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Aurora Aurea Correspondence Course

2010, The Magical Order Of Aurora Aurea.

Posted by: "Nick Farrell" nfarrell007
Date: Mon Mar 1, 2010 1:28 am ((PST))

After laying low on the subject for a few months, I just thought I would tell ev
eryone about the Golden Dawn Order that has been formed after I left the HOGD.
The Website for the Order can be found here The Magical Ord
er of the Aurora Aurea will be a world-wide Golden Dawn group whose main focus i
s taking a magical approach to the system. There are a few minor changes, but th
e frame work and initiations are traditional (Whare Ra) GD. The Order structure
is slightly different and there is a ritual public face, called an Anticum. Th
ere is also a separate correspondence course for those who are not close to a fu
ll temple (although we are hoping that the course will draw people together to f
orm Aurora Aurea temples).
The training material includes the traditional Golden Dawn material along with n
ew teachings that work within the same system. The Order is much more hands on
and practical than the pile of papers, traditional knowledge paper plus examinat
ion system of the Golden Dawn. It requires daily work and will have a full grad
e system at least until 7=4.
We are based in Europe with temples in Italy, Slovinia, Dublin and Wales.
The Correspondence course is a rewrite of the HCOMA course which was closed down
by the former Director of Studies last year. If anyone was on that course and
would like to continue then they are welcome to join at their previous level. It
is a supervised course but offers no recognised grade other than the spiritual
work that the student manages to achieve on their own.
It has been fun starting an Order from scratch, although my head hurts now that
I have been writing the course material. I have nearly finished the 3=8 materia
l! Currently members are flat out translating the material into different langu
ages too.
Anyway have a look at the website and if you have any questions get in touch.
Nick Farrell

<p style="text-align: center;">While attendance in a regular working temple is a

lways better for the development of the student, the Magical Order of the Aurora
Aurea accepts that this is not always possible. While we believe that a small a
mount of travel to a temple is an indication of the determination of a student,
we acknowledge that it is often not possible for people to attend its meetings,
however determined they might be. Therefore it offers a method of graded, superv
ised study using Golden Dawn symbolism.</p>
<p>Using ritual and meditation, the course takes students through a practical ap
plication of the Golden Dawn techniques. It works differently from a regular tem
ple structure and does not offer traditional grades or even status within the Ma
gical Order. However it does offer training and a guided approach through the ma
gical labyrinth to those who are isolated and working alone.</p>
<p>The course is internet based. A student receives a lesson in PDF format which
covers a month&#8217;s serious work. They are required to submit a diary of the
ir work to a mentor who works with the tradition. Their diary is commented on an
d suggestions made to assist their progress. If the supervisor feels that the le
sson has been learnt and the student is ready to continue then another lesson is
<p>The course is hard work. It requires discipline and at least half an hour a d
ay of your time. The work is cumulative and alchemical so you will develop skill
s over time and in a different manner from the Golden Dawn system. Once you have
been on the course for a year you will have abilities and disciplines that woul
d make you a valuable member of any esoteric school. Over time you will have a p
ractical experience of the Golden Dawn system.</p>
<p>The goal of the college is to prepare candidates for magical work, to provide
them with practical exercises and experience and to lead them to a connection w
ith their Higher Self. Later it will teach advanced magical techniques similar t
o those which are looked at within the Second Order of the Golden Dawn.</
The Correspondence School is not designed to make money but makes a charge to co
ver the costs of its operation. Supervisors are volunteers from the Order who ar
e assisting as part of their own training.</p>
<p>The initial fee for the first lesson is ten euros, to cover registration. Sub
sequent lessons are six euros each. If you are asked to repeat a lesson you will
not be charged.</p>
<p>Payment is through Paypal
Technology Requirements
The course is entirely internet based; we recommend a broadband connection of at
least half a megabyte download speed. In addition the computer you use should h
ave the following software packages:</p>
<p>Microsoft Word, or Open Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader, a media player capable
of playing wms files.</p>
<p>A colour printer might be useful for printing diagrams and meditation illustr
ations. Later we hope to run small online workshops using the Skype messaging pr
If enough members of the Correspondence course are found to be living in a parti
cular area we will ask them if they wish to set up an Anticum or full working te
mple. They will then cease to be members of the correspondence course and follow
the full curriculum of the Order. Organisation of the Course is separate and op
erates a different degree structure which is not recognised by the Order.</
About the Aurora Aurea
About the Order</h1>
<p style="text-align: center;">The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea is a Golden
Dawn Order. The Golden Dawn was an initiatory society devoted to spiritual, phi
losophical, and magical development. The ideas studied by Golden Dawn initiates
are a unique combination of Jewish Kabbalah, ancient Egyptian and Greek mysterie
s, several strands of Christianity, and many other Western esoteric traditions.
The Golden Dawn was founded in 1887 and is the single biggest influence in Moder
n Magic with most major traditions having some roots in the Golden Dawn. It has
been of profound influence in the lives of occultists, artists and writers inclu
ding W. B. Yeats, Dion Fortune, Aleister Crowley, Arthur Machen, and E Nesbit.<b
r />
The Golden Dawn system of magic educates the student of the esoteric in both pra
ctical matters of ritual and divination, and in abstract metaphysical ideas. Gol
den Dawn material is Western in particular Greek, Egyptian and Judeo-Christian.<
br />
The Magical Order of the Aurora Aurea is based on the rituals and teachings of t
he last direct temple of the Golden Dawn, that of the Whare Ra temple of the Sma
ragdum Thalasses. Its teachers were trained by some of the surviving members of
that organisation and have fused their instruction with more modern magical tech
niques. The result is a group which is not only at the cutting edge of the esote
ric tradition, but has its roots firmly planted in the Golden Dawn.<br />
The Order is divided into the traditional grades &#8211; the outer and the secon
d order. The goals of the outer order are to train and magically prepare the can
didate so that they become individuals a true manifestation of what their Higher
Self needs for this lifetime. The techniques are three fold. There are initiati
ons, which tune and change the initiate&#8217;s sphere of sensation so that they
can obtain further revelations and magical senses. There is teaching, both oral
and written, and finally is daily magical work which is monitored by the local
temple chiefs.<br />
The process of the Outer Order is one of internal alchemy that transmutes a pers
on&#8217;s life. We find that individuals using our powerful techniques have dra
matic changes in their lives as they start to become their true selves. In the S
econd Order we teach advanced practical magic. This Order has not slavishly atta
ched itself to a single vision of what the Golden Dawn is, or attempting to beco
me a re-enactment group. Rather we see the Golden Dawn as a living and evolving
tradition which adapts to each generation. We not only use modern magical techni
ques alongside the conventional Golden Dawn material, but also use computer-base
d training systems and the Internet to make sure that we remain connected.<br />
We do not claim we are the ONLY true Golden Dawn order, or that we have direct l
inage to Whare Ra or the original Golden Dawn. We work closely with several diff
erent Golden Dawn orders and will even recommend some of our members to join suc
h bodies if we feel they are more appropriate.<br />
Our spiritual and initiatic heritage , measured in traditional terms, comes from
three lines. The first is from Dion Fortune, through WE Butler, Dolores Ashcrof
t-Nowicki and David Goddard. The Second is from the Original Golden Dawn through
Percy Wilkinson and Barbara Nairn, who were high grade adepts of the the Whare
Ra temple of the Golden Dawn . The third is from Israel Regardie, via Chic Cicero a
nd the modern Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Order. The Order is under the di
rection of the writer and occultist Nick Farrell whose web page can be found at