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Bebop Dominant Scale (C D E F G A Bb B C)

Use with related minor 7 chord and m7b5 chord

C7 Gm7 and Em7b5
Chord tones are 1,3,5,b7
If the line is ending skip the natural 7 and go from the root to the b7
Usually the lines end on beat 1 or 3

When starting on a non scale tone

- Make the non scale tone a quarter note
- Insert a half step before the first chord tone
- Syncopate the first chord tone
- From the b2 approach the root from half step below
- From the b3 approach from a half step above (Eb-F-E)
- Descend chromatically from the #4/b5 to the major 3rd
- From the b6 approach the 5th from a half step below (Ab-Gb-G)
- From the b6 ascend chromatically to the b7

Extending the Bebop Dominant Scale

- When arriving at the b7 ascend along a Maj7 chord
- When reaching the 3rd, 5th, or 7th outline a diminished chord containing that note
- Use deflection but resume with the 5th on a downbeat. (C B Bb A G F# A F# G)
- Use enclosure by inserting a half step above then below the chord tone

Bebop Major Scale (C D E F G G# A B C)

Chord tones are 1,3,5,6
- When the scale starts on the 9th descend chromatically to the major 7th
- When the scale starts on the major 7th descend chromatically to the 5th