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OR is the application of scientific methods, tools and techniques to
problems involving the operations of systems so as to provide those in
control of the operations with optimum solutions to the problems. -

OR is the systematic, method oriented study of the basic structure,

characteristic, functions and relationships of an organization to provide
the executive with a sound, scientific and quantitative basis for
decision making. -

OR is a technique of giving bad answers to problems which otherwise

would have worse answers. -

OR is the art of winning wars without actually fighting them  ½


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OR is used in almost all walks of life where decisions are to be made

ΠIn Agriculture
ΠIn Finance
ΠIn Industry
ΠIn Marketing
ΠIn Personnel management
ΠIn Production management
ΠIn Life Insurance
ΠIn Research & Development
ΠIn Banking
ΠIn Defence
ΠIn Public Utilities like hospitals, public transport etc.

Õhat are the objectives, controlled variables, uncontrolled variables, constraints
Œ ½   
A mathematical model should include a decision variable and
parameter,constraints,objective function.




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ΠMagnitude of computation

ΠAbsence of quantification

ΠDistance between manager and OR experts

ΠDistribution/allocation Models(LPP,Transportation,Assignment)
Œ Õaiting line/queuing models
ΠProduction/inventory model
ΠCompetitive strategy model/games theory
ΠNetwork analysis
ΠJob sequencing models
ΠReplacement models
ΠMarkovian models
ΠSimulation models