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Henderso needs model are component of individual learns unique individual’s ability to function individual who lacks the
n Nature of health. pattern for living. independently as outlined in necessary strength, will
the 14 components. and knowledge to satisfy 1
nursing model or more of 14 basic needs.
Ernestine Helping Art of Individual who Concept of the nurse, A being who acts,
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ch Nursing relationships.
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Abdellah problem nursing care environment which is wellness and no 21 nursing problem
a part of it. unmet need
Jean The The one that is Social environment, Physical, mental and Human science of
Watson philosophy nurtured caring, and culture of social wellness people and human
and science of caring health
Myra Conservation A holistic being Competes the a wholeness and a profession as well
Levine theory who constantly wholeness of person successful adaptation as an academic
strives to discipline, always
preserve practiced and
wholeness and studied in concert
integrity with all of the
disciplines that
together from the
health sciences
Patricia From novice
Benner to expert
Madeline Transcultural
Leininger nursing
Nola Health
Pender promotion
Hildegard Interpersonal A developing Existing forces A word symbol that A significant
Peplau Relations organism that outside the organism implies forward therapeutic
Model tries to reduce and in the context of movement of interpersonal
anxiety caused culture personality and other process. It functions
by needs ongoing human cooperatively with
processes in the other human process
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