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#167 Feb/Mar 2011

global psytrance guide

psytrance label special

comprehensive label report with music style overview
Furthur Progressions • Blue Tunes • YSE • Suntrip • Doof
new DJ & producer equipment • IZWOZ • Hooping
Goa Gil & the roots of Psytrance • South Africa
mushroom tour • Spirit Base • Psy Experience
news • charts • more than 300 party dates

Impressum Aloha
Verlagsanschrift / Address
FORMAT Promotion GmbH
As multicoloured-clad folk dance Nun ist es bald wieder soweit:
Griegstraße 52, 22763 Hamburg merrily through the streets and at every Kunterbunt verkleidete gestalten torkeln
Germany corner jesters, (like our Trickster from fröhlich durch die Gegend und an allen
HRB 98417 Hamburg the cover) are performing wild caprioles: Ecken schlagen jeckenhafte Gestalten wie
fon: +49 40 398417-0 Its carnival again! Amusingly, for those der Trickster auf unserem Titelbild wilde
fax: +49 40 398417-50 of us in the psytrance scene, we can Kapriolen. Es ist wieder Karnevalszeit- almost say its carnival for us nearly aber so betrachtet ist für unsereinen ja
Herausgeber / Publisher / CEO every weekend! eigentlich jedes Wochenende die fünfte
Matthias van den Nieuwendijk (V.i.S.d.P.) Jahreszeit angesagt! Ein dreifaches He-
Redaktion / Editorial Team
Roberdo Bauer, Kylie Van Eerden A big welcome & a triple Hooray! goes lau, Alaaf oder Hoch die Tassen geht auf
Matthias van den Nieuwendijk out to Dirk, who joined our mushroom jeden Fall auf Dirk, der unser mushroom
Redaktionelle Mitarbeit / Editors crew! You will hear his voice on our Team seit neustem verstärkt und dessen
TomRom, Bakke, Ilse, Shahar, Regan, telephone from now on. Stimme du nun vermehrt am Telefon zu
Madhatter, Michael Mangels, Rene
Lauckner, Liese
hören bekommst.
Layout In this issue, we have put together
Mat Mushroom, Liese, Lenny Groß extensive articles to tickle your fancy! Im Vordergrund dieses Heftes steht ein
Titelbild / Cover Artwork For instance, our editorial about the Leitartikel über das Schaffen unserer
Izwoz / Brad Fettke
work and the future of music labels, are Musiklabels. Dir wird auffallen, dass es
Anzeigen / Adverts
Mat Mushroom (+49 40 398417-31) written exclusively in English! We do viel englischen Text gibt. Damit reagieren
Dirk Lauer: (+49 40 398417-32) take on board the results of our reader wir auf unsere Leserumfrage und nutzen
Rene Lauckner: (+49 40 398417-33) surveys and are pleased to present die Möglichkeit, auf diese Weise einfach
Redaktionsschluss / Deadline much more content & variety, than mehr eigentlichen Inhalt zu präsentieren
15. des Vormonats / 15th of previous month
Vertrieb / Distribution would be possible in a bilingual edition. als es mit einem bilingualen Model Considering mushroom mag‘s ever möglich wäre.
World/Post: mushroom magazine increasing internationalism, and the use-
Hamburg:  Cartel X 040 39902771 fullness it provides the psytrance scene Und wo wir gerade bei Weltsprache
Meck Pomm: FX Productions 0173-6041744
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for communication, products, upcoming sind: Wir wollen unser internationales
Europe:  Psyshop .com events and lifestyle - it only makes sense Netzwerk weiter ausbauen und suchen
Europe: Near Dark ( to communicate in English. nach Agenten überall auf dem Planeten,
PLUS: A lot of area agents out there. die über das Geschehen ihrer lokalen
Thank you very much for distribution.
Our international scene: We are looking Szene berichten möchten. Also meldet
If you want to distribute the mushroom
magazine at your party, in your shop or for local agents from around the world euch! Und solltest du zufällig Veranstalter
anywhere else please contact us. who want to report about what are the sein, möchten wir dir bezüglich unseres
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Lenny Groß:  +49 40 398417-0 their region. With your input we can anbieten.
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Druckerei Hartung, Hamburgx in your country, and really convey that Lasst es krachen!
to fellow psy trance lovers on the other Dein mushroom team
Für unverlangt eingesandtes Material side of the world! Write to us! We need
übernehmen wir keine Haftung. Nam­ent­
lich gekennzeichnete Artikel geben die to be hearing from you NOW!
Meinung des jeweiligen Verfassers wieder,
nicht unbedingt die des Herausgebers Call out also for party promoters and
oder der Redaktion. Ein Nachdruck, auch
auszugsweise, ist nur mit schriftlicher people interested in promotion- we
Genehmigung des Verlages möglich. might just have an interesting barter
Wir rufen mit den im mushroom
magazine abgedruckten Informationen
for you....
und Meinungen ausdrücklich nicht zum
Missbrauch von illegalen oder legalen Let it rip!
Drogen auf!
Your mushroom crew
cat Sushi is guarding the mushroom
library - pic: Basty & Anja

Trance Labels
musical homebase of the psychedelic artists

Their names are printed next to each DJ and liveact, on every flyer of
any big Trance event: so they appear to be just as important as the
artists themselves! Some festivals even have an entire dance floor pre-
sented by one of them. Some became legends and calling their names
is sufficient enough to conjure up a blissful smile across the faces of
music lovers. Many are born every single day, but comparitively many
also die each day. We are talking about music labels.
Providing the scene with its most essential basic essence, the role of
labels in the cultural evolution of Psy Trance is crucial. But despite
their great significance, many labels have been suffering turbulences
for quite some time. Turbulences that might be indicators for times of Edoardo
change- or indicators for an impending crash. “I think that the fact that music is
downloaded illegally, even if affec-
ting sales big time, gives much more
Why labels? exposure to the artists. While some
Apparently labels publish the music ducts out there. Firstly we have to time ago a good artist needed to
have an album out on a good label
from several artists. But nowadays keep in mind that all these possi- to gain some recognition, today
it is not a big deal for these artists bilities might seem common place he can easily reach people with an
to set up their own homepage. This but they are still very new. Years EP on Beatport. Obviously what an
presents their work to an interna- ago there were far less avenues for artist gets from the sales is nothing
compared to what it used to some
tional audience, to do promotions artists to spread there wares inter- years ago, but he has the chance to
via social media or forums, and nationally and even now it con- get more gigs being more exposed.”
finally there are countless online tinues to be a big task: Initially a (Edoardo, Neurobiotic Records)
shops for purchasing music - which completed album‘s sound must be
make it fairly easy to get your pro- mastered (optimized for CD pro-
duction) preferablly by some fresh,
impartial ears. After that the CD
needs to be produced followed the
creative bit, the artwork! Bada-bing
bada-boom the CD in all it‘s glory
gets distributed to music stores
near you, ready to be promoted
and bought by the public. If every-
thing has been done right the album
might be loved and become a great
success. Successful albums might
have tracks be licensed or licen- “I think the situation for music
labels, especially for independent
sed for compilation then royalties labels, is really tough today. Nobo-
get collected. Lastly legalites such as dy buys CDs and not so many peo-
copyrights and tax issues are finali- ple pay for downloading music. Eve-
sed. During this process communi- rybody makes copies… The music
cation, via every possible means is business has changed its style.
Music becomes a free good and
key to ensure this all runs smoothly. artists get their money from live sets
So here we have one answer for the or merchandizing.”
use of labels. (Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Madskippers)

Psychedelic Trance Labels

Dinsha Prana (ES) BOA (IL) Dreamtime (RO)

Turbo Trance (FRA) Planet BEN Records (DE) Noga Rec (JP) Dacru Records (BE)

Full On
Nutek (ES) Fungi Rec (PT) Moonstone (IL) Compact (ISR) Nexus (ZA/UK)

PsyTropic Records (DE) Spliff Music (ISR/DE) HomMega (IL) Amoeba Rec (ZA)

Phantasm (GB) Agitato (IL) Trancelucent Rec (IL) Phonokol (IL) Spun (SP)

Midijum Records (DE) Nano Records (SA/UK) Vagalume Rec (BR) Hadra (FR)

Blue Hour Sounds (IT) Cosm Rec (DE) Solar-Tec Rec (DE) Icarus Creations (GR)

24/7 Rec (AT) Neurobiotic Records (ITA) MK Rec (IT) Alchemy (UK) Psychic Deli

Liquid Rec (UK) Sunstation (RU) Koyote (UK) Phantasm (UK) Harmonia (GR)

Fungi Rec (PT) Electronic Dope Rec (DE) Pixan Rec (IT) Antu Rec (CL)

Caffix Rec (MX) Amoeba (SA) Sin Rec (PT) Exogenic Rec (FIN) Shivlink (IN)

Dharmaharmony Rec (USA) Psylife Music (HU) Free-Spirit Rec (UK) Twisted (UK)

Psycore Rec (ISR) BMSS (DE) Arkona Creation (UK) TIP (UK) Aphid Moon (UK)
Goa Trance
Suntrip (BE) Dat Records (IT) Ezel-Ebed (Tur) Phototropic (Aus) Sita (BE)

Kagdila (BE/USA) Dimensional Rec (BE) Cronomi (IL) Space Baby (UKR)
Psy Breaks

21:3 Exogenic Records (FI) Random (ES) Antiscarp (FI) Freestyle

• Home-, Clone- & Dryboxen,

• Bewässerung & Hydrosysteme,
• Belüftung & Klimatechnik,
• Dünger & Nährstoffe,
• Belichtungstechnik,
• Medien, Erden, Substrate,
• Töpfe & Behälter.

GROW-BONN Tel.: 0228-9095783 Franzstraße 37 53111 Bonn/Altstadt


ding music genre in the style maps “There is a funny story about piracy
in this issue, so that you can sim- with our first release, the Psyknights
ple check the labels for new music debut album. Somehow the peo-
in the styles that you know you ple that started to share this release
renamed it to »A faint light from the
like. “A label promotes good artists DARK« but the official name was »A
which people just would not find faint light from DEPTH«. So we had
otherwise. If you already have a big the chance to observe the sprea-
name, you might just found your ding of illegal downloads perfectly.
The real sad part of the story is that
own label and it will probably work many people that called themselves
out. But for newcomers it is a really fans of Psyknights posted nice feed-
tough job to get people’s attention backs on forums etc. or even revie-
„A label is literally a label..“ without the help of a label”, DJ Sla- wed parts of the album, but refer-
(DJ Slater, Tribal Vision Rec) red to »A faint light from DARK«, the
ter describes the use of labels to illegal version, in their comments.
help music lovers discover the won- Most of them don‘t even seem to
derful and talented up-and-coming- know they own an illegal version!”
A label is a label musicians. (Rene Nenntwich, Electronic Dope Rec)
But there is also another answer.
“A label is literally a label”, says DJ Do it yourself!
Slater from Tribal Vision Records. So that is how the big labels do it
You just read the name of a popu- but an artist with enough time could
lar label and I am quite sure most of do it all by themself, this is made
you will have an idea of the certain easier by the ability to distrubute
style of sound now. That is precisely exclusivly via the internet. Recen-
what DJ Slater is talking about: That tly this kind of “digital-only” labels
a label is just like a brand, in that it have become increasingly common
represents a particular genre of our spreading their music exclusively
musical scene. We have represented via online music stores. This does Bim, pic: Akisutra Project
some labels and their correspon- however render the filter function of “Physical releases are still impor-
labels increasingly redundant. Now tant for us otherwise the music
there are simply so many different and the artist are no more than a
digital number beyond millions.”
labels which include (Bim, YSE)
many different (sub-) genres, so
once again music lovers get lost in a Supercozi
sea of sound again. One of the most
popular online stores has realised
this problem and therefore changed
its policy. Now it has become very
difficult for a small label to start up
and get a account and
those that currently have an account
are confronted with an ongoing
monthly minimum payment. Will
online stores become the new gate-
keepers of the music market?
“I estimate that the CD market could
Digital only? disappear entirely in the very near
Basically the Psy Trance scene is a future - in 2 years earliest. Beside of
all sorts of digital distribution, buil-
“digital-only” scene and has been ding up new business models is a
for some time, at least concerning urgent task to be tackled.”
its music market. Vinyl, the classic (Supercozi, Hypo=espresso Rec)
analogue medium, has long gone

Progressive Trance Labels

Blue Tunes (DE) SpinTwist (DE) Iono Music (DE)

Prog Trance / Prog House

Echoes-Records (ISR) Plusquam Division (DE) Iboga Records (DK)

Sprout (DE) Tribal Vision (CZ) Echoes-Rec (IL) Plastik Park (DE)

Future Lovers Records (DE) Vertikal Rec (DE) Echoplast Digital (DE)

Furthur Progression (UK) Flow (PT) Wakyo (JP) Nervine (DK)

Wonk#ay (UK) Horns & Hoofs Entertainment (ES) Soundmute Rec (CRO)

Psy Techno
Nachtstrom Schallplatten (DE) Boshke Beats (ES) d.Drum (DE)

Databass Music (FR) Gemini (JP)

Arkona Creation (LT) Glitchy Tonic (DE) Psygressive

Electro & Co

Madskippers (JP) Renaissance


and digital Compact Discs used to world music shops: Beatport, iTunes,
be the major medium for music Juno etc. And since a large number of
during the past decade. They used the population is cruising the streets
to be because in recent years the with an iPod in his or her jacket and
sales are decreasing drastically: barley anybody is still using a Disc-
Neurobiotic Records for instance, man, it seems to be comprehensi-
(an undoubtedly very impor- ble that these people buy their music
tant Psy Trance label), used to sell online rather than on a CD. Not to
around 3000 copies of CDs nowa- talk about all the digital DJs carrying Báalam
days its barely 1000, and this label only hard discs and pen drives to their “As long as the world is ruled by
is still among the rather healthy gigs. But the sales numbers at online money and greed, the situation will
ones! In the beginning of February shops do not balance the decreasing hardly change. Listeners can’t afford
mushroom magazine did an ano- sales numbers in the CD segment. buying music, labels cover their
nymous online survey, asking labels Referring to our recent online survey, costs for post-production and dis-
tribution and thus the artists can’t
how many copies of an album / most of the labels sell only a two-digit be paid for the work so they eit-
compilation they are selling at the amount of each release at Beatport, if her decide to do everything for
moment. A number higher than it is selling really, really well it would themselves or to quit to work on a
500 was really rare among the be a few hundreds. Even a No. 1 hit in McDonald‘s or something like that...
We need to socialize music but it’s
numerous answers, most labels sell the Psy Trance charts will barley ever impossible on a capitalist world.”
only a few hundred CDs today. That result in a four-digit sales number. (Báalam, Caffix Records)
is just enough to cover the produc-
tion and distribution costs. Surprised? I dare to claim that you
are not. Statistically it is very proba-
Where are the listeners? ble that also you have one or more
Does that mean that less and less peo- illegal copys of MP3 or WAV files on
ple are listening to Psy Trance music? your hard disc. Looking at the coun-
No, rather the classical structures of ters of relevant file hosting services
the music market have become obso- in the internet one week after the
lete. As I previously mentioned online release of a popular album, there
music shops are replacing the real will often be 20.000 – 30.000 illegal Rob
downloads of this work. This might
“We sell enough CDs to keep the
just be the tip of the iceberg: In fact label going. We realised that peo-
there are hundreds of downloaded ple will download illegal music, but
links around, the torrent technology there‘s not much we can do about
is practically not traceable at all and that. Judging by our sales there are
finally music is also exchanged via obviously some people left in the
world who buy CDs whether it’s for
Skype or USB drives. the tangible product or to support
labels & artists.”
(Rob – Electric Power Pole Rec)

“People buy less music...that’s the

situation: Less vinyl, less CDs, more
digital but still less than before...
people like videos now and peo-
ple like it all for free, people don’t
care about high quality so much,
they just want it free and they want
it to take less space on their actual-
ly huge hard discs, they want more
quantity instead of quality. That’s
the tendencies of today.”
Alex Tolstoy (Alex, Boshke Beats)

Dark Psy Labels

Moon Koradji (HR) Rockdenashi Productionz (JP) Dark Prisma (RA)

Tantrumm (RU) Caffix Records (MX) Mass Abduction Records (MX) Parvati (DK)

Noise Poison (DE) Fungi Records (P) DOOF (IL) Real Vision Music (D)

Damaru Records (DE) Kamino Records (MX) Fish 'n Trips Records (AUS)

Sonic Chakras Records (RU) Biomechanix Rec (MX) Triplag Music (IRL)

Lost Theory (B) Pleiadian Records (MX) Bootheswara (MK)

Wonk#ay (UK) Yggdrasil (N) Sonic Chakras Records

Dreamtime (RO) Sanaton (S)

The future course this is not an ideal world scena-

Some decades back a rock band relea- rio- but a realistic one”, said Andrew
sed an album and then went touring from Interchill Records: “You have
5 nights a week to promote the sales to look for ways to give music away
of the album. Today this model has that can’t be copied – and that is live
been turned up-sidedown: An artist appearances”.
releases an album to promote him- Undoubtedly the atmosphere of a
or herself and is booked afterwards. concert or party can’t be downloa-
Revenue comes from live and DJ gigs, ded somewhere. Talking about Inter-
releases have become basically kind chill: Interestingly it seems like the
of a promotion. In this respect ille- Chill Out / Easy Listening segment is “Ultimae started surfing the digital
wave in 2003 and quite luckily chose
gal downloads show positive effects: less affected from decreasing CD sales to work with an aggregator who
They represent promotion for artists, and low digital sales numbers than spreads out music properly which
whose work would probably not find the dance department is. Ambient CDs definitely stimulate sales. From the
such a great audience without being from 2003 are still sold and also the beginning we decided to be our own
spread illegally via the internet. “Of number of online music sales is gro- distributor and dispatch our releases
to a network of local distributors and
wing steadily, as various label mana- shops. The new focus seems to be
gers from this genre have confirmed. on social networks and being close
That might have to do with the fact to fans, obviously we do our best
that good Chill Out and Easy Liste- to be active on this part, however I
must say selling direct to fans with
ning is timeless rather than always a good customer service is certain-
being rated by its popularity like dance ly one of the keys to our success. We
music. Looking at the Psy and Pro- fully believe in word of mouth and
gressive Trance labels, quite some of sharing of passions.”
(Ultimae Records)
them switch to a digital-only strategy
because it simple lacks all the hassle
of producing and distributing CDs
which does just not pay off like it use
to. But our survey also revealed that
in these genres there still is a demand
for CDs. Obviously a tangible object is
still appreciated more than a certain “It is a rumour that DJs keep sup-
amount of bits and bytes on a hard porting the labels: They ask for free
music, share files, don’t spend much
disc- at least for some real fans and money on music. Chill Out still works
collectors who do respect the work better than dance music, because it is
of the artists. for long-term listening and has a big-
ger network of buyers.”
Roberdo (Blue Hour Sounds)

Chill Out Labels

Chill Tribe (NO) Sofa Beats (DK) Altar Rec (CA)

Wonk#ay (UK) Ultimae (FR) Dakini (JP) Peak (CH)

Absolute Ambient FairyTales Records Interchill (CA) Waveform (USA)

Hypo=espresso (ID) Don Peyote Recordings (AU) Sangita Sounds (UK)

Six Degrees Ajnavision Records (PT) Aleph Zero (ISR) Bakshish (IT)

Arkona Creation Soundmute Recordings (CRO) Random (ES)

Dreamtime (RO) Space Tepee Music (IBZ) Psylife Music (HU)

Fish 'n Trips Records (AU) Electronic Soundscapes (GR)

Flyerverteilung und Plakatierung
in Mecklenburg
01736041744 •
Your Progressive news here? Write to:

Progressive News
served by Bakke (Echoes Records)
A new progressive act to look out for Blue Tunes records celebrate five years
this year is danish beer rockers Tenka. of compilations with their next release
Known for organizing the huge Copen- called ”High Five”. Actually it‘s a high
hagen indoor party Tam-Tam, the boys ten since it contains 10 brand new tunes
are also rocking dancefloors all over coming from both well known names
with their dark minimal trance. First and exciting newcomers. With a range
upcoming release is entitled ”The Saw” of sound reaching from solid Progres-
and will be out on Baba Records, follo- sive to sleek Nu School to sea-deep Chill
wed by releases on Hommega, Utopia, Out, the available release gives a versa-
Sensifeel Com.Pac, Plusquam and more. tile, vivid and up-to-date impression of
the label’s activities.
Philippe Sancier better known as Sen- Ticon is back with a new album. After
sifeel is hard at work this year. His new touring the globe, the boys locked them- One label to keep your eyes at these days
album will be out in may, followed by the selves in the studio and after hard work is Swiss based Mikrokosmos Records.
album from his other project Cyclones theyhave managed to carve out a fifth Another fat release just hit the shel-
(with DJ Drenan) due for release in June. album. The album entitled ”I love you, ves, and when its compiled by no other
Besides producing music in the studio who are you?” will be a double CD and than the labelhonchos Liquid Soul and
he is busy working with the N.O.M.A.D. release is set in the middle of march on Human Element you cant really expect
Festival located in south of France. Iboga records. As a teaser they have anything else than pure quality progres-
released 2 EPs with remixes from Spec- sive trance. Recommended.
Gaudium and Ace Ventura smashing tre and Paul Thomas with massive sup-
you in the face with ”In between” is a fun port allready. On top of it all they will PSR Music the new upcoming german
way to start of the new year of new label even record a video. Label founded by Mirko Schellenber-
Iboga Trance. The dancefloor bomb is ger / Logic Spin got lots of attention with
masterfully remixed by Captain Hook Trance veterans Growling Mad Sci- their releases like VA „Tripguide“ and
and it gives you a small hint on how the entists or GMS have not only made a more in 2010. By the new Artist Album ‹
next album ”Session of Progression” name in the psytrance scene but lately „Sexplosive“, you will find an unique sty-
from Gaudium will sound like. as well in the progressive scene under lemix of Necmi´s dirty prog and Alice´s
the name Riktam and Bansi. The duo funny psycedelic in 10 tracks specially
Israeli artist A.Balter have teamed up have released a long string of EPs and produced to sexplose your dirty phant-
with Eitan Reiter from LOUD with a remixes on labels such as Iboga, Flow sies and let them control your bodies.
long line of high quality releases. The and mainly Plastik Park. Now its time
guys are now busy putting together a for the first full length album ”Construc- German project Klopfgeister have relo-
full liveact and will do their first perfor- tor” and the label is of course Pla- cated to Hamburg. The result of this
mance in april. stik Park. advancement is so far collaborations
with NOK, Neelix and
Lets not forget our female Aerodrömme is a new vibrant duo pro- Day.din. Currently
artists as well. One of them ject based in Toronto, Canada. This act Klopfgeister
is Paulina Cewe. Between dj has emerged as one of the most promi- are busy wor-
gigs and medicine exams she sing names in the Progressive Techno cir- king on the next
is working on a full lenght cuit. Their style is an effective blend of studioalbum,
studioalbum. Before we progressive house and minimal techno due for release
see this one emerging with a hint of electro. Among the duo‘s this summer.
she will have a brand latest works, is a remix of israeli duo
new track coming out on Brisker and Magitman released on Tri-
Echoes records. bal Vision Records.
Paulina Cewe Thorsten »Klopfgeister« Paul
Your Psytrance news here? Write to:

Psy Trance News

served by Regan (Nano Records)
like. It‘s great to see labels diver- there‘s a brand new Paul Taylor
sifying and getting behind music they and Earthling track too just to add
like, hopefully integrating the scene a an acid drenched cherry to the top
bit more in the process and opening of it all. Full power, minimal.. does
up fans to new music. Atomic Pulse that even make any sense? Hearing
has shown us his deeper proggier is believing.
side before, especially in his earlier
releases, so it will be very interesting The Commercial Hippies are
to hear where his head is at at the back with part two of their digital
Menog moment and whether the new label ‚Retakes« EPs on Nano Records,
has influenced him at all, although this time with remixes by South
Spectral Records is happy to let us early reports have it that »Anatomic« African power house Broken Toy
all know that Menog is alive and is classic Atomic Pulse, melodic and Mexican Tron (who has also
well on his America‘s tour (USA/ and full-on. just completed building his very
Mexico/Guatemala/Canada). Phew! own Analog VCA Compressor..
Was worried the guy had danced a Hamburg based Solar-Tech Records Tron compressor anyone ?) Expect
hole through to Oz by now. If you are releasing and new digital EP stomping good times!
are in one those countries between from Waio called »Symbolika«.
now and May keep an eye out for The EP features two tracks; the title Also headed for Release on Nano
him, he‘s about this tall and has track, plus another called ‚Bass is an EP of remixes of the classic
piercings, and if found can be lured Speaking‘ a collaboration between Psysex track »«. Featuring
back to hotels with promise of fast Waio and Freakulizer. I‘ve been remixes from Activator (a new
internet connections (this works with very interested in Waio for awhile collab project that includes Mr
most touring DJ and Producers by now, great to see the name out there Psysex himself, Goblin), Captain
the way). Production on the new more and more. Hook, with his massive dubstepping
Menog album has begun, but we electro intro and breakdown, and the
are all figuring Mexico might slow Zen Mechanics drops »Re:Modified«, tripped out triplet affair from Israels
things down. Scheduled release date a fine selection of remixes of some LOUD, which has been totally killing
is early 2012, but in the meantime of his most loved tracks, with Ace it amongst some of the best DJ‘s set
there are a bunch of digital EPs from Ventura, Earthling, Dickster, for awhile now.
Spectral on the way before then. Headroom, Sonic Species, S-Range
and more doing the honours and DJ Lucas presents his new collection
Germanys Plusquam Records is it‘s hitting shelves this very minute on TIP Records, titled »Tales of
releasing the new Atomic Pulse thanks to Neurobiotic Records. Heads« (10 out of 10 for the title
album! Seriously, im not joking. Zen Mechanics is definitely one of mate!). One of the nicest guys
Better known for releasing fine those artists that constantly hits the around, Lucas could not have
progressive beats over the last mark, so it will be great to hear his struggled to convince the likes of Eat
decade, this is a suprising move by sounds reworked by all these great Static, Dickster, Laughing Buddha,
Plusquam, and one I think I quite artists. Liftshift gets an EP out on Avalon, Tristan, Aphid
Neurobiotic too, great to see these Moon, Raja Ram
Your News here? guys working together. and Prometheus
Regan owns and runs Nano Re- to collaborate with
Never one to rest on his laurels Paul him. With a list of
cords. Has spent years promoting
Taylor is at it again, this time with artists like that the UK
PsyTrance worldwide and doesn‘t
a new album called »REdUX« on board of Psychedelic
eat land or air animals. He might
Kundalini Records, UK. The album Standards ought to be
write about you and your music if
features remixes from Tron, Kronic, very happy.
he has typing space, but you will
Mental Broadcast, Chameleon,
need to keep him updated with
Ital, plus Paul himself alongside
your news first, so email him at:
Andy Mason. Paul and Andy also
blast a brand new track, and Lucas
Your Chillout news here? Write to:

Chillout News
served by Shahar (Aleph Zero Records)
Ott’s new album, “Mir” will be and mainly on the remixes front.
released on March 8th. In a spirit You can expect an International
of experimentation Ott decided Observer remixes album; a Pitch
to make it a self release without a Black rarities and remixes album,
label. In his own words the album a digital Warp Technique remixed
“has some drums and some bass EP and a digital compilation of new
and some music and things that tracks by »new« artists.
go “whoosh” and “clang” and the
process of making it has been very The new project of Bluetch & Killo-
enjoyable.” “I’ve been influenced watts, Invisible Allies, is following
Chronos by my travels around the world and their debut album “Hyperdimensi-
by the wonderful feeling of being onal Animals” with a long US two
Beats & Pieces have lined up a rooted in an ancient village in a months tour. “Hyperdimentional
series of releases for the coming magical place”, he says. There’s Animals” contains five original
months, starting this month with the also a long US tour coming to be tracks, and five remixes from Mr.
third album of leading Russian pro- followed by a summer of festival Projectile, The Great Mundane,
ject Chronos called “Inspirational gigs in Europe & The US. Erothyme, Bil Bless & Aligning
Power” that also includes a remix Minds, and explores futuristic
to Asura. The album is very diverse Altar Records offer a busy schedule spacefunk, textural ambient, odd
and offers a true musical experience for the coming couple of months time signatures, complex harmonic
using strong atmospheres, hypnotic starting with a new album from C.J. developments, detailed digitalia
structures, and incorporating Catalizer “I’ll be There” that pro- and a sublime sense of the exotic.
electronics and acoustics. Following mises Catalizer’s percussion driven It gives a first delicious look into
you can expect a digital EP from deep groovy bass-lines intertwined what promises to be an exciting and
Outersect and then albums by with beautiful panoramic sounds- evolving conversation between two
Aligning Minds, Lauge & Baba capes and carefully layered with stu- singular and eccentric producers.
Gnohm & (val)Liam. dio and live-recorded vocals. Altar
will follow with two album releases Kukan Dub Lagan, downtempo
Eitan Reiter has just followed the in March by E-Mantra & Cabeiri dub project of Itay Berger, will be
release of his successful debut and another release in April, an releasing a remix album containing
album with Aleph Zero, “Places I album from Maiia a welcomed remixes to his »Life is Nice« debut
Miss That I Haven’t Been To”, with feminine addition to chill space. album, done for a change by the ar-
a digital remixes EP to the track tist himself. The album will be called
Smile from the album. The “Smile Greek based label Cosmic Leaf »Life Still Nice«, and promises great
EP” just released with Aleph Zero will have their first 2011 release rhythms, curious melodies and a
of- fers remixes in different coming in the beginning of April, dreamy atmosphere. The album
genres from leading Side Liner’s 7th album- “Dream will be released this month digitally
artists J.Viewz, Stealers”. The slow start will be and the first 200 purchasers will be
Bluetech, Perfect compensated by a barrage of sent a free copy of Kukan’s third
Stranger & Peter albums from Cydelix, new debut album, New
Horrevorts, each artist Eguana, a second album from Life New
taking the original Zen Garden and from Valdi Sabev, Vision!
to his own personal Zero Cult, D.Batistatos and Dedast It will
realm, and a (aka Will-O‘-The-Wisp). later be
bonus track released
by Eitan not Following last year‘s extravagant to all other
available schedule to celebrate 15 years digital shops.
on the of Dubmission with 15 releases,
album. the psychedelic dub label
is taking it easy this year
with just a few releases,
Eitan Reiter Itay Berger
Your Dark Psy news here? Write to:

Dark Psy News

served by Ilse (Parvati Records)
After the astonishing success of the first Jahbo and Baba Yaga is ready to be close to the Plitvicka waterfalls in Croa-
compilation »More Than Real« the Ham- launched in march as well as the debut tia. The Plitvice lakes who are inscribed
burg based label Real album by Onkel Dunkel is in the pipe on the UNESCO‘s World Heritage list are
Vision Music feels to bang the next summers festivals. This just around and even paragliding over
already well year begins psychedelic as it can be. the festival terrain will be possible. Eat
estasblished Static, Logic Bomb or Sensient are just
and comes No rest in the Tantrumm house. Not three big players confirmed their appea-
up again with long after becoming mother, Orestis rance Stay tuned for updates.
some seri- album still spins in the players and the
ous psyche- just released double album of her hus- At the instance of the tragic death of
delic tunes band, Fria announces the already fourth Romolus Cheri from Greece, Quantum
for intense trip- album „Na Ve Ka“ by Psykovsky. It will Frog took the sensitive chance to bring a
ping. »Weird Worlds« mainly contain versus tracks of Vasily posthum full length album by Polypho-
is ready to be launched in march 2011 with teammates like Furious or the Frac- nia. All profits from the sale of this CD
and delights with ingredients like Verti- tal Cowboys. Great news! will be donated to a children‘s charity
cal, Whrikk or Purosurpo makes this and hospital in Greece. It will be named
release yet to something worth to wait News from South America. Dark Prisma „Beyond the Ocean Of Time“. Artwork is
for. Nine new juicy tunes will treat in the Records around labelhead Nicolas Di a Neil Gibson creation and Tim Schuldt
following summer the dancefloors world- Bernardo from Argentinia has the fifth does the mastering. For sure something
wide and labelheads expected to spin output finally ready. After a longer break to put his hands on.
the one or other event presenting their cause of promotiontour through the
new baby. Tip! world „Blueprints“ is ready and it will Farebi Jalebi, the indian dude living
be a spilt between Kashyyyk, Glosola- in Australia confirmed his european
Constant release shedule at Parvati lia and Sonik Scizzers providing three Tour for 2011. At the same time Mubali
Records. Rigth after 20th release, the tracks of each. Hightech psytrance for the from the USA will be available for boo-
album by Gappeq and the successful faster bpm fraction. Pure Psychedelica! king during european summer time.
10th anniversary tour through After their successful visit in Europe last
the psychedelic cosmos in The Lost Therory Crew year Adip Butalia aka Farebi Jalebi
2010 danish based Par- from Belgium pre- and Mubali known as Greg Farley
vati Records has the next pares a Festival in both squeezing the Parvati Floor at
treatments ready. The some nature candy FMF 2010 big time. They are now ready
new compilation „Par- for more prolonged dancefloor treat-
vatrip 2“ with fresh ments in Europe with new material. On
tunes by Derango, the list Festivals in Greece, Portugal, Tur-
key or the Transylvania Calling Festival
in Romania. Don‘t hesitate to enhance
your line up with their special dance-
Psykovsky floor music.

AirNaN – Breathe In Biokinetix - 21st Century Zen Mechanics - Re:Modified

FreeAnceWorld Morphonic Records Neurobiotic Records
Breathe In Is AirNaN’s Long awaited This album presents his vision of the cur- This new Zen Mechanics release is a
DEBUT ALBUM. After a dazzling bright rent century…Heavy, full of energy and collection of remixes of some of the
career as Mindelight and Eclypso, an high-tech sounds, but with also a touch most successful tracks released over
amazing start as founder and leader of humour, Including refined production the last few years, revisited by some
of FreeAnce, and 2 years of studio tricks, smashing breaks and driving of the hottest names in the psytrance
work, Hernan Arber presents his 1st baselines, this album features also some circuit. Featuring artists such as
Solo Album in his most developed successful collaborations with artists like Ace ventura, Headroom, Dickster,
Musical State of Mind: BREATHE Mesmerizer, DSP, Beatrave, including Earthling, Sonic Species and S-Range
IN! Take a deep breath of fresh an aerial last track with LDB from Secret to name a few, which tracks have
Majestic Progressive and FreeStyle Vibes. The 21st century must surely been heavily played over the last few
Electro-Trance! counting with the name of Biokinetix ! months, this compilation is a must have for any electronic music lover!

Erta Ale CJ Catalizer - I‘ll be there Plasmoon - Coalition

Cronomi Records Altar Records All Records
Erta Ale is a bold attempt in recrea- The percussion driven deep groovy Plasmoon is the musical expression
ting the original sound of late 90‘s bass-lines intertwined with beautiful of Italian based producer Angelo
goa trance music. The tracks are panoramic soundscapes and carefully Vito Fuso. In Sep 2009 Plasmoon
hypnotizing, energetic and quite layered with studio and live-recorded releases a very personal & special
different from today‘s mainstream vocals. This evolution of C.J. Catalizer‘s release album Plasmoon & Friends
goa music. Of course, this does not sound reflects new levels of refinement (Magma Rec). Coming real soon
mean the music is lacking in quality, and skill that reward the listener with in 03.2011 a brand new 3 track
on the contrary ñ the production absolutely stunning detailed production digital EP ìRequired resolutionî,
levels are among the highest one and a clarity that will submerge you Presenting Plasmoon most freshest
can expect together with brilliant fully in the experience of this album. work till date.

DJ Tsuyoshi Alex Tolstey
(Joujouka) Japan (Boshke Beats Records) Spain
1. Joujouka „Unknown Com- 1. Extrawelt „My Stupid“
plete Sight feat. Mackeel Taisa“ (Break New Soil) 2. Mike Par-
(Madskippers) 2. Funky Gong ker „FWD“ Donatto Dozzy
„Falling feat . Marcellus Nealy Remix(Prologue) 3. Broomage
- BeatKrush remix -“ (Madskip- Dub „Untitled“(Rootknox) 4.
pers) 3. Emok & DJ Koutarou Fuzzion „FM Factory“ ( Boshke
A. „Tokyo Slickers - D-Formati- Beats) 5. Sui Generis „Behind
on remix -“ (Iboga Records) 4. These Walls“( Field) 6. Jurek
Galaxy 7 „blackmetal - Numa- Przezdziecki“ Sink Master“
noid & Ten-G remix -“ (Mad- Excizen RMX(Boshke Beats)
skippers) 5. Krome Angels 7. Justin Berkovi „Start The
„Bounce“ (Krome Pressings) 6. Ultravoice vs Bizzare Metal“ (Chroma) 8. Damon Wild „Avion“ Jurek Przezd-
Contact „Summer Breeze“ (Compact) 7. Walfgang Gart- ziecki Remix (Synewave) 9. Diego Cid & Magoo“Interview
ner „Latin Fever“ (Ultra Music) 8. Bitrock „The Real - Fara- with an Alien“ Diego Ro-k RMX (MindTrip Music) 10. O/V/R
ce remix -“(Dead Famous Records) 9. Na-Ga „Here Comes „Post Traumatic Son“ Ben Clock Techno mix(Blueprint)
Dance Floor“ (Madskippers) 10. Numanoid vs Mazda „Save
The Underground“ (Madskippers)

Djane Sati & DJ Prozak Djane Melburn

(Free-Spirit) UK (YSE/mushroom) Germany
1. Polaris „Fragment“ (Ajna- 1. Ground Control vs. Ste-
groove Records) 2. Monastics- reo Plug „Flaming Fist“ (Artist
quid „Wicked Bad Man (Origi- Release) 2. Ejekt „Petroli-
nal mix)“ Free-Spirit) 3. Sineri- um Bass ( Quantum Remix )“
der „Rewired „ (24/7 Records) (YSE) 3. EVP „Hippie Bullshit“
4. Purpla Raver „Uplanding“ (Wildthings Rec.) 4. Ekoplex
(Blacklite Records) 5. Space „Journey of a Turtle „ (YSE)
Vision „Xaras“ (Antu Records) 5. Liquid Soul „In my Mind“
6. Braincell „Solar Wizardy (Iboga Records) 6. Psym-
(Original Mix“ (Free-Spirit) atrixx, Ajja „Still feeling the
7. Journey „A Political Car- FX“ (Boom Shanka Music) 7.
toon“ (Antu Records) 8. Ital „Vibration of Mantra“ (Black- Ocelot „Where r u going „ (Cocktail Rec.) 8. Ajja „Digitali-
lite Records) 9. Braincell „Kundalini“ (Free-Spirit Records) on“ (Pixan Recordings) 9. Panick „Close Range“ (Phonokol
10. The Commercial Hippies „All Systems Go (Tron Remix)“ Records) 10. Galactika feat Alexander Lingowski „Human
Nano Records Beeings „ (Millenium Rec.)

DJ Mullekular
(Spintwist) Germany DJ Zen
In no special order: Tera- (Altar Records) Canada
heart „In the spacecraft“ (YSE) 1. Sergio Walgood „Connect
| Kularis „Different minded“ To“ (AjnaVision) 2. Astropi-
(Spintwist) | Neelix „Robot- lot & Cj Catalizer „Time Tides“
monsters“ (unrel.) | Osher (Altar Records) 3. Cj Catalizer
„Age of love“ (Bluetunes) | „I‘ll be There“ [Album remix]
Kularis „If you reset/Cabal (Altar Records) 4. E-Mantra
RMX“ (Spintwist) | E-Clip „Mindfluid“ (Altar Records) 5.
„New level of being“ (YSE) | Androcell „Ganja Baba“ (Sonic
DayDin „Sync Yourself“ (Spint- Dragon) 6. Asura „Erase“
wist) | Fabio & Moon „Those (Ultimae) 7. Aes Dana „Hea-
days“ (Spintwist) | Neelix „Adaption/Interactive Noise RMX“ ven Report“ (Ultimae) 8. GMO Vs. Dense „Feedback“ (Altar
(Spintwist) | Kularis „Fe natural“ (unrel.) Records) 9. Astropilot Feat. Iz „Here And Now“ [N.A.S.A.
remix](Altar Records) 10. Aquascape „Umma“ (unreleased)

(Iboga Records) Danmark
1. Weekend Heroes & Ticon »Teleport« (Iboga ) 2.
Riktam & Bansi »Mother Fucker« (Iboga ) 3. Ticon
»Balkan Tourist« (Iboga) 4. Eitan Reiter & A.Balter
»Sunny Afternoon« (Iboga) 5. Nyquist »Skyline«
(Plusquam) 6. Phaxe »Train Boogie« (Iboga Trance)
7. Lish »Miles Away« (Iboga) 8. Ovnimoon »Galac-
tic Mantra (Liquid Soul Remix)« (Microkosmos) 9.
Atmos »Only 4 You« (Iboga) 10. Pixel & Phony
Orphants »Naked Lunch« (Unrl) Inner State - Terraforma
IONO Music
Pure immersion into gentle and drif-
DJ Bim ting sounds, hypnotic progressive groo-
ves, always at the edge of psychedelic.
(YSE) Germany Without any doubt will this masterpiece
1. BitKit »Burn out« (YSE) 2. X-Noise »Deep Frieden« of electronic dance music be counted
(HomMega) 3. Sirion »Open your Mind« (YSE) 4. as a highlights of this genre in 2011. We
Los tres Gringos »Bounty. Hunter.« (YSE) 5. E-clip & are proud to announce such a topnotch
Egorythmia »Next Level of being« (YSE) 6. Hi - Pro- release which will be hard to ignore
file »become skyliners« (Phoenix Groove) 7. Invisi- and which is a must have for every pro-
ble Reality »Celestial Object« (IONO) 8. Mad Actors gressive DJ. Without any doubt will this
»Ojo de Aqua.« (YSE) 9. Normalize »Cpu.« (Plus- masterpiece of electronic dance music
quam) 10. Terahert »Wake up.« (IONO) be counted as one of the highlights of
this genre in 2011.
DJ Shahar
(Aleph Zero Rec.) Israel
1. Eitan Reiter „Smile (J.Viewz remix)“ (Aleph Zero)
2. David Lynch „I Know (Jon Hopkins remix)“
(Sunday Best) 3. Asura „The Prophecy (Chronos
remix)“ (Beats & Pieces) 4. Cuts „Hold the Sun“
(Aleph Zero) 5. Tipper „Dead Soon“ (Tippermu-
sic) 6. Krusseldorf „5 Pointed Star (Agalactia remix)“
(Beats & Pieces) 7. Kaya Project „Desert Phase
(Hibernation remix)“ (Interchill) 8. Eitan Reiter
„Smile (Bluetech remix)“ (Aleph Zero) 9. Ooze „15“
(Fredrik Ohr remix)“ (Aleph Zero) 10. Invisible Allies
„Mulberry Windows (Aligning Minds remix)“ (Native States)

Invisible Reality -
Captain Hook Parallel Fantasy
(Iboga Records) Israel IONO Music
1. Gaudium & Ace Ventura „In between (Captain Invisible Reality now invites you to join
Hook remix)“ (Iboga) 2. Quantize „Dimethyltrypta- their very special journey through dif-
mine (Loud remix)“ (Echoes) 3. Captain Hook & Ace ferent musical worlds of their creativity
Ventura „The jolly roger (Nok remix)“ (Plusquam) and ideas. Let you immerse into audible
4. Ritree „De za voodoo people“ (CDR) 5. Captain soundscapes, formed by combinations
Hook & Ace Ventura „alt3rn8 univ3rse“ (Iboga) 6. between minimal,melodic trance and
Neelix „Robot monsters“ (CDR) 7. Liquid Soul & Ace ethno sounds, always companied by
deep, stumpy basslines and psychodelic
Ventura „Psychic experience (Loud remix)“ (Echo- leads. Shamil and Igor demonstrate arti-
es) 8. Nok „Pressent pressure“ (Blue Tunes) 9. Sheff stic freedom which always should come
& Da Fresh „Fresheff“ (1605) 10. Sheff „the kitchen right before the convinience of follow-
(Darth & Vader remix)“ (Echoes) ing popular trends.

Furthur Progressions
Day-time Progressive from London
Furthur Progressions is a platform Some ambitious ideas and directions Landscapes compilation. This has been
for the release of progressive electro- were taken, including the first day- followed up with EP‘s from Zen Mecha-
nica in all it‘s wonderful forms. The time Progressive parties in London. nics, Motion Drive, Visua and Cimi. Now
project started in Leeds (UK) evol- It also brought the crew into contact there are artists such as Cimi & Souls-
ving from events thrown there and in with some of today’s leading labels cape with the label, and DJ‘s such as
London by the Furthur Project team. and artists. This basis of experience Hamish, Sinan, Wicki, Neutrino and
and wealth of talent along with the Bedouin, providing a fantastic selection
passion to continue to develop the of skills, music and energy!
experience within the most enlighte-
ning medium available to humankind, 2011 has seen the launch of the Furthur
meant that the team often thought Progressions website which provides an
of starting a label, and in 2008 it easy-to-access area for news, releases,
became a reality! events, artist info and a shop for delight-
ful clothing. Also there is a series of
The aim of Furthur Progressions is to releases with the Perfect Day Remixed
combine being the first dedicated Pro- EP out on January 17th, where Aquafeel
gressive Trance label in the UK with and Normalize give their take on Liquid
love of the scene to become a platform Soul‘s masterful original. A collaboration
Cimi vs. Time in Motion - for the release of innovative, effective, between Cimi & Time In Motion is sche-
Chemical Reaction EP high-quality music. The label has been duled for February 25th, with Flegma‘s
Furthur Progressions lucky enough to work with some ama- EP and a V.A. coming in time for the
3 Progressive wonders with each unique
atmosphere: Much Furthur is a collabo-
zing international artists and along with spring months and a Cimi album is in
rative work fusing the styles of the indi- some UK Prog artists new and the pipeline as well.
vidual artists. Time In Motion‘s take on old, such as Cimi, Dog Sol-
Cimi‘s Weird & Delicious is a deep and diers & Dickster, the year
soulful track, taking the magic of the 2009 witnessed the first
original to another dancefloor banger.
Finally Cimi‘s remix of TIM‘s Dreams- release: The London Roberdo
cape fuses the melodies of the original
with a warm, enveloping bassline and
mysterious, subtle pads which all come
together in a monstrous break.

Blue Tunes
Happy fifth anniversary
When it comes to Progressive Trance, ject Ananda Shake, combined his vast
one inevitably encounters Blue Tunes experience of producing powerful and
Records. Founded by two of the busi- melodic Psychedelic stuff with Progres-
est protagonists of this genre, the sive grooves. The result is a surprising
Montagu and Golkonda brothers, the trancey album that makes the listener
Northern German label pursued a very longing for a sunlit open air floor. Apro-
literal interpretation of the term “pro- pos open air: Also the new Haldolium
gressive” from its very first hour. Thus album delivers a perfect soundtrack for
the releases of Blue Tunes represent the summer festivals. Mario Reinsch pro- Osher – Twilight
a skilful balancing act between classi- grammed an own software synthesizer Blue Tunes Records
Osher Swissa is everything but a dark
cal, Trance-focussed productions and for this work. In this way the organically horse: Being each 50% of the projects
modern, club-orientated influences, rolling and grinding groove of the clas- Ananda Shake and DFusion, the Isra-
without ever slipping too much to the sic Haldolium productions was elevated eli already proved himself to be pret-
one or the other side. In January the to a fascinating new level… definitely a ty skilled in a series of great productions.
Thus also his newest solo work, which he
label turned 5 - time for a well-deser- comeback to look out for this summer! presents under his civic name, stands out
ved “High Five”, which is also the due to a remarkable mature and inde-
name of the anniversary compilation. pendent character. On his available debut
album Osher combines the two hori-
zons of his musical experience, represen-
According to the avant-garde philosophy Roberdo ted by his previous main projects. The
of Blue Tunes, this CD will not be just ano- result is a bewitching Twilight between
ther Best Of collection of old hits. Rather it day and night, between rest and suspen-
gives a very up-to-date impression of the se, between Psychedelic and Progressive.
label’s activities, including 10 previously The complex arrangements of his tracks
are composed in a considerable melo-
unreleased tracks. Solid Progressive sto- dic way and feature a very subtle under-
mpers can be heard next to sleek hybrid tow effect. Vibrating sixteenth note bass
productions, tried and tested names lines and dramatic modulation cascades
appear next to newcomers. Also there is brim with positive energy- but still the
overall context remains within the scope
a Chill Out track by Koan that gives a psy- of moderate tempi and lots of acou-
che-licious foretaste on their new album. stic space is given to the various sound
effects. In this way a highly hypnotic Pro-
Another string in Blue Tunes’s bow is Twi- gressive Groove evolves.
light, the debut album of Osher. The Isre-
ali, already well known as part of the pro- Osher

Yellow Sunshine Explosion

now under new management
there is Sirion from Machine or Middle Mode represent a
Hamburg whose new style which is kind of reminiscent
second album is of English oldschool productions but
scheduled for sum- also introduces a new structure of Pro-
mer. New label gressive sound.
head Bim is spe-
cially fascinated by YSE will also keep up its CD compila-
this artist because tion tradition, for one very important
he represents a reason: In this way also new talents can
musical approach be supported, whose work otherwise
Bim pic Akisutra Project that became really just disappears in the vastness of digi-
seldom nowadays: tal-only releases in the internet. Also the
During the past 10 years Yellow Classical, melo- label shall become independent from its
Sunshine Explosion (YSE) became dic and harmonic Goa Trance produ- actual mother-label Millennium.
well known as a label specialized in ced at moderate tempi. Another pro-
compilation releases like the popu- mising act is Plastic Vibe, the new pro- A new website is currently under
lar “Goa” series, for example. But as ject of Dejavoo’s Francesco Mura. Pursu- construction and will be launched
some might have noticed, there was ing the motto “less is more”, he creates around middle of the year. It will include
change going on. a symbiosis of classical, UK-styled Psy an online shop where new releases can
Trance and contemporary Techno music. be purchased either physically or as
After the former distributor SPV had This combination turns out to develop a download and also the entire back cata-
to declare bankruptcy and Alexan- unique hypnotic effect on dance floors. logue will be available there. Supported
der Ligowski surprisingly gave up his by Tim Schuldt for mastering issues,
position as the label manger of YSE, In April there will be a remix album of Jens Rauhut for artwork and Manfred
DJ Bim put a lot of effort in reorgani- Ovnimoon’s Geometric Poetry, which Endres for distribution and shipping,
zing the structure of the enterprise. recently gained amazing feedback the label has a very solid crew and very
Since autumn 2009 he managed to find worldwide. And finally Bim also dis- good resources for future projects.
a new distributor and also slowly but covered the extremely high creative
constantly modified the philosophy of potential of the Balkan States and thus Last but not least Bim expressed thanks
the label: Working together with the even founded a new “Balkan depart- to all the fans out there who supported
major distributor Edel created the per- ment”. One of the most popular pro- Yellow Sunshine Explosion by buying its
fect conditions for becoming a “real” ducers from this area might be E-Clip, releases during the past years.
record label with interesting artist whose debut album has just been relea-
albums being released.For instance sed on YSE. But also projects like Man- Roberdo

E-Clip Plastic Vibe Sirion

Ambient • Lounge • Downbeat
Electro • Progressive- & Goa-Trance 23



28.1.2011 25.2.2011 18.3.2011 25.3.2011




Twisted and melodic Goa-trance
You will like Suntrip Records! This is When the Belgo-French duo Anoebis & melodic Goa Trance producers and new
the world’s biggest Psychedelic Trance Mars started Suntrip Records in 2004 talents: 5 more compilations followed
label focusing on classic melodic Goa- their goal was no less than to bring back Apsara including Twist Dreams and Sund-
Trance for the new millennium! We’re the melodic and acidic Goa-trance they rops. The double compilation Opus Iri-
sure names as Filteria, Ra, E-Mantra, fell in love with during the mid and late dium celebrated our 10th release, fea-
Afgin, Khetzal ... do ring your bell! 90’s. Some artists producing these twisted turing massive support from Ultimae on
psychedelic sounds joined the move and the 2nd ambient CD. 2010 started with a
this resulted in the first Filteria album and double compilation: Energy Waves prai-
the Apsara compilation in the mid 2000’s. sed Morning Trance melodies while
Thanks to the great feedback, 18 more Temple of Chaos explored more acidic
releases followed in the next 6 years! soundscapes!

In the meantime Filteria released 2 more In 2011 Suntrip will focus on high quality
mind blowing albums, and Khetzal, Ra, Goa Trance more than ever: The Antares
Afgin, Goasia and Radical Distortion pro- album (BE) is just out, Artifact 303 (RO) is
vided us with what Suntrip is well known on the launchpad, while E-Mantra is wor-
for: True storytelling Goa king on a second uptempo CD. Minds-
Trance albums with phere might be also around the cor-
down- and uptempo ner…
Antares - Exodus spiritual, floating,
Suntrip Records
Antares is an 18 year old Belgian melo- Goa Trance melo- Suntrip will keep on brightening
dic Goa trance talent. After appearing in dies. Suntrip likes the dark winter days with musi-
4 compilations, he will blow you away to gather famous cal sunshine and making the sum-
with his storytelling debut-album “Exo- mer days even more joyful with
dus”! His music can be described as spi-
ritual Goa-trance with an acidic edge. warm music!
Exodus has two downtempo tracks and
three entrancing morning anthems. In
the middle part we get three dancefloor
monsters filled with uplifting melodies
and acid 303’s! Lovers of deep melodic Roberdo
Goa-trance will feel pure joy listening
to this comet!

Experience and knowledge
It was back in the 90ies when the massive feedback on dance floors all king for new talents to keep the Psy
already long-year friends UV and Zir- around the world. Trance culture fresh and vivid. The label
kin travelled the world for a while. This founders gave us a useful tip for up-
trip led them also to the realms of elec- The Doof crew also kept on promo- and-coming producers: “Experience
tronic dance music and they instantly ting parties. Their annual Doof Festival and knowledge are two things that are
fell in love with it. After staying in even became the biggest Trance event in obtained through time and hard work.
Amsterdam for a while, where the two Israel, a nation which is well known for You can be super talented and creative
of them collected first vinyls, tapes and being everything but poor in Trance par- but if your sound sucks, your track will
gear, they eventually headed back to ties. Situated in a truly magic place on not do what it was meant to do. So keep
their home Israel and started the Doof the shore of the Sea of Galilee, this event practising and spend time to achieve
Project together with two more good brings together a happy family of a few your very own sound“. Once the work is
friends, Barkash and Rontal. thousand smiling faces, gathering to cele- finished, Doof is looking forward for full-
brate and enjoy all the great aspects of length demos. Keep in mind to include
The idea was an underground party orga- nowadays Psy Trance scene. Whoever your email address in the name of the
nization, promoting low-cost Psy Trance went there describes it to be a unique high-quality MP3 file so the label can
parties in Israel’s deserts and forests. This experience- maybe due to the still very contact you easily. And don’t be too dis-
project again led to the foundation of underground motto: “We don’t create appointed if it does not do so: During our
Doof Records in 2001, a platform to share the vibe, the music and the crowd do!” interview, the Doof crew ensured to give
the music they loved so much with the Special attention is paid to a smart line- a listen to every single demo – there are
world. The great success of this label also up that will keep the party on an ecstatic just too many to react to everyone.
inspired the crew to create a musical off- level for full four days.
spring a little later: Dooflex Records pre-
sents a little lighter psychedelics such as Though both Doof Records and its sister
U-Recken, Nitro or I-Drop. label Dooflex already have a great artist  Roberdo
roster, they are always loo-
Currently the 35th Doof release is being
finalized: ClockStopers is a hyper psyche-
delic collaboration between the label acts
Terranoise and EverGreen. It will most
probably have a similar mighty impact
like the new I-Drop album, which has just
been released on Dooflex and gained

Artist Equipment
The Alesis iO Dock is one of the
first attempts to integrate the iPad
into a studio environment. This
dock features 2 inputs for phantom
powered microphones or guitars,
MIDI in- and outputs, a footswitch
jack, video out, headphones with
level control and a stereo master
out. In this way the iPad and all its
Apps can be combined with crea-
tive studio technology in quite every
way imaginable.

Being completely iOS CoreMIDI

compatible, Akai’s SynthStation 49
is instantly compatible with dozens
of music Apps for the iPad and
hundreds more on the way. This
Pioneer DDJ series controller combines the rich hard-
ware experience of Akai with the
Classic DJ equipment manuf- The Pioneer controller DDJ-S1 is new possibilities of the iPad: A por-
acturer Pioneer finally enters designed for Serato Itch. You can table, velocity-sensitive keyboard
the controller market. The DDJ- forget about the keyboard and with pitch and modulation wheels
T1 comes together with a spe- the touchpad of your laptop since and 9 trigger pads deliver intui-
cial Traktor Pioneer edition full control of two decks and a tive control for both studio and
that provides 4 decks, recor- mixer plus track browsing is pos- stage usage.
ding and multiple FX features. sible with this interface. It comes
But actually you only need the with two full sized Jog wheels
monitor of your laptop any from the current CDJ players
more because complete con- and a needle search for intuitive
trol, track browsing and selec- track exploration. Both decks are
tion etc. is possible via a remar- equipped with a FX section
kable well thought-out con- that can be routed and
cept. The controller looks pre- combined freely. Finally loop
tty much like a modern CDJ sections and two microphone
+ Mixer setup and indeed the inputs round this promising all-
very same components are in one solution off.
used for the production. Spe-
cial features are the multiple FX
unit as well as a very sophisti-
cated loop section that allows
wild sampling sessions and
finally also the needle search
is a very nice function for track

Akai Synth Station 49


Groundbreaking news from the

field of vinyl / CD control inter-
faces for digital DJs: The Rane
SL 4 is the first one that offers 4
inputs which is to say it is capa-
ble of processing up to 4 timecode
signals from vinyls / CDs simulta-
neously. Also the interface has 2
USB ports which enables two DJs
Traktor Scratch Pro 2 to connect to it at the same time.
This does not only open the pos-
Native Instruments presents a fundamental update of its entire Traktor sibility of seamless DJ changeo-
family. First of all, the famous software was completely redesigned and vers but also exciting back-to-back
appears in a very easy on the eye layout now. Despite the plain look, the sessions.
new version includes some great novelties: The multicoloured waveform
differentiates between kicks, hi-hats and snares and the Sample Deck func- Numark presents the first DJ con-
tion allows to create own loop libraries and to combine them with loads of troller for the iPad, the iPhone and
effects. Matching these new features, also the new Traktor Audio interfaces the iPod. The actual iDJ control-
open a new dimension of creativity: Audio 10 handles up to 4 timecode ler includes only the basic features
signal inputs when used with Traktor Scratch and offers incredible 10 out- for DJs, those parameters which
puts. The new Direct Thru mode was integrated in all the Traktor interfaces are simply controlled best by some
and makes them work without a computer, making DJ switchovers a breeze. tangible device. All the other para-
meters are changed via the touch
screen of the iPad / iPhone / iPod:
The classic Kaoss Pad from Korg Numark NS7 or the Vestax VCI-300. Numark works together with Algo-
enters the next level: As the name of Torq 2 features 4 full equipped decks riddim, who already developed the
the newest generation implies, this for playback, including heaps of new djay application for these devices.
gear comes with 4 autonomous effect effects and loop functions. The browser
processors that can be combined and was updated to make the exploration of
modulated via the psychedelic flashing music collections, including iTunes play-
and colour-morphing touch pad. Each lists, even more easy. A definite high-
effect processor can be “frozen” which light is Traq Morph, a function that ena-
means the effect is held so that there bles the user to morph or filter two
are two hands available again to add tracks one into another. Also the pos-
and modulate another effect. Korg sibility of inserting VST effects opens a
talks about 1500 possibilities of easy- new realm of creativity.
to-use sound manipulation.
Ableton Live users with Max/MSP
M-Audio presents the 2.0 version of are now able to twitter directly
its DJ software Torq. The program from the Live sequen-
is packed with exciting new features cer. Check out the
and will work as a standalone appli- patch here:
cation without any hardware as well www.sound-
as with the Conectiv vinyl / CD control plusdesign.
interface, the Xponent controller and com/?p=4213
also second-party controllers like the Numark iDJ

Entheogenic Art from Oz
When Brad Fettke and Katie Evans You are using multiple techniques. presented to the public in such a con-
from Australia visited their first Which one do you like most at the cise way, and so very well received.
festivals in 2002, they were deeply moment? “Religion is a far too important word
impressed by the artistic unique- Every tool has its value, I wouldn‘t to leave it to the fundamentalists”
ness and diversity of these events. say we have a favourite, but digi- (Alex Grey) ... he now seeks to cata-
Inspired by these impressions and tal media is the most exciting. A few lyse a new world religion based on
their psychedelic experiences they years ago we acquired a digital textile true mystical experience, fantastic!
started painting banners, produ- printer which allows us to print on
cing own cloth collections and set many types of organic fabrics. Pain- What is the most extraordinary
up a website. Nine years later this ting with light is very inspiring and we project you have worked on?
sprout named Izwoz has become a feel it holds the most promise in rea- Entheogenesis Australis (www.
specially magnificent blossom on lising our creative potentials and coll- is a non-profit bi-annual
the tree of Psy Trance culture. ective dreams. Animation is some- event that provides a space for open
thing we will be focusing on in the discussion about the psychedelic
What is your main source near future. experience. Now in its 7th year, with
of inspiration? the last event sold out and attracting
Our inspiration came primarily from You were just touring together over 600 people. The support for this
entheogenic experiences. We felt the with Alex Grey- Any anecdote event has been incredible, there cer-
need to somehow share and express about that? tainly is a lot of people seeking this
their inherent value, art was what Exhibiting art with Alex on his Aus- information. Helping to provide a
seemed to come naturally. Creating tralian tour has been a buzz, he has space for community to come toge-
art inspired by psychedelics for peo- created such an incredible body of ther, learn and share continues to be
ple on psychedelics felt very mea- work which validates and provides very rewarding. Work has already
ningful and gave us a sense of pur- insight into the importance and value begun for Dec 2011 and the art bud-
pose. There is so much value that can of the visionary experience. His talks get is bigger than ever, it‘s going to
be drawn from the mystical expe- were primarily focused on the visio- be huge!
rience, it seems we as a species have nary experience being at the root of
barely licked the surface. We feel that all past and present religions. This
as the war on drugs is dissolved, life is obvious to anyone who has had
on earth will flourish. these experiences and done some (Unabridged version available on
research, but it was great to see it

Psychedelic & Loopy with the Hula-Hoopy!
They say that humans are drawn It was in 1958 when the company The hula hoop is one of the simp-
to circles and spirals because there Wham-O manufactured a plastic lest and fun ways to partake in the
are no straight lines in nature - This hoop in a variety of bright colours juggling experience. It requires very
edition we take a look at the won- and termed it the „hula-hoop“. little effort to give it a go, and quite
ders of the hoop within our juggling quickly with some sufficient pel-
community. These days the hula hoop can be vic thrust-like movements one can
twirled around whichever part of the manage to master some of the basic
The origin of the hula hoop goes back body one can manage! moves (there have been times where
to quite ancient times, where people hula hooping was banned in Indone-
were using stiff grasses and vines to The record for the most hoops sia because of these movements
make circular hoops, which could be twirled simultaneously is 132, set by being unacceptable in public!)
propelled along the ground using a Paul »Dizzy Hips« Blair on Novem-
stick, or swung around the waist. (1) ber 11, 2009. (2) The previous record For the real keen hoopers in the psy-
was 107, set by Alesya Gouleviche of chedelic trance community, there are
Belarus, on June 15, 2009. (3) the LED hoops and also fire hoops
which have seen the sides of many
psy-trance party dance floors, wow-
ing onlookers and party goers with a
flash of colour and fire! Not only are
these an effective performance for
many onlookers, but a great way of

pics: Johnny Quest
Charmed Life Entertainment

PsyVideos HD
Summer Festival Movie 2010
keeping fit too! If you have ever given
the hoop a good twirl, you will notice
just how much work you really have
to put into that thing! (Think about
those hips girls! LOL!)
Hoops come in a variety of sizes,
colours, weighted or non weighted,
wood, plastic, lit up or with fire
attachments! Making your own
is actually quite easy (see internet
resources given below) and you can
ensure that it is weighted to how you
require, rather than from a toy shop
where they are often too light and
difficult to use.
Actually Caro from Berlin wanted to buy a new camera but eventu-
PVC or poly tubing is excellent to use: ally it became a video camera. Since then the two of them became
For adults and beginners 3/4 inch 160psi. an inseparable team, especially on parties. Last year she presen-
This makes for a slightly heavier hoop
and a good thickness. ted her “Summer Festival Movie 2009” which included some of the
For a lighter hoop and for children 100 - greatest moments from quite all small and big open airs in Ger-
120 psi is recommended. many but also from the South of Europe. Now she finished edi-
Such a versatile toy having been used for ting the follow-up and the sunlit footage from last summer really
centuries, the hula hoop really has end-
makes you looking forward for the next one to come!
less possibilities. You can combine seve-
ral, of same or differing sizes, your per-
formance is limited only by your imagi- Eigentlich wollte sich Caro einen neuen Fotoapparat zulegen- doch
nation! Guys or girls equally can enjoy irgendwie ist es eine Videokamera geworden. Seit dem sind die
the fun and cheekiness playing about beiden ein untrennbares Team, insbesondere auf Partys. Bereits im
with this simple yet fantastically flowing
letzten Jahr präsentierte die Wahlberlinerin ihren „Summer Festival
toy (seen here with our mates at Pixe-
lated Pyros in Australia!) and we highly Movie 2009“, in dem sie die schönsten Moment fast aller großen
recommend you give a hoop a go! und kleinen Open Airs in Deutschland aber auch im Süden Euro-
pas zusammenstellte. Nun hat sie den Nachfolger fertig geschnit-
Kylie Van Eerden ten und die sonnendurchfluteten Aufnahmen des letzten Sommers
We collected you a link bundle if machen wirklich Laune auf den kommenden!
you are looking for more resources
to hoopimg:

Goa Gil - The Roots Of Psychedelic Trance

The psychedelic revolution never stopped. ideas. In my case, I was fusing my

It just had to travel halfway around the world to a deserted music with yogic energy. This combi-
beach at the end of a dirt road where it was allowed to nation, which in the beginning came
from an acoustic guitar and an elec-
mutate and evolve without government or media pressures trified Kundalini, helped to spark
until a new paradigm was acheived: The Goa state of mind. the first full moon parties. Soon, our
passion led us to form bands, get
All of us there were experiencing no restaurants. There was nothing electric sound equipment, and set
something indescribably new. Most except the beach, some locals, and a up a stage on the beach. We also
of all, psychedelic music had explo- small tribe of hippies. It was paradise. began to DJ.
ded into our consciousness and had We would DJ the music of our
changed us forever. It seemed as But Goa wasn’t all that we discove- times… it would be a mix of rock,
though a new dawn had broken all red in India. Most of us also travelled rhythm and blues, jazz, and fusion:
over the world… and if San Fran- all over, becoming deeply influenced everything and anything from our
cisco was any indication, the dawn by the culture we found. In my hippie musical history. It wasn’t until
was Cosmic. But by the end of the own case, I began to meet Sadhus, the 1980s with the introduction of
summer of 1969, while the Wood- to smoke and talk and travel with “wave music,” “body music,” etc.
stock nation was on suburban TV them, and before long I had met my that these earliest forms of techno
sets, the bubble had burst, the Guruji in Kashmir, embraced the began to fill the DJ sets, eventually
magic had faded, and something practice of Yoga, and had become a becoming full nights of electronic
special had been lost. Sadhu myself. dance music.
But even as a Sadhu, my love of
It was during this time that many of music never left me. I began trave- In the early years we edited these
us decided to take our trip on the ling with a guitar, returning every Eurobeat tracks using two Walk-
road. We wanted to test our “head- winter to Goa, playing and singing man Professional tape decks, remo-
space” in the lands which had influ- my songs wherever I went… songs ving the vocal parts and making our
enced our thought so deeply. It which seemed to come to me from own remixes to fit our party con-
was the East - and most of all India - deep in the universe, channeled cept. Eventually, musicians who
where our tribe collectively headed. through the Kundalini that I was came to Goa and experienced our
Like so many others, I got a one way awakening with my Yoga Sadhana. parties went back to their studios in
ticket to Europe and headed overland In this way, many of us had begun the West and made music specifi-
to find my destiny. Soon, I was on the to create a special mix of East and cally designed for the dance floors
beaches of Goa. At that time, there West, absorbing the spiritual tradi- of Goa. Likewise, Goa based artists
were no bikes, no rickshaws, and tions of India into our music, art and also began creating music of their

pic: Susi

This is an extract from the GOA book - The englisch version is going to be
released in english langiage end of 2011 - more info:

own whenever they travelled to Since the beginning of time man-

places where the necessary equip- kind has used music and dance to
ment was available. It was at this commune with the Universe and
time that we began collaborating the Spirit of Nature. We are using
with Kode IV, which later evolved trance music and the trance dance
into our independent project, The experience to set off a chain reac-
Nommos. tion in conciousness.

This is how “Goa Trance” evolved This is what we call Redefining the
into being, just as it continues evol- Ancient Tribal Ritual for the 21st deeply influenced by African music,
ving to this day. “Goa Trance” is not Century. was always there with her drum to
a particular style of music as much remind me of how ancient and glo-
as a certain history of musical evo- What we had discovered in Goa was bal this tradition really is. We have
lution. Our objective has always nothing new. Since the beginning always felt that what we were doing
been to use music to create a mind of time, man has used the availa- was similar to what the earliest man
blowing experience, so the music ble technologies of his day, toge- did with his drum, only with tech-
has to be new enough to be able to ther with the cycles of the sun and nologies that were developed much
achieve that: it has to be changing, moon, to stage ecstatic events in later… computers… synthesi-
growing, and evolving all the time. which the Cosmic Spirit was felt by zers… and yoga.
I am still on my quest for the Holy all who participated. This is one of
Grail of Music, searching the under- the ways that people have always Of course, some people come to the
ground all over the world for new used to open themselves to inspira- parties just to have a good time or
sounds and beats that might help tion and evolution, as well as hea- an unusual experience…and there
guide people to that special place ling and rejuvenation. My partner, is nothing wrong with that! But many
we found: the Goa State of Mind. Ariane (Nimba, Nommos), who is times, people come with a spiritual

pic: Goa Gil


agenda. They want to commune with

the Universe or experience the full
depth of their consciousness. Like so
many before them, they use music
and dance to accomplish this. For me
too, these parties are like my religion -
the old time religion. That is why I call
it “Redefining the Ancient Tribal Ritual pic: Susi
for the 21st Century.”
for what I call the Cosmic Energy to feel it, and it seems to help bring posi-
Dance is active meditation. flow through me and through the tive changes in their lifes. I think we
When we dance we go beyond music to the people. When the music have all experienced this in some way
thought, beyond mind, and beyond is really good and the dancers are or another. A really good party can
our own individuality to become completely into it, we all stop thinking ignite a special light in our hearts that
One in the Divine Ecstasy of Union and become one with the music, with can blossom into love, compassion
with the Cosmic Spirit. This is the each other, and with the nature all and vision. These, in turn, can help us
essence of the Trance Dance Expe- around us. We fall into a trance, fully to understand what a wonderful world
rience. aware and open, and let our normal we live in, and accelerate our spiri-
ego defenses down. At this moment, tual evolution. That is why we all love
I think it’s important, especially for when everything is perfect, Boom! A these parties.
musicians and DJs, to realize the full universal transmission can take place.
potential of what music and dance Through the trance dance expe-
can do. It’s always possible to have It takes time to get into these spe- rience, hopefully people become
a good time with music, but it’s also cial states of consciousness. That is more sensitive and aware of them-
possible to turn that good time into one of the reasons my DJ sets are so selves, their surroundings, the
a life changing experience. A DJ or long… often 24 hours, and sometimes crossroads of humanity, and the
musician can be a guide, and help even longer! Another reason is that needs of the planet. With that awa-
open people up to that very special once you feel that Oneness and Cos- reness comes understanding and
type of experience. mic Bliss, you want to be there for as compassion. That is the need of the
long as you can. The longer the party hour and the true Goa spirit.
The way I do it has been the same goes on, the stronger the Trance, the
since the beginning… going all the Spirit, and the Magic. In the highest Goa Gil
way back to when I used to play my moments, it’s as though my soul, the (edited by Michael McAteer)
acoustic guitar on the beach. I try to Cosmic Soul, and the souls of the dan-
relax into a space where I am one cers are all communicating individually from: the GOA book
with the moment and open enough but together all at once. People really

Cape Town & South Africa

On Trance Safari with Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter 2003, when we also started going

to nearly every psytrance party
there was. We are privileged to
be able to attend so many par-
ties, mainly due to our lifestyle at
our pizza business, which is open
5pm to midnight daily, just the
right time to go to the party for
the night!

During the week we attend ROAR at

Gandalfs in Observatory on Wed-
nesdays, Psynopticz at Club 121 pic: clairebear
on Thursdays and Mungus Fun-
Please allow me to intro- gus at Purple Turtle on Fridays, as
duce myself to you: I am Ricky a warm-up to the Saturday night Our exchange rate is very favoura-
Sidelsky (age 54) aka DJ Mad Hat- or full weekend outdoor psytrance ble for overseas visitors – currently
ter, co-owner with my life part- party every week during our exten- you‘ll get ten of our Rand for every
ner Yolanda of Call- ded 9 months of summer from Sep- Euro, making it one of the cheapest
A-Pizza, South tember to May every year. It is also places for psytrance enthusiasts to
Africa‘s origi- common to enjoy some under- explore. Entrance to parties ranges
nal pizza deli- ground outdoor parties sometimes from just 2 Euro for the indoor par-
very com- for less than 100 people during the ties to 20 Euro for the outdoor
pany since mild winter months here too, usu- Saturday night parties. Transport
1987, as ally put on by the smaller organisers to the parties is not yet formali-
well as MINDMELT like MINDMELT, Psycho-Stompers, sed, but some backpackers are psy-
Productions, under- Psybliminal Records and others. The trance-friendly and offer shuttle ser-
ground psytrance party bigger outdoor parties, attended vices. Car hire with a valid driver‘s
organisers (31 parties by 1000 to 3000 people, are orga- licence is reasonably priced from
since 2003). We are both nised by Groovy Troopers, Bear- around 150 Euro a week. One can
extremely involved in the trap, The Village, Mindcultivation also post a request for a lift on the
psytrance culture in Cape and others, whilst the biggest par- party threads on the net. Remember
Town, Africa‘s ties of 4000 to 6000 people are held to take with sunblock for protection
psytrance capi- by Vortex (who started the scene in under the African sky, and avoid
tal, where we 1994), Alien Safari (including Rezo- taking valuables to the parties if you
attend over nance New Year‘s Eve for around don‘t have your own car.
100 psytrance par- 7000 people – the biggest of our
ties a year, at which psytrance parties) and Nano who Outdoor venues range from a close
I DJ for around 40 run the annual Origin and Earth- 30 km to as much as 2½ hours
of those every year. I dance festivals. Record labels who drive from Cape Town. There are
started DJing in 1979 also organise regular psytrance par- always toilets provided at the lar-
(on vinyl) and swit- ties include MMD, One Foot Groove, ger outdoor parties, as well as sho-
ched to psytrance in Nexus Media, Timecode and Disa- wers if it‘s a full weekend party.
sterpeace. There is security and medics availa-
ble, and usually a full bar too, but

of the party. The full weekend par-

ties usually have a second, more
chilled dance floor. The under-
ground parties tend to push the
limits more, and it is not uncommon
to find an artist playing at 160 bpm
and beyond, which is my personal

Call-A-Pizza in Sea Point, the world‘s

only psytrance-dedicated pizza
shop, is seen by many as the home
pic: wishfulworld of psytrance information in Cape
Town (as well as the best pizzas
around!). Here you can buy pre- pic: clairebear
one can take one‘s own drinks not sold psytrance party tickets, watch
in glass. Some venues have a swim- video footage of your choice of any
ming pool, but most have a river or psytrance party since 2003 (filmed
dam close by the dance floor, and by the writer) on the TV screens, or
one can find bungalows for rent if stock up your collection of South
the tent idea doesn‘t appeal to you. African psytrance CDs from the
In general, we are left alone by the world‘s biggest selection, availa-
law, as the organisers do obtain the ble at cost price. All party informa-
necessary authority to throw their tion, directions and fliers are availa-
party, and some legal psychede- ble, as well as any tourist info nee-
lics are tolerated - it is possible to ded. Plus it is a really trippy place
find some stocks at the parties – the and well worth checking out on
best is to discreetly ask the Rastas your next visit.
at their stall.
In conclusion, South
Most of the Saturday night out- Africa is a per-
door parties have the music pla- fect place to visit
ying from around 4pm until about with fantastic wea-
the same time on Sunday afternoon ther and plenty
– 24 hours non-stop. At some par- of safe and secure
ties one can continue to camp until psytrance parties
the Monday. There is usually a pro- to enjoy.
gression from the afternoon star-
ter artists building up towards mid- For further information,
night, and then maintaining the hig- please visit www.callapizza.
her level of full-on psy around 145-,
148 bpm throughout the night and or
into the morning, before mellowing
a bit to daytime psy until the end

pic: wishfulworld

mushroom interactive party tour 2011-2012

Deine Verrücktheiten sind gefragt Let‘s go bananas

Party, das ist laute Musik, die But actually we are not only invi-
im Kopf und in den Beinen ein ting you to dance but we are
wohliges Kribbeln auslöst. Party also inviting you to contribute, to
ist auch das Meer aus Licht und bring in your talents, ideas and
Farben, in welchem wir ein visions. What is it you always
erfrischendes Bad nehmen wanted to experience at a
und den grauen Staub des party? What could take our
Alltags abwaschen kön- favourite weekend acti-
nen. Aber Party sind vor vity to the next level? For
allem die Menschen, die sure juggling and other
sie machen. Auf diesem artistic performances or
Grundgedanken fußt das offering a massage are
Konzept der nächsten Gene- exciting issues. But pro-
ration von mushroom Par- bably you have even wil-
tys. Richtig gelesen, die Goa der, freakier, more spaced-
Bravo bittet zum Tanz! out ideas? After all we are the Psy
Trance scene and if there is some
Genau genommen bittet sie aber really frisky-freaky stuff going on
nicht nur zum Tanz sondern auch somewhere, than it should hap-
um deine aktive Mithilfe, um deine pen here! What are your ideas
Talente, Ideen und Visionen. Was and plans to make one of the upco-
würdest Du auf einer Party gerne mal Die mushroom tour startet ab Herbst die- ming mushroom parties a really spe-
erleben, was könnte dieses allwochen- sen Jahres. Bis Mitte Mai sammeln wir cial experience? What is it you always
endliche Erlebnis noch mal auf ein ganz Eure Ideen. Und vielleicht bist Du ja sogar wanted to do, to see or to expe-
anderes Level katapultieren? Jonglage als Performer dabei oder Du hast die rience at a party? What is the slogan
und sonstige artistische Performances Chance Deine verrückte Idee selber auf of your personal psychedelic revo-
oder Massageangebote sind in dieser der einen oder anderen Party umzuset- lution? Send us your suggestions to
Hinsicht sicher spannende Sachen. Aber zen. Besuche auch gerne unsere Facebook
vielleicht fällt Dir auch noch etwas viel Seite and actively shape one of the upco-
abgefahreneres, spacigeres und noch gazine, diskutiere mit uns über den inno- ming mushroom parties.
nie dagewesenes ein? Wir sind schließ- vativen Trance Event und sage uns was
lich die Psy Trance Szene und wenn es Dich ganz besonders kicken würde. Aktu- The mushroom tour will take off
irgendwo richtig schräg und ausgelassen elle Infos gibt’s auch immer auf www. from October this year. We are coll-
zur Sache geht, dann doch wohl hier! ecting your ideas until mid of May.
And probably you will be a part of
Mit welchen Ideen und Aktionen wür- Party is loud music that makes your the party as a performer or you will
dest Du eine der kommende mushroom head and your legs go tingly. Party is get the opportunity to put your freaky
Partys gerne zu einem speziellen Erleb- also the ocean of light and colours in ideas to action. Have a look at our
nis machen? Was wolltest Du auf einer which we can take a bath from week- Facebook page
Party schon immer mal machen, sehen end to weekend to wash away the grey mushroommagazine and join the dis-
oder erleben? Wie lautet die Parole Dei- dust of everyday life. But all above cussion about the most innovative
ner ganz persönlichen psychedelischen party is the people who make it. Exactly Trance event, tell us what would give
Revolution? Schick uns jetzt Deine Vor- this is the idea which the next gene- you the ultimate kick. Of course there
schläge an mushroom@mushroom- ration of mushroom parties is based is always up-to-date information und gestalte eine der kom- on. Yes, you got it right: Our magazine available at www.mushroom-online.
mende mushroom Parties aktiv mit. invites your body and soul to dance! com as well..
1 year mushroom magazine
from only 12,90 €

1 year mushroom magazine

+ GOA book
from only 29,90 €
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1 year mushroom magazine with 5 CD welcome pack: from 34,90 €
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Spirit Base 2011 - Stone Age

Wed 01.06. – Sun 05.06. • Korneuburg near Vienna/Austria
Spirit Base is Austria’s biggest Spirit Base ist seit 2007 Österrei- schungen geben wird. Projektionen
Psytrance Festival with more than chs größtes Psytrance-Festival mit von Sikanda, 3D-Visuals, Dekorati-
5,000 visitors since 2007. In 2011 mehr als 5.000 Besuchern. 2011 onen und die Lasershow von Kula-
the dusty quarry in Rauchen- wird der Steinbruch in Rauchen- ris werden den Wald in eine Ava-
warth will be history. The for- warth Geschichte sein. Das ehema- tar-Landschaft verwandeln. Mehr als
mer “Desert Goa” turns into a lige Wüsten-Goa wird heuer zum 100 internationale DJs und Live-Acts
“Forest Goa” this year. The 9th Wald-Goa! Das 9. Spirit Base wird sind gebucht. Der Schwerpunkt des
edition of Spirit Base turns green grün und hat eine neue traum- Line-up liegt auch heuer wieder auf
and has a new heavenly loca- hafte Location eine halbe Auto- Progressive Trance, aber auch Full-
tion just half an hour away from stunde nördlich von Wien. Das On, Dark-Psy, Oldschool und spa-
Vienna by car. The area is much Gelände ist viel größer als in Rau- ciger Ambient werden nicht zu kurz
bigger than before and provides a chenwarth, hat eine superschöne kommen. Neben dem Mainfloor gibt
beautiful and huge meadow with riesige Wiese mit einem Gewäs- es ein großes spaciges Chilloutzelt
a pond and has a Stone Age vil- ser und ein eigenes Steinzeit- und einen zweiten Floor, der sich im
lage attached to market and chil- dorf, wo Market Area und Chill- Tempo mit dem Mainfloor abwech-
lout area. Visitors come from all out liegen werden. Im Gegensatz selt. Künstler wie Dino Psaras, Rinka-
over Europe because officials and zum Behörden- und Polizeistress dink, Digital Talk, Naked Tourist,
police in Austria are far more auf den deutschen Festivals geht’s Bamboo Forest sind nur einige der
relaxed than on German festivals. in Österreich immer noch sehr 41 Live-Acts. Die große Marketarea
relaxed zu. mit Chaishops wird neben dem
The Stone Age Goa wil take place Steinzeitdorf platziert. Die Festival-
from 1st to the evening of 5th Das Steinzeit-Goa dauert vom 1. bis pässe gibt’s auf
June. Spirit Base might be the first zum Abend des 5. Juni. Damit ist Spi- und in mehreren Vorverkaufsstellen
big Outdoor psy-festival in Europe rit Base das erste große Psy-Festi- in Wien. CU in Austria!
in spring 2011. The mainfloor will val Europas im Frühling 2011. Der
be decorated this year by seve- Mainfloor wird heuer von mehre- Tom Rom
ral deco teams – with some eye- ren Deko-Teams gestaltet, wobei es
candy-like surprises. Projections of einige augenschmausige Überra-
Sikanda, 3D-visuals, gorgeous deco
and the laser show of Kularis will
pic: Ulrich Vlasak
turn the forest into an Avatar-like
space. More than 100 DJs and live-
acts have been booked. The focus
of the line-up is again on Progres-
sive Trance but also Full-on, Dark-
Psy, Oldschool and spacey Ambient
will be on the 3 floors. The music on
the mainfloor and the second floor
will alternate in tempo. Artists like
Dino Psaras, Rinkadink, Digital Talk,
Naked Tourist, Bamboo Forest are
just some of the 41 live-acts. The big
market area with chaishops will be
next to the Stone Age village. Festi-
val tickets are available at www.spi- as well as in various pre-
sale shops in Vienna. CU in Austria!

Psychedelic Experience OA
Fr 20. - Su 22. May 2011 • Meck Pomm • Germany
Im Wonnemonat Mai bietet sich die The kick-off for the open air season
Gelegenheit, die Freiluftsaison 2011 mit 2011 offers the opportunity for
einer Psychedelischen Erfahrung der a very special Psychedelic Expe-
ganz besonderen Art zu eröffnen. Mitten rience. Situated in the middle of
im schönen Mecklenburg, dem Land der North-East German Mecklenburg,
tausend Seen gelegen, präsentiert sich the state also known as the land of
dieses Open Air in einer ausgesprochen the 1000 lakes, this open air is held
malerischen Kulisse, die in ihrer Früh- in a very picturesque environment.
lingsfrische nach dem Winter besonders
prächtig erblüht. Though Psychedelic Experience
has grown bigger and bigger
Trotz ihrer beständig wachsenden Größe during the past years, it never lost
hat die Psychedelic Experience nichts that familiar charm which made it
von jenem familiären Charme verloren, something special already during
der sie schon in den ersten Jahren zu the first years. It is a festival of reu-
etwas Speziellem machte. So ist sie ein nion but also a festival for making
Festival des Wiedersehens aber auch ein new friends and by now visi-
Festival des Kennenlernens- wobei mitt- tors from all around the globe
lerweile Besucher aus fast allen Ecken have been seen. To achieve this
der Welt gesichtet wurden. Um diesem approach, there is only one dance
Anspruch gerecht zu werden, gibt es floor. Carefully coordinated with
nur einen Dancefloor. Hier werden in each time of the day, it will pre-
sorgsamer Abstimmung mit der jewei- sent all musical styles of nowa-
ligen Tageszeit alle musikalischen Stil- days scene. Neelix presents his
richtungen unserer Szene nebeneinan- new album and also Phaxe, Avalon
der präsentiert. Neelix stellt sein neues and Materia will bring up-to-date
Album vor, Phaxe bringt aktuellen Pro- sounds. Finally this familiar spring-
gressive-Wupp aus Dänemark mit und time pleasure will be completed by
auch Avalon und Materia sind mit taufri- a cosy Chill Space.
schem Sound am Start. Abgerundet wird
dieses familiäre Frühlingsvergnügen
durch einen gemütlichen Chill Space.

presented by

February Fr 25 2 Days In Paradise/Wimberghof (A) March

Fr 25 Carnival Tales / Katowice (PL)
Mi 16 Freaky Fiction / Lisbon (P) 25-27 Space Invaders / Konstanz (D)
Sa 26 Schalltherapie 5 /Gossau(CH) Do, 03.03. 18:00
Do 17 Digital Footprint 2 / Paris (F) Luna Club - Carneval in Trance
Fr 18 Electric Moonpony / Aarau (CH) Sa 26 Twisted Vision / Zizers (CH)
Fr 18 Des Bunten Kreises/Wuppertal(D) Sa 26 Trance Orient Exp./ A‘dam (NL) Chapter one
Fr 18 Digital Fantazy / Barcelona (E) Sa 26 Trippin Balls / BS (D)
Live: Patara, Bufu, Asarualim, Necmi,
Fr 18 The Mystic Friday / Berlin (D) Zoetropes, Nitro & Glycerine
Fr 18 Bunter Kreis / Wuppertal (D) Sa, 26.02. 23:00 DJs: Rocksteady And Bebop, Thor,
Fr 18 Mondton / Trimmelkam / Oö (A) Intact Xpanda 2011 Funktion Grooves, Master Nd,
18-20 Winter Demonization / Budisov (CZ) Live: Freakulizer, Neelix, Khainz, Grimlock, Chill: Highmann,
Sa 19 Psybox / Innsbruck (A) Symphonix, Time In Motion Master Nd
Sa 19 Andyjaner & Karmaras B-day/(D) DJs: Djoanna, Montagu & Golkonda, Deco: Sun and Moon
Sa 19 According To Strong / Kiel (D) Fabio, Syncron, Murus, Astraga- Loc: Just In, Venloerstr. 601-603,
Sa 19 Animi Defectus / Zürich (CH) lus, Markayn, Moody, Natron 50735 Köln, Cologne
Sa 19 Live And Let Psy / Delft (NL) Deco: Estgold-Artfactory, 3Dlight, Light Orga: V.I.B.E.Z.
Sa 19 Arhus City (DK) By Mile
Sa 19 Dr.changra Dday / Berlin (D) Loc: Hühnerposten, Hühnerposten 1a, Do 03 Jecketronic Beats / Cologne (D)
Sa 19 Transfusion / Hamburg (D) 20097 Hamburg, Hamburg Fr 04 Party 4 Seasons / Vienna (A)
Sa 19 Primaluna / Zizers (CH) Info: Fr 04 Hcss Night 2011/Ludwigslust/(D)
Sa 19 Sumeu / Copenhagen (DK) Fr 04 Dirty Bass Invasion/Innsbruck (A)
Sa 19 Mental Safari / Cologne (D) Sa 26 Digital Rising / London (GB) Fr 04 Hellboys 2 / Hamburg/altona (D)
Sa 19 Shamania / Moudon (CH) Sa 26 Birthday-party Inkl. / Köln (D) Sa 05 Amnesietheater / Berlin (D)
Sa 19 The Last Dance / Hamm (D) Sa 26 Freak Out / Salzburg (A) Sa 05 Focus / Lübeck (D)
Sa 19 Plastik Park Night / London (GB) Sa 26 The Badger‘s Ball / Plymouth (GB) Sa 05 Theatre Of Magic Dreams/ Kiel(D)
Sa 19 Wow / Vienna (A) Sa 26 Psychedelic Trance / Kampot Sa 05 Spiritual Healing/Hannover (D)
Fr 25 Damaru / Hamburg (D) Sa 26 2 Days In Paradise/Wimberghof (A) Sa 05 Mystica 2011 / Erstfeld (CH)
Fr 25 Trip To Miami / Amsterdam (NL) Sa 26 Freaky Fiction / Lisbon (P) Sa 05 Kaschmaukengeflüster /Hagenow (D)
Fr 25 Psygasus / West Flanders (B) Sa 05 birthday Special / Hamburg (D)
Fr 25 Maximal4 / Bülach (CH) Sa 05 Kin & The 4 Elements Lisbon (P)
Fr 25 Younger Brother / Tel Aviv (IL) Sa 05 Gaggalacka / Dresden (D)

Raja Ram @ Odyssee, Berlin • pic: Peter Wagner

Juice Club, Hamburg

Juice Club, Stresemannstr. 204, Hamburg- 09.02. Waagenbau: Der Mo & guest The Kidz make Noiz, Air Fuss One,
5 min from S21/S31, U Holstenstrasse 16.02. Envelope Rec: mit Tom.Eye, Ocin Rumble 23.02. Prima Platten: Simon Spielvogel, Sa. 12. Rastlos (Techno) Wolfgang Klette Dandi & Ugo (live), The Glitz
02.03. Marco Morelle, (live), Neal White (live), Kopfthe-
every sunday Fanny Mae, Mario Lasal ma (live), Phillip Wolgast,
Frühschicht - laut & gemütlich 09.03. Deep Dub Rec.: Daniel Bruns & Dandi & Ugo, Conrad & Schuster,
Electro / Proggy / Psytrance Danjel Litzki (MFK) Herrmann Stöhr, 2nd floor: Simon
from 08 Uhr to 20 Uhr 16.03. Envelope: Tom.Eye, Stefan Lange Spielvogel, Hotzpod, Fabio Fusco,
3 EURO, with clubcard free 23.03. Raendna: Simon Spielvogel & Mykill, Mika, Ali & Kowalski, Live Guest VJ: Elektropastete
13.02. ov-silence.oli, Junes vs. Mutant 30.03. Minimal Anders: Alex Fuentes Fr. 18. Cosmic Dudes (Psytrance)
X, YanneX Sensual Squeek (live), Tulk (live),
20.02. Alex, Fabio, Hit Asmussen, Com- February Imago (live), Hyperjoint (live),
plexx, Diepsyden Fr. 18. Fantasy Psyland meets Cosmic J&B Project (live), Cebo, Sirion vs.
27.02. Mario Lasal, Magoon, Karmara, Tunes (Psytrance) Slackers, RoTama
Brainbow Philter (live), Lightsphere (live), Fr. 25. Damaru (dark & psychedelic)
06.03. Morja, Arnox, Rodec, Kimie Aquarius 2012, Aliye & Kimie, Antagon (live), Conxion (live),
13.03. Teddy d‘ Saras, Connex Life, Rodek, Diepsyden, Deko: Fluoro- Nyama (live)
YanneX vs. Morph phil, Psylights Lloyd Positivist, Psytherapy, Mitra
20.03. Tomeye, Ronk, Diepsyden, Mazen Fr. 25. Damaru (dark & psychedelic) & Ignis, Deko: Harald
27.03. Diwonva Live, Mario Lasal, Axonic (live), Ant, Dark Russ, Sa. 26. Beatz, Brandy & Chickz (Drum’n
Magoon, Murus, Bluespace Mitra & Ignis, deco: Telisee Bass)
03.04. Rodec, Kimie, Tamahuka, Kaischi
10.04. Teddy vs. Kenny, Mutant X, YanneX March April
Fr. 04. Iono Music Labelnight (Progres- Fr. 01. Echoes Rec. Labelnight (progres-
every Wednesday sive) sive psy)
RAENDNA meets minimal trance / Solaris Vibe (live), Synesthic (live), Rocky (live), Osho, Alex,
progressive techno Drenan, Taranis, Murus Fr. 15. Cosmic Tunes (Psytrance)
from 20 Uhr / free entry Sa. 05. The Kidz make Noiz (Nu Rave, Brox & Menichelli (live), Squee Electro, Mash up..) (Ireland)



Sa, 05.03. 22:00 Info:

Luna Club - Carneval in Trance Xtra; BOOOOOOM-CTC & Cannibal
Chapter two Crow‘s B-day
Live: U-Recken, Mikari, Code: Chaos Orga: CTC & Krehe
DJs: U-Recken, Alice D Joanna, Teufel- Sa 26 Psy Lover‘s /Siedlinghausen(D)
chen, Arowana, Capowne, Thor, Sa 26 5 Years Psycrowdelica/Berlin (D)
Mikari, Arowana, Master Nd, Sa 26 Electronic Tribe / London (GB)
Highmann Sa 26 Trance Orient Expr./Amsterdam (NL)
Deco: Buju Sa 26 Liquid Moonlight/Elmshorn (D)
Loc: Relax Club Köln, Bremerhavener- Sa 26 Technostate Explosion / Stockholm
strasse 35, 50735 Köln-Niehl Sa 26 Black Hole / Montreal (CDN)
Orga: V.I.B.E.Z. Sa 26 Psychedelic Bits / Leeuwarden (NL)
Sa 26 Aeon / Prague (CZ)
Sa 05 Waldfrieden / Stemwede / Wehdem (D) Sa 26 Gemischtwaren 12 / Hamburg (D)
Sa 05 Area 55 / Copenhagen (DK)
Sa 05 Celebration Night/Dortmund (D) pic: Osnafoto
Sa 05 Elbelfen / Hamburg (D)
Sa 05 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D) April
Sa 05 Psychedelic Bass Ball /Essen(D) 15-18 Line Up Festival / Eilat (IL)
Sa 05 Umbrella / Zona De Beja (P) Mi 16 Th Union / Torino Centro (I)
Sa 05 Trance Addicted / Cologne (D) Fr 18 Frühlingssynphonie / Cologne (D) Fr 01 Schlager Parade/Kiel (D)
Sa 05 Back To The Futur / Paris (F) Fr 18 Colored Nights / Hamburg (D) Fr 01 Party 4 Seasons / Vienna (A)
Sa 05 Nachtamt Schwerin / Schwerin(D) Fr 18 Cosmic Dudes / Hamburg (D) Fr 01 Birthday Of The Aries/Malmö (S)
Sa 05 Groovadelik - Iv / Moudon (CH) 18-20 Wicked One ;-) / Bang Sare (T) Fr 01 A Mystical Journey/Stralsund (D)
Fr 11 Fieberträume / Kiel (D) 18-20 Traumklänge/Perleberg/ (D) Fr 01 Wirres Waldgeflüster/Osnabrück (D)
Fr 11 Yosh Birthday /Nähe Biel (CH) Sa 19 Tabula Rasa / Basel (CH) 01-05 Crystal Nexus / Desert (Namibia)
Fr 11 Trip To Distel / Amsterdam (NL) Sa 19 End Of Winter / Hofheim/ts. (D) Sa 02 Amanita Ii / Innsbruck /(A)
Fr 11 2‘nd Rising B-day / Vilnius (LT) Sa 19 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A) Sa 02 Wicca Massala / Dresden (D)
Fr 11 2‘nd Rising B-day / Vilnius (LT) Sa 19 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D) Sa 02 Nordick Beatz / Berlin (D)
Fr 11 Planet Zogg / Sheffield (GB) Sa 19 Hokus Focus Meets/ Wöbbelin(D) Sa 02 Freak Faktory Pilles/Sassnitz(D)
Sa 12 Harmonic Vision / Tba, Soon (P) Sa 19 Lost In Time / Bülach (CH) Sa 02 Mutated Frequencies / Antwerp(B)
Sa 12 Thor´s&Sabrina´s B-day Essen(D) Fr 25 Damaru / Hamburg (D) Sa 02 Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D)
Sa 12 Hippie Dark Night/Hamburg(D) Fr 25 The Sunny Site Of Vienna/(A) Sa 02 Metatronic 5 / Bloomington (USA)
Sa 12 Killa Dreamstate / Tba (P) Sa 02 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D)
Sa 12 Klang Fabrik 2 / Olten (CH) Sa, 26.03. 22:00 Sa 02 Kymatika / Wetzikon (CH)
Sa 12 Zum Chnusperhüüsli / Gossau(CH) 5 Years Psycrowdelica Sa 02 Sumeru / Helsingor (DK)
Sa 12 Melins Zaubertens / Stuttgart (D) Sa 09 B-day BashofDarkruss/Hamburg (D)
Live: Ctcdrope, Z, Insector Sa 09 Birthday Connection / Hamburg(D)
Sa 12 Twisted Night Ii / Warsaw (PL) DJs: Cannibal Crow, Iken, Lyserg, Phi-
Sa 12 Rowdy / Copenhagen (DK) Sa 09 Stubentanz Ii / Rendsburg (D)
loso, Sick, Mad Uguluk Sa 09 Rowdy / Copenhagen (DK)
Sa 12 T R I K A Y A / Graz (A) Deco: VisuVision and friends
Sa 12 Area-52 / Utrecht (NL) Sa 09 Psychedelic Mountain / Chur (CH)
Loc: RAW - Tempel, Revaler Stras- Sa 09 Simsalabim / Paderborn (D)
Sa 12 Northern Gateway / Rostock (D) se 99, 10245 Berlin, 5 min from
Sa 12 No Mercy For You 6 / Hessen (D) 14-17 Earth Festival / La Paz (MEX)
S-Station Warschauer Strasse, 14-18 Transition Festival/Almonte (E)
Sa 12 One Day Mahamudra / Valencia (E) Berlin Fr 15 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D)

15-17 Auta Orda / Berlin (D)

Sa 16 Smileytribe /Near Hasselt (B)
Sa 16 Psyvision / Berlin (D)
Sa 16 Waldfrieden On Tour / Minden (D)
Sa 16 Question Of Time / Hamburg (D)
Sa 16 3klang / Essen Stadtwald (D)
Sa 16 Traumwelten V / Lübeck (D)
Sa 16 Magic Dreams Iv / Hamburg (D) pic: Alex,
18-21 Rise Of The Phoenix/Pokhara (NEP)
Mi 20 Påske Tam Tam 2011/Copenhagen (DK)
Do 21 Atisha´s Trancedance/ Hamburg (D) Fr, 20.05. - So, 22.05. 20:00 area, bathing lake, chillarea, fire
22-24 Andes Festival / Coroico (BOL) performance, beautiful nature,
Psychedelic Experience shuttle service
22-25 Magic Cave / Bülach (CH)
22-26 Transahara /Sahara Desert(MA) Open Air 2011 Loc: 19386 Lübz - Northern Germa-
Sa 23 Kinky Beats / Zürich (CH) Live: Avalon, Connexx, Elecdruids, J&B ny (between Hamburg & Berlin),
So 24 Sounds Of Goa / Hamburg (D) Project, Materia, Magoon, Neelix, A24 from Hamburg 150km, from
So 24 Astral Vision / Braunschweig (D) Phaxe, Slackjoint, Tulk Berlin 180km, A24 exit Parchim,
Fr 29 Monkey Bar Ii / Dresden (D) DJs: Aliye & Kimie, Aquarius, Baum, direction Lübz, from Lübz follow
29-01 Rhythm-of-magic 2011 Blue Space, Chriss, Diepsyden, signs, NortherN Germany
29-01 Tom‘s Burzlitanz / Thun (CH) Egalo, Fabio, Johan, Katati Kara- Info:,
ti, Mat Mushroom, Mabiranon,
Mitra, Melburn, Miller, Moody, Orga: Psychedelic Experience Crew
Fr, 29.04. - So, 01.05. 18:00
Natron, Ov-Silence Oli, Schnoor
Waldfrieden - HAI in den MAI & Schnoor , Spunky, Timmi,Terra, Sa 21 Schall Und Rauch / Hamburg (D)
Live: Tomeye, Wedanta, Zosma, Zottel 27-29 SPirates Festival / Sarrod (H)
DJs: Deco: Shoom, BastArt 23, Illuminated Sa 28 Uyuni Trance Festival /(BOL)
Xtra: 2 Outdoor Floors and 1 Indoor Art, Paraoptix, Uhu Crew Sa 28 Technostate / Stockholm (S)
Club, Psychedelic Mainfloor @ Xtra: start in the summer, special Sa 28 Glasshouse / Kufstein (A)
Night & Day, Progressive Club soundsystem, projections, visu- Sa 28 Orient Express / Ámsterdam (NL)
@ Nighttime, Alternative Backy- al light & laserperformance, sho- Sa 28 Mannitou-massaker / Elmshorn (D)
ard @ Daytime, keep the nature parea, free camping, hammock
clean and green
Loc: Waldfrieden Wunderland - Berg-
str. 32 - 32351 Stemwede - Weh-
dem, Stemwede-Wehdem
Info:, ranger@
Orga: Waldfrieden - Events

Sa 30 Sunsplash / Wuppertal (D)

Sa 30 Circus Maximus / Kiel (D)
Sa 30 Trance Orange Express/Adam (NL)
Sa 30 Secret Nights /Zürich (CH)
Sa 30 Walpurgisnacht / Elmshorn (D)
Sa 30 Shiva‘s Moonrise / Leuven (B)

Fr 06 Party 4 Seasons/Vienna (A)
Fr 06 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D)
Fr 06 Mind Mutation / Graz (A)
06-08 Toxic Playground Oa Part 3 (D)
Sa 07 Tabula Rasa / Basel (CH)
Sa 07 Zappelkiste / Dresden (D)
Sa 07 1000 Miles Away / Zürich (CH)
Sa 07 Nordick Beatz / Berlin (D)
Fr 13 Tabula Rasa / Kiel (D)
Fr 13 Sternentanz / Basel (CH)
13-15 Real Frontier / Casiz (CH)
13-16 Biolumina OA / near Münster (D)
Sa 14 Blissful Trancemutation Iii (P)
Sa 14 Life Is Live / Innsbruck (A)

pic: Kylie

June Dejan, Caban , Fipsinger, Dre- 24-27 Back To Nature 3 / ¦rhus (DK)
amdoctor, Freakquelizer, Maya, Sa 25 Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D)
Mahodin, Psywolf, Djibril, Ro- 30-04 Psychedelic Experimentation (D)
Mi, 01.06. - So, 05.06. 18:00 Tama, Nono, Kajola, Tajmahal
Spirit Base Festival 2011 Deco: international and national deko July
Stone Age teams and vjs, laser show by
kularis Sa 02 Avalon / Northern Germany (D)
Live: Dino Psaras, Rinkadink, Digital Loc: Austria, near Vienna
Talk, Ananda Shake, Ital, Freaku- Sa 02 Umsonst & Draußen / Hamburg (D)
Info:, goran@pro- 07-10 Paradise Festival 2011 / Tba (A)
lizer, Psilocybe Project, Bio Gene-
sis, Naked Tourist, Alternative 07-10 Tundra Festival / Zarasai (LT)
Orga: goaran 08-10 Morgentau 6 OA / Near Hagenow (D)
Control, Bamboo Forest, X Noize,
Perfect Stranger, U-Recken, 08-11 Evolution Festival / Kavala (GR)
Solarplexus, Orgonflow, Deja- Sa 09 Follow The White Rabbit (DK)
voo, K-Isuma, Khainz, Kularis, Sa 09 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D)
Mi 01 Pear / Mannheim (D) Sa 09 Timeless / Olten (CH)
We, Audiomatic, Aerospace, Etic, 01-05 Black Moon Festival/Centre Italy
Symphonix, Protonica, Klopfgei- Mo 11 Buss Trip / Stockholm (S)
01-05 Spirit Base Festival 2011 /(A) 15-17 Digital Waves (CH)
ster, Motion Drive, Time in Moti- 03-05 Indigo Kinder Fest/ Nrw (D)
on, Solano, Egorythmia, Nee- 15-17 Color Of Forest / Graubnden(CH)
03-05 Ramayana Oa / Insel Usedom(D) 15-18 Psyculture Festival/ Drama (GR)
lix, Feuerhake, Krama, Philter, Sa 04 Nordick Beatz / Berlin (D)
ilai, Crazy Fraggle, Nono, Kajola, Sa 16 Maitreya / North Germany (D)
Sa 04 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D) 19-25 Paleo Festival Nyon / Nyon (CH)
Materia, Klangmassage, Asura, 10-14 Tom Rom Special / Tba. (A)
Carbon based life forms, Kuba, 22-24 Occultrance / Oosteeklo (B)
Sa 11 Terrassenzauber / Berlin (D) 22-24 Psy Fraggle Rock / Hessen (D)
Tripsitch 11-13 Open Chakra / Paris (F)
DJs: Alpha, Aes Dana,Shane Goby, 22-25 Vuuv Festival (D)
Mi 15 Red Moon / Bratislava () Sa 23 Liquid Sunshine / Elmshorn (D)
Arkadius & Li´l Momo, Iguana, Dj 17-19 Hexenkessel 2011 (D)
Pin, Terranostra, Mat Mushroom, 23-25 Centenario / Cusco (PE)
17-21 Summer Sun Change / Goa Hway (D) 23-25 Manatargaq / Seaside (EST)
Cubixx, Expanding Conscious- Sa 18 Random / Edinburgh (GB)
ness, Murus, Bim, Mullekular, 28-31 Future Nature / Pula (HR)
Sa 18 Ariane & Goagil OA/ Göritz (D) 28-01 Summer Never Ends Festival (CH)
Malex, Alezzaro, Riff Ruff, Goba- 18-20 The Psychedelic Gath./Adam (NL)
yashi, Djane Nicoletta, Tommes, 29-31 U&Dr / Veltheim (D)
23-26 Dance To Our Earth/Alps (CH) 29-31 Chvatimech-mountains Gattering
Sun Experience, Iken, Atma, Phil- 24-26 Intiraymi Fest./Sacsayhuaman(PE)
harmonica, Tapanov, Goandi, Sa 30 Orient Express/Amsterdam (NL)
24-26 Kaschmaukenaufstand OA N.Ger (D)

August Fr 14 Hardy Ist Nicht So Alt/HH (D) So 27 Technostate / Stockholm (S)

Sa 15 Djoannas B-day W-frieden (D) Mo 28 Arkona Creation - London (GB)
02-07 O.z.o.r.a Festival/ Ozora (H) Sa 15 Boris B-day Dance / Olpe (D)
05-07 Psy Mountain / Grisons (CH) Sa 15 Klangregen / Zürich(dynamo) (CH) December
05-07 Red Planet Open Air Leussow (D) Sa 15 Autumnia / Hamburg (D)
Sa 06 Funksignale / Hamburg (D) 15-18 Divine Blast Festival/Goa(IND) Sa 03 Waldfrieden / Stemwede / (D)
Sa 06 B-day Beatz / Sauerland (D) Fr 21 Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D) So 25 Waldfrieden / Stemwede (D)
08-15 Transylvania Calling (R) Sa 22 Psy Supernova / Bielefeld (D) 25-01 Totally Ressurrected
12-14 Wonderland OA Stemwede (D) Sa 29 Dark Horror Night/Hamburg (D) 30-01 Timegate 2012 / Porrentruy (CH)
Sa 13 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D) Sa 29 Imagepflege 011 / Hamburg (D) 30-01 Psybox / Innsbruck (A)
18-21 N.o.m.a.d. / Gornies (F) Mo 31 PsyAnniversary/Leeuwarden (NL) Sa 31 Derbuntekreis / Wuppertal (D)
19-21 magic Spell OA Prignitz (D) Sa 31 Rowdy New Year / Roskilde (DK)
Sa 20 Nova‘s Incident X OA/Aachen(B) November Sa 31 Silvestika / Bielefeld (D)
25-29 Sol Fest. / Sierra De Gata (E) Sa 31 Elec. Desire / Flensburg (D)
Sa 27 Orient Express Amsterdam (NL) Fr 04 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) 27-29 Psygone And On / Pleiades ()
Sa 27 Samstagsflieger Spezial /HH (D) Fr 04 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Sa 28 Optical Irritation / Kiel (D)
So 06 Illusion / Winterberg (D)
September Sa 12 Stromreligion / Kiel City (D)
Sa 12 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A)
Fr 02 Mind Mutation / Graz (A) Sa 26 Error 404 / Hamburg (D)
02-04 Gaggalacka (D)
So 11 Goa! / Berlin (D)
So 25 Password Is Love /Paris (F)
Fr 30 Electronic Desire / Flensburg (D)

Sa 01 Sunside / Rostock (D)
Sa 01 Insane Vision / Innsbruck (A)
Sa 01 Technostate / Stockholm (S)

Adieu Trancecard

Still und heimlich hat sie sich

zusammen mit dem vergangenen
Jahr verabschiedet: Die Rede ist
von unserer Trance Card. Leider
fanden sich in letzter Zeit immer
weniger Partyveranstalter, die
an unserem Vielfeier- Rabatt-
programm teilnehmen wollten.
Aus diesem Grund haben wir
das Angebot nun eingestellt.
Wichtige Info für alle Inhaber einer
noch gültigen Trance Card: Euer
mushroom Abo wird entsprechend
der Gültigkeitsdauer verlängert!

Drugstore news
are also entirely new substances,
results of drug research. A popu-
lar example was Mephedrone,
which is a drug according to the
laws of most European countries
today. Research chemicals can
provoke heavy effects and side-
effects and since they have not
been examined properly, long-
term effects are unknown. Cur-
rently there are pills containing
4-FA for instance.

CannaTrade 2011
Kannste in der Pfeife rauchen
Mit spitzer Zunge formuliert, lei-
der aber eine Tatsache: Die Can-
naTrade in Zürich wurde für
dieses Jahr abgesagt. Im kommen-
Coffeeshops strictly for dutch members ? den soll sie aber wieder ganz nor-
mal stattfinden.
No tourists allowed in Coffee Dirty grass Unfortunately CannaTrade 2011
Shops any more? Again and again alarming impu- in Zurich had been cancelled. The
It seems probable that the Dutch rities are found in marihuana fair shall be held next year again.
government will establish a “mem- throughout Europe. In Germany
bership card system” for coffee and Austria grass was diluted with Petition zur Entkriminalisierung
shops during the first quarter of glue recently: The plant looks like von Cannabis Konsumenten
2011. In this way coffee shops will there are lots of crystals on it but Die Im Herbst letzten Jahres vom
become private clubs, only acces- it does not have a strong smell at Deutschen Hanfverband ins Leben
sible for members. Only regi- all. Burning this grass will result gerufene Petition zur Entkrimina-
stered citizen of the Netherlands in a strange smell, unusual smoke lisierung von Hanfkonsumenten,
(also foreigners being officially regi- and black, oily residues. The die eine Liberalisierung des deut-
stered here) can become mem- material is heavier than the actual schen Rechts hinsichtlich des Can-
bers of these clubs. Thus coffee dried plant should be. Also impu- nabiskonsums fordert (z.B. Grenz-
shop tourism in the border regi- rities by hair spray and sand for werte für den Straßenverkehr,
ons could become impossible soon. bird cages are found frequently Straffreiheit bei geringen Mengen,
Since selling marihuana products is throughout Europe. Einschränkung von Hausdurch-
only tolerated but not regulated by suchungen) wurde von 21.309
law in the Netherlands, the regu- Research chemicals Menschen online unterzeichnet
lation might differ from municipa- Ecstasy pills and speed are diluted und erreichte somit Platz 14. der
lity to municipality. In the big cities with research chemicals more and erfolgreichsten deutschen Online-
in the centre of the Netherlands like more often. These substances are Petitionen. Obwohl die wich-
Amsterdam the new system will often derivates of law-controlled tige Grenze von 50.000 Mitzeich-
probably not be established since it dugs like MDMA for instance. nern nicht erreicht wurde, stellt
has been realized that coffee shops Since they have a slightly diffe- sie einen großen Erfolg dar und
cleaned the streets from illegal drug rent chemical structure, they are befindet sich derzeit in parlamen-
markets. not effected by recent laws and tarischer Prüfung.
therefore formally legal. But there

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