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Company Review
Legitimate Vendor: maybe?
About: Based out of the Netherlands "Shamanic Extracts is a supplier of interesting seeds, herbs,
plants and specialized manufacturer for salvia divinorum and other ethnobotanical extracts. Rare
and exotic plants and entheogens, essential oils, incenses, seeds, ancient and sacred herbs that
have a long history of ethnobotany, healing, energizing, or relaxing both the mind and spirit are
our specialty and passion.."

Whats for Sale?

A HUGE selection of just about every psychedelic, and herbal plant imaginable, plus mushroom
grow-kits, live cactus cuttings and a selection of live plants.

Shipping/ $$ and Return Policy:

All orders are shipped in plain packaging with no indication to the contents. Here is an indication
on how long it takes to arrive. These are working days. Delays in the mail are beyond our control.
Therefore we keep 20 days before we will track a package thats lost in the mail somewere.
EUROPA Priority
Austria 3-4 days
Belgium, Germany, France 2-3 days
Italy, Spain, Portugal 4-6 days
Poland, Tsjechie 5-7 days
Suisse, Sweden 4-5 days
United Kingdom 4-5 days

Outside Europe
Brazil, Australia 6-9 days
Canada 5-6 days
Japan, Israel 4-5 days
South Africa, Suriname 7-10 days
United states 5-7 days

We use Worldpay secure payment services with Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron UK Debit,
Mastercard, JCB, Switch and Solo. Billing on your credit card statement will show up as WP-
Crossworlds. All prices are in Euro's.

You can transfer the funds directly to our bank account using the information below. Please note
that bank transfers should be made in the Euro currency (*Fixed Exchange Rate*, or *Fixed
Currency*). Make sure to mention this to your bank when making the transaction.
User Reviews
We turned up 4 separate forums relating to this company and it seems to be kind of a dead egg.

Shamanic Extracts received an average user rating of 3.26/10 on, based on 28 votes., 'the alternative seach engine' lists over 108 ethnbotanical companies and allows
visitors to rate and leave comments.

"Do not buy from these guys; they rip off other well-known and well-respected venders,
including IAmShaman and BB, and they are in the Netherlands, so it can take a while to get your
order once you place it. There are other FAR superior sites to choose from who don't rip other
people off to get ahead!" -James

"These guys are unbelievable; they have completely ripped off the highly respected IAmShaman.
com site...the look, the feel, even their product descriptions. These guys should be ashamed of
themselves and put out of business." -Marcus

We noticed many comments relating to this site are that they stole/duplicated content from I Am and It's interesting to note that I Am Shaman operates the simillar URL and this company operates

"The 1st time i ordered with them was fine for me as well.. package arrived like 2 days later! it
was awesome! so i thought id go and order some more.. this time i ordered 4 salvia cuttings and
some 20x extract.. ive been waiting for 4 weeks now.. NOTHING!" -Cheech

"Yea I had similar problems. Package didn't arrive, and no replies to support. Avoid Shamanic-
extracts." Vlad_ forums

"I ordered from them once and they shipped fine... but then someone on here complained about
them not sending their stuff, so I decided against ordering again. Which really sucks, because
they had some niiiiiice stuff!" -boxcarguy07 forums

"Shamanic extracts seem to have a bunch of clone sights also. Some advertising in Europe and
others in N. America. They all seem to give automated answers to any questions. Any company
that refuses to answer questions personally and has a robot do it instead makes me very uneasy.
I've heard far more bad reports from them and their clone sights to outweigh anything good." -
stormer88 Forum

Our Experience
The good definitely doesn't out weigh the bad. There are lot's of other legitimate sellers out there.