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Don’t Replace that

tempered glass
fabrication debris resurfacing remove graffiti
from glass
Tempered glass is sometimes in-
Even deeply etched graffiti from
stalled with imperceptible defects
on the surface of glass. But, after sharp tools & rocks can be re-
the glass is cleaned, fine scratches paired. Acid graffiti - no problem.
Once damage is removed, we can
are now visable in many parts of
the glass. Unscratch The Surface is install an anti-graffiti film to protect
building you’re in has the glass surface. This virtually in-
walls of glass that should be the only company that has a proven
track record of successfully resur- visible film forms a barrier against
beautiful, allowing anyone to glass damage.
facing this type of damage, leaving
gaze out upon the scenery. But no discernable distortion, haze or
when looking out, do you notice swirls, even direct sunlight.
scratches, water spots or mineral repair & resurface
deposits that won’t go away?
construction damage Over ninety-five percent of people
glass repair
Or do you have a classic car, in the glass and construction indus-
an incredible piece of machin- try believe that scratched glass is
ery that you plan to exhibit at
Glass can become scratched and unrepairable. And unless you have
damaged during the construc- the right process, they’re right.
the next show? But the windows tion process in various ways, from Genuine glass repair involves
are scratched, defects that take stucco or grout, from ladders, or grinding which will lead to distor-
away from the overall look and sanding carelessly. Unscratch The tion if not done properly. Unscratch
value. Surface can remove the damage, The Surface has developed a pro-
eliminating costly replacement prietary, patent pending, process
and even eliminating delays in the that can repair scratches and resur-
Have the windows or doors in construction process. And it can be face glass, making your glass look
your store, business or school done faster than replacement at a as good as new at a fraction of the
been tagged with acid or scratch fraction of the cost. cost of replacement.
graffiti? Or, have your win-
dows or glass doors been badly
scratched? Or has your expen-
sive glass table been scratched?

No Job Too Big!

cost & convenience
Using our proprietary, patent pend-
ing glass resurfacing process, Un-
scratch the Surface can repair virtu-
ally any type of glass damage due
to new construction scratches, acid
and scratched glass graffiti, hard wa-
F rom office buildings, hotels, hospi- ter and even fabrication debris. This
includes both flat and curved, tem-
tals, condos, glass curtain walls, to
private homes with mirrors, windows pered, annealed or even laminated
or glass doors that have been dam- glass.
aged, Unscratch The Surface can Aircraft Glass
solve your problem at a fraction of
Classic Car Glass
the cost of replacement. Even on spe-
cialty projects like curved glass, yacht Marine Glass
glass, classic car glass, or scratched Commercial Buildings
airplane glass or lenses, we can re-
pair your problem, always with a
no-distortion guarantee. New Construction and Remodels
Convention Centers
remove “impossible to remove” Glass Conference Tables
water spot damage Hospitals
Hard water and salt water can dam- Malls
age glass. Even most professional
window cleaners cannot remove this Retail Stores
damage. Unscratch The Surface can
remove these problems without dis- Visit
torting or damaging the glass. Then
a protective self-cleaning nanotech
coating can be applied to retard any
recurrence of the water damage. Or call
for more information.

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