to collect the information for CDM actvilies of D-9, The duo verified the entire set ‘of records since commissioning and was full of appreciation forthe Standards maintained atthe plant sito, Mrs. Umah Agarwal, Chairperson of Bhoruka Welfare visited Shahapur ‘and made a tour ofthe powerhouse in scheme #3, Holding discussions vith the plant engineers, Mrs. Agarwal appreciated the upkeep ofthe Powerhouse. She also paid a vsitthe Bhoruka School at Shahapur anc Eye Hospitain Gulbarga, Power plant progress ‘At Mandagere, civil work has taken center stage with much attention bing diverted towards the construction of Mit irigation jack well cum pump house near the tal race canal al chainage 1200. The work has been completed. Support walls have been installed intermittently for ‘accommodating delivery pipes outside the pump house and are lexpectedto be completed shorty (On the decor side, the company logo creatively mounted on a strong base has been installed atthe main gate, making the site look highly professional CHAYADEV| > Powerhouse a ‘Two GI ploe cattle traps have replaced concrete slab in front of the Ee $e Poveoute main ong shut. Ths hasbeen fabled fo ensure that the rain ‘and seepage water pariculary during Noods, wil be diverted tothe crainage channel. The gravity fow ito the TRC has a provision for pumping out te water in fo stagos, minimizing sand tnt inthe drainage tenchos. Inthe meanwhi, the constucson ofa few compaundwallin the powerhouse promises under progress A The ronyfatricate cat traps D MADHAVAMANTRI Annual maintenance works ‘The annual maintenance works have been completed for units #1 & 2 athe Madhavamanti pint sie. Vibration checks fr all TG equipment ‘andDG seis have been cartied out and readings are found withinlimits., Electrical inspection at site ‘A two-member team comprising the Electrical Inspector and Deputy Electrical Inspector visited the site on 6th January to do a thorough check ofthe electrical installations. They were highly salsfied withthe standards maintained by the engineersal the plan st, Engineering students take a tour ‘Abatch of 60 Engineoring students inthe sith semester ofa B. Tech degree course in Electical and Electronics Engineering from Thirwvananthpuram, Kerala, visited the site on 4th March and were taken around the power plant by a team of BPCL engineers. The were thoroughly impressed withthe operations and were delighted ohave a hands-on exposuretoa world class hydro powerplant The 10R oven in > the tok aoe Annual maintenance works [At Nera the annual maintenance work i forging ahead as engineers put heirheads and hands together to craw up alist of chores forteams Grving the various departments, Trainees visit site Trainee Engineers from MESCOM visited the sile and were taken around by a forthcoming BPCL technical crew who were more than wiling to chaperone the eager young crowd around the plant ste. The trainees were delighted bythe firsthand view ofa hydro powerplant, ‘Students from various schools and collages also visited the plant site ‘ang were delighted with an understanding of the hydro pawer plant Environment The Neria plant sito is situated in the lush environs on a naturally endowed green belt area. To complement the natural foliage of the Vicinity, the engineers are fast developing gardens around the pint site with futirees, lower beds and green lawns. a paca erga rat Aclotamate amon wo cant 01 go hal eh vay at yu think nobocy cre iyo even ‘Aconcluslon she place where you go ted of thinking live ty mising a coupe of car SRD KATIE nll i > Cooling water pipe replaced In an effort to reduce the frequent choking and the corresponding ‘sudden spike in trmperaturein the bearings, the old and rusted cooling ‘water pipe lines in unit #1 were replaced by a higher quality pipe in a Bigger sz. > 0G stack emission test he air quality monitoring and the DG stack emission test have been Conducted at site by an outside agency Mls. Bangalore Analytical & Research Center, Bangalore, The visiting team found the test results to fallwitnin the permissibe ims, > Electronic triwector meters Electronic t-vector meters installed at 86/11 KV Hanagarahali MUSS have been tested periodically by the CESCO, HT rating sub-division, Hassan and errors are found o be within permissible limits. ‘Slithery guest ‘Ahuge 10-feetlong snake weighing around 10 kgs was found lurking in the intake area by our workers. The compassion of our workers Is ‘oteworthy. They went about gently trapping the enormous reptie only to release it into the Periya Shanthi Forest. Something thatthe animal rights activists would greatly epprove of Spiritual inctination ‘The Neria team seems to be setting an example in spirituality. From establishing a rule to start each working day with a prayer to fabricating 2 small emple in house, the Neria team stands strong in its religious faith, ‘With the help of C P Prashanth, the team built @ small temple structure for thei deityinthe iypical Dakshina Kannada styl. A Annual maintenance workunder A Employees proudly display the wooden progress ‘stucture thy fabnctod 1 hal tho doy > Plant upgrade ‘At the Sugur plant site located across the Tungabhadra River, engineers are busy working on the annual maintenance tasks. The bearing of unit #1 turbine has been replaced with a new one, as one of the upgrade tasks during the maintenance work. Work in the other areas is making heady progress with an effort to complete all work successtlly on ime. ‘A Enployoes engrossed in ‘annual maitonsnce Wr SATTEGALA ‘eno the mectton programme Senet "Now fk to contol oom A ‘Satiogala had a good power generation trend which the plant sustained ‘ver the quarters. We recorded a generation of 22.57 MU as on 28th February as comparedio 19.51 MUlasi Year, Power generation and a proud moment! Post the successful commissioning of the Dadupur project, the 4x1.5 'MUY plant has starled power generation and has been synchronized with the UHBVN grid at Cnachrraull svitching station on 19th March at 4:30 pmfollowing a ganga pooja andthe symbolic entry of weter into the forebay pond. The machines were spun for about 4 hours in the presence of Sr. VP (T) and UHBVN authorities. The BPCL officials heartily congratulated the UHBVN offidals for ther excelent suppor in commissioning ofthe project. > Visit by MD IMO paid a visit to the Dadupur site on 20th March to understand and stay current with its funetloning. Taking stock of the running of the machines, MD proudly congratulated the BPCL staff for making the Dadupurprojecttake off and enter the operating plants onitsporlio. Powerhou At the Manjanadaka powerhouse, PLC programming of both units is wall under progress. Representatives irom Mis Jyot visited the site and attended tothe ponding issues like PLC programming, pressure drop problem in OPUS, ete ‘The annual maintenance work started in mid February. A week earlier ‘both units were stopped due to less discharge inthe river. 125KVADG sotinspection has been caried out by Deputy Chief Electrical inspector ‘and team on 16th February for permanent approval Meditation programme Pradeep All was instrumental in organizing the Anapanasati Meditation Programme whichis @ group exercise in effective meditation. The team ‘meditated for 40 minutes and have experienced the benefit. CDs on ‘Sprirtual Realty involving Anapanasaii meditation were cistibuted. > Completion of flooring and tiling Proper focrng with red oxide finish was carried out inthe turbine loot and tiling has been cariod outin th control room to ensure even surface formovement of personnel andtoofferan aestheliclook. > Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector visits ‘Shri, Javed, Deputy Chief Electrical Inspector, along with other officers Visited our unit as part of the yearly Inspection in the frst week of January, The team wes highly appreciative of the safety norms anc ‘environment at the plant site. The visting offcers gave the team valuable suggestions for furtner improvement. > Commissioning of BWSSB gates Electricaly operated gate structure for 1000 cusees discharge capacity was commissioned. The gates haye been installed to ensure Lninterupted water flow in the river ifunits fll to function mainly during the lean period between January and May. Prior to the gales being fixed, opening ofthe food gates was tedious task leading fo objections raised by the government projects downstream. > Annual maintenance works ‘Alist of tasks during the period for annual maintenance has been taken Up to ensure machine-roadiness for the next soason. Both electrical ‘and mechanical departments have started rigorous work from the fst ‘week of Februaryasihsis the lean cischarge period. papueus AMO seen ciscussing with engineers nthe contol roam > Haryana Irrigation Department gives the nod ‘The Haryana Irigation Department has done a tremendous job of Welcoming the BPCL project through rock solid support of our initiatives ‘and requirement. The Dadupur pond water level has been prompliy ‘brought up to the required operating level which has greatly helped the plant in inning the machines without any concems. APCL expressed Its grattude tothe Haryana gation department fr their support and whole hearted patronage. a me) Er ascerpton dingo tom ‘re erolshlp Book of Face Gay 599 plstorm and esled oul Sx ony The, Bus Stopped. counted cn six paasongecs, rarg De bal and then 2s the tue moved cated to Pace Prize-winning model Giinteraestamretch eines | cavcnaangroularoyy Manas cto ao BHORUKA — SitnuWengsldmm Y archer vce net (are feos lenetwnelyoude fataway natyousote EDUCATION Shivapur Science Exhibition: The children of Shoruka School participated in the district level science exhiption held at Gangavat on 16th and 17in December 2008, ‘Yuvashree Kushal, Santhosh Kumar, Chaitan S, Teja and Achyut Kumar T participated in two events ~ "Mathematics Modes in Dally Life” and "Sources of Energy’ and won the fst place in both the events. Ms, Rudramma PM and Ms. Vanishree llr were the team guides. The winning teams paricpatod in stale level science exhibition held al Kolar from 21st to 23rd December. They had 2rich exposure. ‘Our students also participated in @ debate on Environment “Hasire Usiru’ ‘conducted byAllindia Radio, Hespet. Construction work: Flooring works under progressin the firs floor at Shivapur school andis expected tobe completedin amonthstime. Y MantheG Republic Day: Republic day was celebratedin the school on 26th " January. Sf Rajashekher, Deputy Manager, Shivapur plant hoisted the National Flag. Proficiency prizes were givntothefist | dv rankers for 2009 - 2010, Kumari G Mamata, daughter of Devea Gadad, a BPCL employee, rocelved the memento from the Chief Guest forbriiance in academics and sports. “Tour: Bhoruka School Siaff went on tour to Trupal between 27th February and ‘1st March, They had a nice ime and thanked the Director of Bhoruka Welfare for A Tho wiiners ofthe debate Hospet along with making this memorable event tho teaching stat and plant charge HEALTHCARE COMMUNITY WELFARE Micro Finance A Scho children receive foe spectacles ding ia Eye Check-up Come School Children Eye Check-up Camp ‘A school Eye check up Camp at K R pet was organized by Bhoruka Welfare during which children were screened for eye elects. Free spectacles were distributed. BHORUKA Bhoruka Power Corporation Limited #48, Lavle Road, Bengaluru 560001, 19180-2268 G00, Fox +81-902224 5246, Ema: nfowbrorukspowercom ‘The success of Micro Finance scheme of Bhoruka Welfare has encouraged Nationised banks to come forward and further the benefits ofthe scheme. They have made advances of Rs, 34,80 lakhs to Sel Help Groups promoted by the TrustatT Narsipurand Rs.15.20lakhs in Mandagere as Micro Finance.