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Second Grade Weekly What’s going on this

News week?
Miss Miller
I. Spelling – awful,
Mar 21-25
bought, claw, draw,
saw, straw, really,
Contact Info: finally, whoever, wrong
408-578-4800 ext 214
II. Reading – The
Clubhouse & Lemonade
for Sale
Memory Treasures
Tuesda (150) 9th Commandment III. Math – Finding
y perimeter; Writing
– You shall not covet
observations from a
your neighbor’s house.
graph; ID activities that
take 1 hour, 1 minute, 1
We should fear and
second; Telling &
love God that we do
showing time to the
not scheme to get our
neighbor’s inheritance
or house, or obtain it
IV. Social Studies – Unit 6
by a show of right, but
– People in Time & Place
do all we can to help
him keep it.
V. Science – Unit C, Ch 2 –
Thursda (153) 1 Corinthians
Changes in Matter
y 12:3 – No one can say,
“Jesus is Lord,” except VI. Book Reports – The
by the Holy Spirit. next one is due April
Friday Hymn 108 – 22.
Jesus, Refuge of the
VII. Scholastic – The
weary, Blest Redeemer,
activation code is
whom we love, GLZR9.
Fountain in life’s desert
dreary, Savior from the VIII. Writing Strategies –
world above, Once Upon a Time
Oh, how oft your eyes,
offended, Gaze upon a IX. Field Trip – March 25th
sinner’s fall! to Natural Bridges State
Yet, upon the cross Park to see tide pools. 
extended, You endured Bring a sack lunch, field
the pain of all. trip shirt, nonslip shoes,
and layers! If it is
raining it could possibly
be canceled. I will email
the day before.