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Family Nursing Care Plan

-Ladiero Family-

Intervention Plan
Health Family Nursing Goal Objectives
Problem Problem of of Nursing Method of Resources
Interventions Nurse- Required
Care Care
Family Contact

Presence Inability to After nursing After nursing 1. Discuss the importance Home Visit - Material
of provide a home intervention the intervention the and purposes of proper Resources:
Breeding environment family will be family will: sanitation Visual Aids,
Sites of conducive to able to eradicate a. be aware and be 2. Cite the causes and materials and
Vectors of health the presence of more knowledgeable effects of the prevalence of low-cost
Diseases maintenance and these unwanted about the importance these unwanted pests supplies needed
personal sites of vectors of proper sanitation around the home. for
development due causing diseases especially at home; 3. Suggest demonstration
to: and therefore b. be able to alternatives/methods that
1. Ignorance of will maintain a eliminate the would eliminate the - Time and
the importance home presence of these breeding sites of vectors effort on the
of hygiene and environment breeding sites of 4. Explore with the family part of the
sanitation conducive to vectors the ways of improving nurse and
2. Lack of health. c. recognize the home sanitation family
knowledge of causes of breeding considering its limited
regarding sites such as to resources:
preventive prevent the occurence a. emphasize to the family
measures of diseases. the proper storage of food
that may attract vectors
b. instruct all family
members to prevent
accumulation of stagnant
water around their home
since this is a good
breeding place for insects.
Intervention Plan
Health Family Goal Objectives
Problem Nursing of of Nursing Method of Nurse- Resources
Interventions Family Contact Required
Problem Care Care

Cough Inability to After the nursing After nursing 1. Discuss with the Home Visit - Material
and Colds make decisions intervention the intervention the family the causes, effects Resources:
with respect to family will be family will: and complications of Visual Aids
taking able to eliminate a. acquire adequate cough and cold. and low-cost
appropriate the cough and information about the 2. Provide adequate materials
health actions colds and will disease, including knowledge on the various needed for
due to: prevent the signs and symptoms ways of maintaining demonstration
a. Low salience recurrence of the of the disease, cleanliness in their
of the disease in the immediate health care surroundings. - Time and
problem/conditi future. assistance and 3. Explain the importance effort on the
on preventive measures; of proper food part of the
b. Lack b. be aware on how preparation, good nurse and
of/inadequate to reduce the chances nutrition, rest and sleep family
knowledge/insi of spreading in strengthening one’s
ght as to communicable resistance against illness,
alternative diseases to other so as to prevent
courses of family members; occurence of cough and
action open to c. utilize community colds
them. resources openly 4. Cite ways in
available in resolving eliminating the disease
the condition and limiting the
experienced. occurence of
transmission by
suggesting courses of
action such as
medications (e.g.
measures like the
application of alternative
medicines like lagundi if
resources in the
community is
inadequate) and
preventive measures such
as covering the mouth
when sneezing or
coughing and proper
disposal of nasal or oral
5. Promote proper
personal and
environmental hygiene
among all members of
the family.
6. Provide information on
health centers in the
vicinity for immediate
care assistance.
Intervention Plan
Health Family Nursing Goal Objectives Method of
Problem Problem of of Nursing Nurse- Resources
Interventions Family Required
Care Care

Hypertension Inability to make After nursing After nursing 1. Discuss the nature, Home Visit - Material
decisions with intervention intervention the signs, symptoms and Resources:
respect to taking the family will family will: complications that might Visual Aids,
appropriate health take the a. have adequate arise due to hypertension. materials and
actions due to: necessary knowledge about 2. Discuss with the family low-cost
1. failure to measures to proper nutrition that the risk factors of supplies needed
comprehend the properly will help reduce hypertension such as for
nature/magnitude manage, hypertension and family history, age, salt demonstration
of the problem. control and prevent to occurence and alcohol intake and
2. lack of lessen the risk of relative obesity. - Time and
adequate factors of complications in the 3. Promote a healthy effort on the
knowledge as to hypertension. future. lifestyle such as: part of the
alternative b. be able to a. encouraging proper nurse and
courses of action determine the risk food intake like reduced family
open to them. factors that salt and fatty foods.
contribute to b. Prevent obesity through
hypertension good nutrition and
c. practice proper exercise.
lifestyle with regards c. Smoking cessation-
to nutrition and tobacco or nicotine
physical fitness. promotes atherosclerosis
that may contribute to
hypertension both passive
and active smoker
4. Encourage check-ups
and provide referral with a
medical practitioner to
lessen hypertension and
modify risk-factors.
Intervention Plan
Health Family Nursing Goal Objectives
Problem Problem of of Nursing Method of Resources
Interventions Nurse- Required
Care Care
Family Contact
After nursing
Accident Inability to After nursing intervention the family 1. Discuss with the family Home Visit - Material
Hazard: recognize the intervention the will: the possible effects of Resources:
Protruding presence of family will be a. be able to remove protruding nails such as Materials and
Nails condition or able to fix the the protruding nails puncture, tetanus and low-cost
problem due to rusty protruding and thus minimize the other wounds. supplies needed
lack of nails and possibility of accidents 2. Encourage home to eliminate
knowledge therefore prevent at home inspections for other problem.
the dangers it b. recognize the dangers so that immediate
encompasses. prevalence of the action will be applied at - Time and
dangerous debris once. effort on the
hanging on their walls 3. Suggest the family to part of the
that they would fix the protruding nails as nurse and
inspect further to soon as possible to family
remove other possible prevent the dangers that
dangers in their home. they might experience if
c. know the not acted upon
importance of a home immediately.
free from danger and 4. Cite available resources
thus conducive to to resolve the problem.
health and living.
d. be knowledgeable
of injuries and other
dangers that is caused,
not only by protruding
nails but other
accident hazards that
are present in their