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This Project Components tester can be used to check the electronic components such us Diode,
8051 Microcontroller Transistor, Capacitor, IC555, IC741 and Continuity. The whole circuit was controlled by the
PCB Circuit Diagram Microcontroller AT89C52. The circuit has an LCD display it was used to display the Text
Circuit messages over it. The system will display the conditions of the device on the LCD display.
The Microcontroller used in this project was an 8 bit microcontroller AT89C52 it has a program
Tag Cloud memory of 8 Kilobytes. For checking the IC555 an external circuit was configured as astable
Tag cloud multivibrator and for checking IC741 an external circuit was connected as a comparator. The
microcontroller will check the output and display it over the LCD.

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file://C:\Documents and Settings\Elshadai\My Documents\sdit1\project\Electronics Components Tester (AT89C52).htm 24-Feb-11

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Circuit Diagram:


Download the Source code from here:

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file://C:\Documents and Settings\Elshadai\My Documents\sdit1\project\Electronics Components Tester (AT89C52).htm 24-Feb-11