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1. What is Mobile Phone to you?

A. Communication Tool. B. Status Symbol.
C. Necessity for Urban Life. D. Others Specify [ ].
2. What brand of Mobile Phone do you use?
A. Nokia. B. Samsung. C. Sony Ericssion.
D. Micromax. E. Blackberry. F. Apple.
G. Others Specify [ ].
3. What is the price of the Mobile Phone you use?
A. Less than Rs.5000. B. Rs.5001-Rs.10000.
C. Rs.10001-Rs.15000 D. Above Rs.15001.
4. On what basis do you select your Mobile Phone?
A. Features. B. Price. C. Looks.
D. User Friendliness. E. Others Specify [ ].
5. Does the advertisement of the product influence your purc hasing?
A. Yes. B. No.
6. How long have you been using the same Mobile Phone?
A. Less than 2 yrs. B. 2 yrs to 4 yrs.
C. 4 yrs to 6 yrs. D. Above 6 yrs.
7. What special features do you have in your Mobile Phone (You can choose
more than one option)?
A. Bluetooth. B. GPS. C. Music Player.
D. Internet. E. Wi-Fi. F. 3G.
G. Others Specify [ ].
8. What accessories do you have with your Mobile Phone (You can choose
more than one option)?
A. Bluetooth Headset. B. Handsfree. C. MP3 plug in.
D. Direct TV connectivity cord. E. Direct Projector connectivity Cord.
F. Others Specify [ ].
9. What type of Mobile Phone do you pr efer?
A. Bar. B. Flap. C. Slide.
D. Touch. E. Others Specify [ ].
10. Which keypad do you prefer with your Mobile Phone?
A. Normal. B. Alpha. C. QWERTY.
D. Virtual. E. Others Specify [ ].
11. Are you satisfied with the battery backup of your Mobile Phone?
A. Yes. B. No.
12. Which type of Mobile Phone attracts you the most?
A. Gaming Series. B. Music Series. C. Camera Series.
D. General Entertainment Phone. E. PDA.
F. Others Specify [ ].
13. How many Mobile Phone of the same brand do you have in your home?
A. Less than 3. B. 3-6. C. Above 6.
14. Which additional features do you use on your Mobile Phone regularly?
(You can choose more than one options).
A. Mp3. B. Play Games. C. Wi-Fi.
D. GPS. E. Internet. F. Camera.
G. Others Specify [ ].
15. What kind of features or services would you like to have in your Mobile
Phone in future?
A. Finger Print Sensor. B. Mobile TV on demand.
C. Voice Over Internet Protocol. D. Others Specify.
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