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Name: ___________________________________ Date: 18 August 2010


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1. I could not go out last night because I was too busy.

2. I could not go with my friend so he went without me.

3. My friend went to the cinema to see a film but the film wasn't very good.

4. The cinema was full of people and they were all smoking.

5. I like people but I don't like smoke.

6. Do you want an orange juice or a beer?

7. It was my birthday but he didn't send me a card.

8. I didn't write to him so he didn't write to me.


Mary could not go out with me so I invited Anne instead. Anne was very happy to accept my
invitation because the film was very popular. Anne and I had a good time but next day Mary was
very angry. "Do you love me or do you love Anne?" she asked me. "I like both you and Anne," I
answered. "Look!" said Mary. "Either you go out with me or you go out with Anne. You can't love
both me and Anne at the same time." "Why not?" I answered. "because it's not fair." I asked
Mary if she would go out with me tonight but she said that she had a new boyfriend and didn't
want to see me again because I didn't really love her. I phoned Anne but she said she was busy
and now I'm alone.