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Congress apueba laws against femicide in Estado de México

Femicide is the "deprivation of life associated with exclusion, subordination,

discrimination or exploitation of the taxpayer"in this case women. The Congress of
Estado de México passed legislation to prevent and punish violence against women.
From now on, this offense is punishable by 40 to 70 years in prison and 7 hundred to 5
thousands days in the Estado de México.

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Carlos Slim: 4 million dollar investments in the State of Mexico

Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world. With a fortune valued at 74 billion dollars.
In the state of Mexico, Carlos Slim has made major investments and projects in recent
years. Some of the more noteworthy projects in which Carlos Slim has invested through
its various companies are like the Garden City in Neza, the City Mexipuerto Azteca and
some hospitals Star Line Medical.

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