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‡ How many cells must intervene between

two cells using the same frequency?

D: Minimum distance between centers of cells that use the
same band (co-channels)
R: Radius of a cell
d: distance between adjacent cells (d=!3 R)
N: Number of cells in a repetitious pattern (reuse factor)

D/R = ¥(3N)
or D/d = ¥N
‡ Frequency Reuse is the core concept of
cellular mobile radio
‡ Users in different geographical areas (in
different cells) may simultaneously use the
same frequency
‡ Frequency reuse drastically increases user
capacity and spectrum efficiency
‡ Frequence reuse causes mutual
interference (trade off link quality versus
subscriber capacity)
‡ The total number of channels are divided
into  groups.
±  is called reuse factor or cluster size.
‡ Each cell is assigned one of the groups.
‡ The same group can be reused by two
different cells provided that they are
sufficiently far apart.

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